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wine shopChoosing a good wine is subjective because each person defines a good wine that is unique to them and their taste buds. Whether you prefer delicate, bold, sweet, tart, or even spicy flavors, it is always possible to find a wine you love. 

These essential characteristics that define each variety of wine can be helpful to keep in mind as you choose a wine bottle in Asheville, NC's many wine shops. 

Remember, everyone will have different preferences for each characteristic of wine, but with the right help, you can find a bottle that fulfills your taste preferences. 

1. Sweetness

Wine labels often use the terms “sweet,” “semi-sweet,” or “dry” to describe the flavor profile of the wine. A dry wine will not be sweet at all and vice versa.

2. Acidity

Wines with high acidity will be more tart, whereas low-acidity wines will taste rounder and richer.

3. Tannin

Tannins are phenolic compounds in the skins of grapes. When tannins are naturally present in the winemaking process or added through aging, the wine will have a more bitter taste. 

Tannins tend to dry out your mouth, and people often confuse the tannin level with the “dryness” of a wine which refers to how sweet or not sweet wine is. 

The red winemaking process incorporates more tannins, giving some red wines a distinctively dry and bitter finish. 

4. Body 

Wines can be characterized as having a light body, full-body, or somewhere in between. The “body” of the wine refers to how heavy or light it feels in your mouth. 

Generally, red wines have a fuller body than whites. Additionally, wines made from grapes grown in warmer regions are going to have a fuller body rather than cooler ones. 

5. Alcohol

The higher the percentage of alcohol in your glass of wine, the more it will warm your throat and the back of your mouth. 

Measured in the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV), most wines contain 11 to 13 percent alcohol but can range from 5.5 percent up to 20 percent. 

Metro Wines in Asheville NC

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