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Wine School In Asheville, NCThere is no better time to be a wine lover in Asheville than now. There are many incredible wineries including the world-class Biltmore Winery located in or around Asheville NC. In addition to the wine scene, Asheville is home to a plethora of breweries, art galleries, top-notch restaurants, and music venues of every size. Asheville truly is a city of culture.

If you are a wine aficionado and are local to Asheville, there are plenty of ways to get plugged into the scene. One of the best ways to learn about wine, while enjoying the company of other wine lovers from the area is the Asheville School of Wine, offered by Metro Wines.

Asheville’s Number One Wine School

Wine is a complicated subject that takes decades to truly begin to understand the complexities it entails. Wine is more than just fermented grapes; it is an art form that is thousands of years old and has been perfected over the millennium. 

Many wine lovers will claim they know everything there is to know about wine, but in reality, they are just scratching the surface. Wine education is a great way to get started learning more about the intricacies of this wonderful beverage that we all know and love. 

At the Asheville School of Wine, our goal is to educate, inspire, and encourage knowledge of wine right here in Asheville, NC. We have set out to bring wine lovers the tools to be well-informed enjoyers of wine. We have set up a variety of classes developed by our team at Metro Wines to take you to the next level of wine knowledge.

Our classes range from a simple setup of a wine cellar, to properly decanting your favorite wines. We also offer more advanced classes about geography, regions, and famous wines from around the world. In addition to the aficionado, we have a curriculum built to equip professionals with proper wine service, sales techniques, and more advanced restaurant skills. 

Metro Wines Wine Shop In Asheville, NC

Our wine school is based as part of Metro Wines, the number one wine shop based in Asheville North Carolina. With the increased excitement in the local market, finding an independent wine shop shouldn't be difficult, especially in Asheville. Metro Wines is the best place to find your next bottle of wine in the Asheville region. 

Metro Wines provides the most diverse inventory, ranging from inexpensive table wines to rare bottles like the Château Cheval Blanc St. Emilion Grand Cru. We feel that wine is about community, family, and friends. That’s why we have a collection that will bring everyone together over a bottle of wine. 

Case Club - The Subscription For Wine Lovers

If you're feeling daring, Metro Wines goes above and beyond your standard Asheville wine shop by providing a Case Club Subscription. The Case Club membership is a membership service for wine enthusiasts who want to try different wines and get meal-pairing recommendations. This is perfect for anyone who wants to try wines outside of their usual purchases.

Make Metro Wines: Your One Stop Shop For Wine Education 

If you are a resident of Asheville and want to expand your wine knowledge as well as your collection, look no further than Metro Wines. Located just minutes from downtown Asheville, Metro Wines offers a diverse lineup of wines spanning price points, locations, and flavor characteristics. 

In addition to the incredible case club and the next-level wine selection, Metro Wines offers a great educational platform for wine lovers to learn more about all aspects of wine. We can also help you prepare wine for events and tastings. 

We have something for every event and collector type! Do you want us to pick your wine for you? Check out our Case Club, a wine subscription service. To learn more, please visit our shop at 169 Charlotte Street or contact us now! We look forward to sharing our love of wine with you!