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Balnea Rueda


Balnea is a family owned winery that has been cultivating grapes since the last century. This wine is 100% Verdejo, estate grown in limestone rich soil with a gravel sublayer on a 2400 foot plateau and is hand harvested.

The winemaker is Maria Jesus de la Hoz Montalve

The low fertility soil and scarcity of rain at this high altitude combine to offer low yields but highly concentrated Verdejo grapes.The grapes have the benefit of harsh, dry and sunny winters allowing the grapes to ripen perfectly. The extreme temperature differences between night and day create real and discernible balance in the grapes. Only native yeasts are used for Balnea Rueda.

The culmination of four generations of winemaking, this wine is clean, straw yellow with lemony hues. On the nose, the wine presents citrus fruit and herbal teas.  On the palate, the wine has a creamy, delicate body and finishes with the characteristic bitterness of the Verdejo grape.

Goes down easy.  At $11.49 a bottle, buy a case.

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