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Pink Pegau 2014


Customer Endorsement! "I once represented these wines through the importer, Danny Kravitz of Hand Picked Selections. The wines are great, some of the very best of southern Rhone."

Lovely wine in a lovely bottle. The whole package speaks of tradition, style and friendship. Crafted by highly regarded Laurence Feraud, owner of and winemaker for Chateau du Pegau, the wine is "bone dry." The Feraud Family, a time honored and well known name in Chateauneuf du Pape, has been planting grapes since the middle of the 17th century in the Southern Rhone Valley.


Laurence Pegau

Winemaker's Notes: A delicious new rosé from Laurence Féraud of Domaine du Pegau, Pink Pegau was crafted at Château Pegau, a newly purchased estate of more than 100 acres located less than 4 miles from Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Pale pink/salmon in color, with peach, floral and red fruit aromas. Bone dry, with a crisp, mouth-watering acidity leading to a long, spicy, mineral finish.

About the Importer: 

About Hand Picked Selections


“Good wine is a necessity of life for me.” The quote is from Thomas Jefferson. Of course the statement isn’t literally true. Mr. Jefferson would not have perished from lack of wine, although his pleasure in life would have been greatly diminished. Wine was something of an obsession for him and his failure (due to phylloxera) to successfully grow fine wine in Virginia was one of the few disappointments in one of the happiest and most successful of lives.


Jefferson was an aristocrat to his fingertips. His leisurely trips to Europe included stops at and purchases of Châteaux Lafite, Haut-Brion and d’Yquem as well as Romanée Conti. While I would love to emulate his purchases and drinking habits, like 99.9% of us I can’t afford those beverages on an everyday basis.


The goal of Hand Picked Selections is to provide consumers with moderately priced wines of flavor and character. I am convinced that America will be a better and happier place as we begin to incorporate wine into our daily lives. Those wines will rarely be Lafite or Romanée-Conti. They won’t be Napa Valley Cabernets, Tête de Cuvée Champagnes, super-Tuscans or garage Saint-Emilions. They can be mass-produced wines from multinational drinks corporations – these are far better than nothing. One of the greatest advances in the history of wine has been the adaptation of modern technology. Most of the world’s vineyards can now produce consistently clean and pleasant wines. Good as these wines are, there is no reason why we shouldn’t choose to drink, at comparable prices, wines of individuality and character. These are wines from vineyards cultivated by independent growers, harvested, fermented, aged and bottled on their own property, wines that give you a sense of the place where they were grown. It is those wines that Hand Picked Selections chooses to sell.


There is a different quote from a Founding Father that for me best expresses what wine can bring to us:


“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” — BEN FRANKLIN


What a perfect description. And what a great prescription for an improved quality of life in our beloved but increasingly harried and economically challenged America.


Dan Kravitz
Hand Picked Selections, Inc.

“Kravitz still has a knack for finding good wines at great prices” – Robert Parker, Parker on WineBusinessWeek


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