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The Roman Forum, The Wine, The Book, The Pasta

Ciao Asheville
Book, Wine & Pasta Pairing

** The Book **

In Ancient Rome, all the best stories have one thing in common—murder.
Romulus killed Remus to found the city, Caesar was assassinated to save
the Republic. Caligula was butchered in the theater,
Claudius was poisoned at dinner, and Galba was beheaded in the Forum.
In one 50-year period, 26 emperors were murdered.
But what did killing mean in a city where gladiators fought to the death
to sate a crowd? In A Fatal Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,
Emma Southon examines a trove of real-life homicides from Roman history to explore Roman culture, including how perpetrator, victim, and the act itself
were regarded by ordinary people. Inside Ancient Rome's darkly fascinating history, we see how the Romans viewed life, death, and what it means to be human.

** The Wine **
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From Savio Soares Selections: This Barbera is a rich, spicy wine.
Notes of juicy black cherries and spices, with the perfect balance of acidity
and juiciness to keep this full-bodied wine very drinkable.
Give it some airing time when opening to allow flavours to develop.

** The Pasta **
The Pasta. Actually the NEW Pasta. Here we are bucking centuries of tradition.

Somebody, a Mr. Pashman, has developed what he says is the perfect pasta!

This Pashman guy is asking for it! I went to the local Italian cultural source
for comment: 
Gail Rampersaud, Ciao Asheville Director, said this:

"Mr. Pashman treads into some dangerous water here because Italians and Ciao Asheville are VERY serious about their pasta shapes, and particularly what sauce goes with which shape, so I'd be curious to know what they think. Who could ever be bored by spaghetti? Not me, and no matter the shape or sauce a well-made pasta dish will always be my ultimate comfort food!"

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