Numbers and Greeting in Italian

Grazie! to MetroWines Customer and Italian Language Student, Michael Scardaville, for helping us to learn (imparare) the language! We begin with numbers and common ways of greeting each other.
As we progress, Michael will send us phrases we can use to "get by" in Italy that address time, weather, travel, transportation including airports and train stations, driving, lodging, food and beverages, sight seeing and, of course, wine!




Numbers and Greetings


Here’s one of many videos on Italian pronunciation:

Numbers/ Numeri

How to pronounce numbers in Italian:


Greetings/ Saluti



Mrs.; Madam


Mister; Sir


Hello and good morning


Goodbye (formal)


Hello and good-bye (informal)


Good afternoon and good evening (formal)

Buona sera

Good night ( at bedtime)

Buona notte

What is your name?

Come si chiama?

My name is . . .

Mi chiamo . . . 

Where do you live?

Dove abita?

I live in Asheville, North Carolina

Abito a Asheville, Carolina del Nord.

Where are you from?

Di dove Lei?

I am from the United States

Sono degli Stati Uniti

How are you? (formal)

Come sta?

How are you? (informal)

Come stai?

I’m well, thanks, and you? (informal)

Sto bene grazie, e tu?

I’m well, thanks, and you? (formal)

Sto bene, grazie, e Lei?

Fine, thank you.

Bene, grazie.

I’m well

Sto bene

Very well, thanks.

Molto bene, grazie.

Not too bad, thanks.

Non c’è male, grazie.

So so.

Così così.

I’m not well.

Non sto bene (or Sto male)

Nice to meet you.

Piacere di conoscerti

See you later

A dopo

See you soon

A presto

See you tomorrow

A domani

Things are going well.

Va bene.

Pretty well.




Things are going great

Va benissimo

Things aren’t going well.

Va male.

Pavolino Pinot Noir from the Veneto, Italy