Italian Lesson 8

Michael Scardaville gets us around town!

Taxis and buses/Taxi e autobus

Knowing some Italian can help you if you decide to take any taxis or buses.  If words fail you at any point, you can always write down the address or name of your destination and show it to the driver.  Next week will focus on hotels and other accommodations  . . . after which we’ll finally get to food and wine!!!



Here’s one of many videos on Italian pronunciation:

A few key words/Alcune parole chiave



Bus driver


Bus stop (also train stop)


Bus ticket

Biglietto dell'autobus





Taxi driver


Taxi fare

Tariffa del taxi

Taxi stand

Posteggio dei Taxi


Can you tell me when to get off for __________?

Può dirmi quando scendere per__________?

Can you tell me where the bus stop is?

Mi puo’ dire dov’e’ la fermata dell’autobus?

Does this bus go to _________?

Questo autobus passa a _________?

Does this bus stop in _____?

Questo quest'autobus si ferma a _____?

How often does the bus run?

Con quale frequenza passa l'autobus?

Is this __________ street?

È questa via __________?

When does the bus for _____ leave?

Quando parte l'autobus per _____?

When will this bus arrive at _____?

Quando arriva a _____ quest'autobus?

Where can I buy a bus ticket?

Dove si compra un biglietto dell'autobus?

A bordo sull'autobus

On board the bus

Dal tabaccherie

At tobacco shops

Which bus will take me to _____?

Quale autobus mi porta a _____?

Where does this bus go?

Dove va quest'autobus?

Where is the bus to _____?

Dov'è l'autobus per _____?


Are you free?

E libero?

No, sono fuori servizio

No, I'm off duty

Could you call me a taxi, please?

Mi può chiamarmi un taxi, per favore?

How much does it cost?

Quanto costa?

How much do I owe you?

Quanto le devo?

How much does it cost to go to _____?

Quanto costa andare a _____?

How much?


I'm in a hurry.

Ho fretta.

Please take me to_____.

Per favore, mi porti ______. 

to this address/hotel

a questo indirizo/all’hotel

to the airport/to the station

all'aeroporto/alla stazione

to the hospital


to the center/downtown

al centro

to ________ Street/Square

in _________ via/piazza

Stop here, please.

Fermi qui, per favore

What is the fare to the airport?

Qual è la tariffa per l'aeroporto?

Where can I find a taxi?

Dove posso trovare un taxi?

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