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"Visual artists have been depicting themselves since antiquity, but the self-portrait took
on a new urgency in the 19th century. The evolution of the modern art market in Paris,
which placed high value on an artist’s fame, coincided with the Romantic movement’s
demand that artists be viewed as creative geniuses." 
So the self portrait was not necessarily
an exact replica of the artist but more a statement of who the artist was in life
or how the artist wanted to be seen.

Wine Labels in the last decades often adopt this theory
with regard to the winery, the winemaker, their place in the wine world.

 “Il Poggiolo” was established in Montalcino in 1971 by Roberto Cosimi;
Roberto’s son, Rodolfo (Rudy), along with wife Cecilia,
now own and operate the estate since Roberto’s death in 1989.
 The Terra Rossa Oltre is a Montalcino Super Tuscan,
an 80/20 blend of Sangiovese Grosso and Merlot; it is smooth, inky, and rich,
with a palate of black currants, huckleberries, brown spices, minerals, and black cherries.

The portrait on the label? For over thirty years, Rudy Cosimi’s philosophy
has been to make the highest quality wines without any compromise. He loves to experiment
and never stops trying to stir up new emotions conveying his multifaceted personality
through the wines. A talented artist, Rudy designs his own labels,
combining artistic finesse and a touch of humor to reflect his wine making philosophy.

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