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Ciao Asheville Presents Caffe Dante

The Italian Cafe Where New Yorkers Sample La Dolce Vita - The New ...

New York City (CNN) — Dante, 104-year-old bar and restaurant in NYC, is on fire. 
The original Caffe Dante opened in Greenwich Village in 1915,  frequented
by the Italian immigrants from the neighborhood. The historic café was reopened
in 2015 by its current owners, Australians Linden Pride and Natalie Hudson.
Only a few years later, Dante is receiving accolades on a global scale. 
Last fall, Dante was named #9 on the prestigious 50 World's Best Bars List 
and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation named Dante World's Best Bar
and Best American Restaurant Bar at the 2019 Spirited Awards.

More cocktails than wine served at Dante, but we do share
Noilly Prat and Doulin Rouge Vermouth as well as Peychaud Bitters!


Peychaud's Bitters From Commonwealth Cocktails - EN-US - COM
We also have Angostura Bitters for the Perfect Manhattan!


But What We Really DO is Wine!
And if we, especially Brett, were advising Dante,
we would say put this one on the Wine List Pronto.

Vallana Spanna Colline Novaresi 2016 | Wine Info

This ruby-red wine shows a deep aroma of spices and red fruit.
Gentle yet persistent flavors of red and black fruits on the palate.

The wine is 100% Spanna, the local name for Nebbiolo in the Alto Piemonte.
The grapes come exclusively from the Colline Novaresi DOC,
a growing area characterized by old vines and high altitudes. 

In order to protect the older clones of Spanna, Vallana only replaces
their vines with genetically identical selections when replanting is necessary.
As with all of Vallana’s wines, the process begins with intense selection.
After a 24 hour cold soak, the must is moved to cement tanks for fermentation.
Each fermenting vessel carefully bubbles under a watchful eye
and decisions about pumping or stirring vary based on the evolution of each batch.
Colline Novaresi is aged for 6 months in large oak casks before being bottled.

Live La Dolce Vita for $23
Who said living vicariously ain't like the real thing?

Corsica on the Table with Brett Watson
Madiran: Weekend Wine!

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