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Corzano Chianti

From The MetroWines
"Hiding in Plain Sight Department"

What do we mean by hiding in plain sight? This wine has been on our shelf since last March
when Winemaker William Goldschmidt was @MetroWines.

But somehow, this bottle got lost in the shuffle until Andy pulled it out for Blind Tasting League
We all tried it again. WOW. Smoother with less of the hard edge present in many Chianti wines.
Go solo or with almost any menu!

Corzano e Paterno Chianti 2018 - Nicholas Wines

This picturesque estate lies in the commune of San Casciano, just outside of Florence.
Goldschimdt is a farmer first; his pristine vineyards contain Sangiovese,
ranging in age from 5 to 35 years, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines, averaging 20 years in age.
The vines are tended organically, the grapes, hand harvested.
Generous use of small barrels in vinification barely tame the exuberant,
broad fruit quality of his wines, and the firm, large-scaled tannic structure in them makes them
suitable for extended aging. The aromas are wonderfully complex and delicate,
showcasing Corzano e Paterno’s incredible terroir, exemplary farming techniques
and non-interventive vinification practices.
The 2018 Chianti has juicy fruit with just enough backbone
to make it the perfect companion to food.

The 2018 is $21 at Princeton Corkscrew
$21 at Vivino
$20.95 at Nicholas Wine in NJ


$16.99 @MetroWines

French Fashion, French TV, French Wine!
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