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Columbo and Freisa

New York Times Says Cling to COLUMBO


Columbo turns 50 - why we still love Peter Falk's crumpled ...
NYT suggests that we take a step back to find comfort in troubled times.
Before there was cable TV with omnipresent gratuitous and graphic sex and violence,
unremittant misogyny, stupid story lines and blood, blood, blood, there was Columbo!
In this David vs. Goliath show, Columbo, a poorly paid, stogie smoking LA detective
wearing a cheap rain coat, takes down the rich and famous every week without violence,
DNA, CCTV, smart phones, or GPS, just good old fashioned smarts.

While the Columbo character was said to be of Italian Heritage,
and Peter Falk played the part to perfection, Falk's heritage was from Poland and Russia 
on his father's side and from Hungary and Poland on his mother's side.

Your Sink into The Comfort Zone and Watch it With Wine:
We chose this bottle as it is made in the colder, northern climate of Piedmonte.
So whether you celebrate Peter Falk, the actor with real-life Northern European roots,
or Peter Falk as the character of Italian Heritage, Colombo,

It works!

La Casaccia Monfiorenza Monferrato Freisa U.V. | Wine Info
Teaching Moment: Freisa is a love it or leave it grape, but you,
if you dare to step outside your comfort zone, (and I know you will) should try it!

Wine Folly says: Freisa Wines have deep color. The aromas are lightly fruity,
with sour, wild red berries and then deeply herbaceous with notes of sage, green olive,
earth, tar, and bitter green almond. On the palate, the wine has zippy acidity
and astringent bitterness with chalky and grippy tannins. Several producers
will actually leave a touch of residual sugar in the wine to complement its astringency.

Explore this grape. All in all, Freisa is a rare treat.

La Casaccia Monfiorenza Monferrato Freisa 2018 
The organic Freisa grapes by the Rava Family in the Montferrato region.
are hand-picked and selected individually to produce this medium structured wine,
fruity when young and good for medium aging. Tannins play well with barbecue.
More on the winery: 
*** Try it With a Little Chill. $14.99 @MetroWines ***

More on Columbo: A scene from "Any Old Port in a Storm"

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