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Cardedu and Stanley Tucci

If you watched "Searching for Italy" with Stanley Tucci last Sunday,
you know that the big story was the zucchini and spaghetti dish.
RL, one of our Ciao Asheville Members, found the recipe:



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Your consider it ALL with Wine:

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Praja’ is the Sardinian word for the Italian ‘spiaggia’ or ‘beach. 100% Monica.
A light red wine that takes well to a slight chilling down; it’s dry, moderate alcohol,
and earthy, with just a touch of fruit including cherries and strawberries. Organic.

Teaching Moment: Monica? Monica is a grape variety found exclusively on Sardinia,
off the west coast of Italy. Despite its relatively unknown status, it is one of the island's
most common varietals, and makes simple wines designed for everyday drinking.
Monica wines, like Cardedu, tend to be medium-bodied with gentle tannins 
and flavors of red berries and herbs, often with an earthy overtone. 

2 caes only. $19.99 (red tag)

Stanley Tucci, Rome, Pasta
SO Cinsault 100%

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