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Caravaggio, Artichokes and Erbaluce

*** Artichokes ***
and, oh yeah, Caravaggio

The year 1604 provided insight into Caravaggio's short, hot temper.
He, along with two friends, was eating in the Moor's restaurant at La Maddalena.
After ordering eight artichokes, Caravaggio asked the waiter which were cooked
in butter and which were cooked in oil. The waiter later testified “I told him to smell them, which would easily enable him to tell the difference. He got angry and without saying anything more, grabbed an earthenware dish and hit me on the cheek at the level of my moustache, injuring me slightly... and then he got up and grabbed
his friend's sword which was lying on the table, intending perhaps to strike me with it,
but I got up and came here to the police station to make a formal complaint.”

Well, I guess that taught this waiter to be a smart off!
Let's partner this Italian favorite, artichokes, with another Italian favorite, Burrata!

and then Pair both with the perfect Italian White Wine, Erbaluce!

INNOMINATO 2019 Erbaluce Piedmont
Antonio Vallana, Italian Dry Wine, 13%ALC

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Chill before drinking. Clear, pale, lemon yellow color. Light whiffs of apple
and melon aromas.Smooth, slightly creamy and dry zesty mouthfeel,
light to medium body and a worthy texture.
Rich flavors of ripe apple and honeydew melon with just a whiff of starfruit taste.
Potent bright acidity and a dramatic finish that is uplifting, and fresh.
Erbaluce is an uncommon Italian grape and the wine has an unusual flair too.
The abounding acidity gives it character. Best paired with light dishes.
Some call it an "eccentric" Italian white wine. Limited Distribution.

Be Eccentric for $19.99!

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