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Learning Italian

This blog is dedicated to learning Italian La Dolce Vita, that is, fashion, food and wine! We will focus on the words and phrases you need to get by in Italy. We will learn by translating facebook posts from some of our favorite winemakers including Gaetana Jacono Gola of Valle dell'Acate and Giampaolo Tabarrini, "Menu Italian" from Ristorante Trippi in Valtellina as well as text from the winery websites for some of the many Italian Wines on the shelves @MetroWines. Andiamo! (let's go!)

Ristorante Trippi Introduction

Gianluca vi invita a riscoprire gli ingredienti e le ricette preparate ‘come una volta’, attraverso una scrupolosa ricerca delle materie prime di qualità e dei migliori ingredienti di stagione


Gianluca invites you to rediscover the ingredients and recipes prepared 'as before', through meticulous search of quality raw materials and the best seasonal ingredients


Prenota subito il tuo pranzo o la tua cena al Ristorante Trippi


Book your lunch or dinner at the Ristorante Trippi

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The Wine Tasting in Milano

This is text from a wine tasting with the press and industry professionals hosted by Gaetana Jacono Gola.

Pranzo con la stampa per l'anteprima nuove annate.

Lunch with the press for the new vintages.

Sei forza della natura.

You are a force of nature.

apprezziano i nostri vini...

apprciate our wines

ai piedi

at the foot

Mi dici.

You tell me.



Ti vedo con vini.

I see you with wine.

colazione di primavera

a spring breakfast

Grazie a tutti i presente attorno al tavalo.

Thank you to all around the table.

scambio di idie.

exchange of ideas



per essere sempre con me

for always being with me

i complimento piu bello della giornata

the best compliment of the day

ci vediamo al...

I will see you at...

un felice incontro

a happy meeting

a presto

see you soon


I promise.

Oggi il sogno realizzato.

Today, the dream is realized.

l' aventura formidabile della sua...

the wonderful adventure of his...

ci raccontra al...

tell us about...

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