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This blog is dedicated to learning Italian La Dolce Vita, that is, fashion, food and wine! We will focus on the words and phrases you need to get by in Italy. We will learn by translating facebook posts from some of our favorite winemakers including Gaetana Jacono Gola of Valle dell'Acate and Giampaolo Tabarrini, "Menu Italian" from Ristorante...

This blog is dedicated to learning Italian La Dolce Vita, that is, fashion, food and wine! We will focus on the words and phrases you need to get by in Italy. We will learn by translating facebook posts from some of our favorite winemakers including Gaetana Jacono Gola of Valle dell'Acate and Giampaolo Tabarrini, "Menu Italian" from Ristorante Trippi in Valtellina as well as text from the winery websites for some of the many Italian Wines on the shelves @MetroWines. Andiamo! (let's go!)


Michelangelo, Graffiti & Stefanago Rosso

Did Michelangelo Dabble in Renaissance Graffiti?

(Well this really takes the torta, as they say.)


Graffiti by Michelangelo in Florence


To consider this artistic conundrum, we need a high quality
yet unassuming bottle that does not take itself to seriously but knows
with great confidence exactly what it is and what it has to offer!

A Savio Soares Selection
2019 Castello di Stefanago Rosso 13.5% ALC 

The bottle shot of this wine is somewhat underwhelming
and does not speak to its good breeding and high standards.

But THIS is where Rosso was raised!

castello2_credits Cigognola (4)

Rosso by Castello di Stefanago is a red wine produced in Oltrepò Pavese
with a blend of local grapes such as Croatina and Uva Rara together with Merlot.
 With its ruby and violet color and floral and fruity scents,
the wine is smooth on the palate for easy drinking. Traditional, artisanal winemaking.
To enjoy this wine at its best, let it 'breathe" at least 15-30 minutes before serving.

*** Quiet Confidence: $16.99 ***

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Elisabetta Fagiuoli on Zoom

News Release: Monday, November 30th, 2020
About: Wine Tasting with Elisabetta Montenidoli
This is BIG! A Zoom Tasting with the Grand Dame of Italian Winemaking Elisabetta Fagiuoli of Montenidoli, San Gimignano, on Thursday Dec 3rd at 5:30 EST.  
Who is Elisabetta?

Elisabetta Fagiuoli has a spirituality about her that is present in her wines. She is the owner of Montenidoli in the San Gimignano region of Chianti, Tuscany. Montenidoli means "the mountain of the little nests" and it is comprised of 24 hectares of vineyards surrounded by 200 hectares of woodlands. The Etruscans were the first to discover this treasure and plant vines, followed by the Romans and the Knights Templar. 

The property which she owned with her late companion Sergio was brought under vine in 1965, and at the time was abandoned wilderness. Located on the top of hills, the farm is remote and has spectacular vistas of the Chianti hillsides. There is a profound respect of the vineyard and the land which is clearly present in the winemaking at Montenidoli. Fagiuoli's highest vineyards are comprised of Triassic soils which are over 350 million years old.

More on Elisabetta:                                                                                            Comprehensive interview and video with Monty Waldin of Grape Collective here:

How to Join Us to E-Meet Elisabetta!
Zoom Meeting Link:
You are invited to join the Zoom "on the house." But, if you want to taste along with Elisabetta, we have some of her greatest wines @MetroWines.
2019  Montenidoli Vernaccia "Tradizionale" for $22 @MetroWines (in shop now)
2017  Montenidoli Chianti Garrulo, $21 (arrives Thursday)
Also available from Montenedoli @MetroWines but not set for Zoom Tasting:
2018 Montenidoli Rosso Toscana for $23 
And for you Italophiles, the Montenidoli website is also in Italian:
Join us! This is a rare opportunity to meet one of the most respected winemakers EVER.
Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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National Wine Clubs and Cinque Terre

National Wine Clubs
We have to talk about it.
Time to stop just talking the talk and walk the talk.

In addition to not being as exclusive as presented,
not as convenient, not as inexpensive, Wine Clubs are by nature a dark,
smoky, negative impact on the environment. This is particularly hypocritical
and offensive when the Wine Club is hosted by a thoughtful organization
such as National Geographic or NPR. And since COVID,
membership in national Wine Clubs has gone exponential.

Ever hear the old saying that the expert is always from 50 miles away.
Not true there or here. We are the experts. We tasted every wine on the shelves.
We are not motivated by advertising $$s, just customer service!
Open letter to National Geographic, the latest offender:

Here is Lettie Teague's Take on Wine Clubs in Wall Street Journal

Bottom Line: SHOP LOCALLY 
And BTW, You won't be getting this treasure in any wine club!
A Ciao Asheville Approved Wine.
Bisson Marea Cinque Terre | Wine Info
From Rosenthal Imports - "Made from a blend of several traditional
local grapes: Bosco (60% of blend), Vermentino (20%) and Albarola (20%).
The vineyards that produce this wine are situated on south-facing slopes
in the hamlet of Volastra in the town of Riomaggiore, the heart of the breathtaking Cinque Terre region. In this instance, [winemaker] Pierluigi Lugano opts to leave
this cuvée on the lees for an extended period of time, respecting the old traditions
of the region. The result is a full-bodied, earthy wine of immense character,
almost briny, with a deeper golden tint to its color than is found in his other whites and marked by the aromas of heather, broom and juniper."

What's Cinque Terre (the place) all about?

$35 at Vivino
The 2018 is $34. Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre? This one is going to MOVE. Call (828) 575-9525!

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Murder, Malaprops and Primitivo

From Ciao Asheville Book Suggestion Department
As the ONLY Italian Cultural Forum in Asheville, Ciao Asheville 
is  periodically called upon for their stamp of approval.


Since childhood, Helene Stapinski heard lurid tales about her great-great-grandmother, Vita.

In Southern Italy, she was a loose woman who had murdered someone.

Immigrating to America with three children, she lost one along the way.

Helene’s youthful obsession with Vita deepened as she grew up,

eventually propelling the journalist to Italy, where,

with her own children in tow, she pursued the story, determined to set the record straight.

“A murder mystery, a model of investigative reporting,
a celebration of the fierce bonds that hold families together through tragedies

Murder in Matera is a gem.” — San Francisco Chronicle

Book is Here at Malaprops:

Your Read It With Wine is @MetroWines
(also Ciao Asheville Approved)


Kaufen Parco Largo Primitivo | Gioia del Colle DOC - Azienda Plantamura |  2017 | DIVO.

100% Primitivo. Family farm working old vines. Ruby red in the glass.
The aroma is intense and fruity aroma with a sour black cherry, blackberry,
and cherry taste with an easy going, smooth palate for drinking with or without food!
Not widely available in country. Comes from one of our North Carolina Importers.


Got a Glass Left? Watch the new film with Sophia Loren:

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Italian Opera Virtually

Join Us Virtually
The History of Italian Opera

One of the many gifts of Italy to the world is the beauty and magic of Italian opera which has endured for centuries. To understand opera is to understand life. This 7-week series will open the door to the incredible story telling that can only be done through powerful music and staging. The stories are timeless. Operatic music has touched people's emotions since its inception and knowing about its origins and its history will allow a deep appreciation of this important and unique art form. Instructors Ashley Galvani Bell (Carnegie Hall, New York City Opera, Sarasota Opera) and Anton Armendariz Diaz (Rioja Forum, Principal de Castellón, Festival de Cine de Barcelona) come from a background of operatic performance and directing, and their passion is likely to ignite yours. Choose one or all classes below.  Registration fee: $25 per class

November 18: The History of Italian Opera 
December 2: Don Giovanni & Lorenzo da Ponte 
December 9: Barber of Seville by Rossini
December 16: Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti 
January 6: La Traviata by Verdi 
January 13: La Bohème by Puccini


Can't make the session? A link to the recording will be provided and accessible to you for 24 hours after the session.

Questions? Email:

Missed a virtual event? Check out all NIAF Virtual Events

Amb. Peter F. Secchia Building
1860 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

© 2020 National Italian American Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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Bread, Love and Dreams


November 18, 2020 - 4:00 PM ET

( Zoom Webinar )

breadlovedreams mimi

A scene from C'eravamo tanto amati by Ettore Scola (1974)

How many meals have been depicted in movies? How many secrets and intimate moments of family lives have been set around Italian stoves and tables? Since the Fifties, by combining food and cinema, the Italian film industry has not only been a precious lens to understand the country itself, but also a mean to experience its daily life.

On the occasion of the 5th Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, join us for a delicious expedition spanning over more than fifty years of Italian cinema. Through images, clips, memories and – last but not least – recipes, Italian journalist and food passionate Laura Delli Colli will unravel the evolution of Italian taste in film, and explore some of the most iconic foodie moments of our cinema as recounted and interpreted by movie icons like Federico Fellini, Alberto Sordi, Sofia Loren and Ugo Tognazzi.

WHEN: November 18, 2020 – 4PM ET 
WHEREZoom Webinar 

italian taste small
facebook youtube
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Fontanavecchia: Deal of the Week

*** Big Deal of The Week ***
Patrizia Leonardi Wine Selection | Fontanavecchia
Sannio Piedirosso Fontana Vecchia 2017
Azienda Agricola Fontanavecchia, Piedirosso, Taburno, Campania, Italy, 
{organic} 100% Piedirosso

Piedirosso Grapes

One of the rarer single-varietal reds to come out of Campania, Piedirosso is more often used
in blends where it softens the intensity of bolder varietals (typically Aglianico).
This example from Fontanavecchia shows off bright, brambly berries, radiant red roses, black pepper,
soft tannins, and a definitely distinct aroma of campfire ash - a direct result of the very volcanic soil.
Mount Vesuvius is nearby, and looms large over the land and culture. If you've ever been confused
by the term "minerality," here's a volcanic, solid stepping stone to understanding.

***MetroWines Teaching Moment ***
Piedirosso is a black grape exclusive to the Campania region and not grown elsewhere.
The name Piedirosso ("red feet") derives from a peculiarity of the vine,
namely the color of the pedicel of the grapes, which reminds of pigeons' red feet.
This vine has very ancient origins: The scolar Carlucci sustains that it is identical
to the Palombina nera vine cited by Herrera-Sederini (in the XVI century),
which itself is thought to go back to the Colombina vine described by Pliny the Elder
in his "Naturalis Historia" (I century). Its tannins are less aggressive and its acidity
is lower than that derived from Aglianico grapes. As a consequence wines from Piedirosso grapes
are less tannic, less structured, softer and more balanced, with fragrances of red fruits.
In the glass, the wine is an intense ruby red with violet glints.
The fragrance is refined, fruity notes of raspberry and cherry, flowery notes of roses and geranium.
The taste is dry, slightly tannic and of good intensity.

All This and only 13% ALC!  

13.99 @MetroWines

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D&D Pinot Noir and Poldi Pezzoli

Poldi Pezzoli in Milan


Al Poldi Pezzoli di Milano, un'estate al museo (4 di 6) | Touring Club
Italian Count Gian Giacomo Poldi Pizzoli (1822-1879) strived to leave a physical legacy
creating one of the first house museums. The collection features treasures ranging
from  "Dante's Cabinet" to paintings by Mantegna, Bellini and Botticelli.

Take a virtual walk:
With a glass of This Wine:

Pinot Noir – Vallée d’Aoste Doc

D&D Maison Agricole, located on mountainside above the town of Aosta, was founded
by the Dellio family 2002. Their ancestors had owned vines on Valdostan hills since
early 1900s, but it was only in 2002 that the family decided to found a wine producing estate
and begin bottling wines. Daniella and her children Daisy and Denis resolved to maintain
the family’s holdings and recover abandoned sites that were also part of their heritage. 
All sustainable practices. Vines cultivated by hand. No pesticides or herbicides are used.
Grapes are all hand harvested and selected in the vineyard before transport to winery.
Dellio’s cool aging cellar is dug into the hillside, under the family home.

D&D Maison Agricole, Valle d'Aosta, Pinot Noir
"Di buon corpo ed equilibrio, caldo e morbido con una certa tannicità."
Read: Full-bodied and balanced, warm and soft with some tannins.

$14.99. è vero (it's true!)

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Chocolate and Wine

From the Wine & Chocolate Department
Need a Chocolate Fix? Yeah, we got that!


Sea Salt 75% - 2oz/60g - (vegan) – French Broad Chocolates

Indulge! Add a Bar to your order!

*** $9.95 ***

One of the toughest pairings we do is with chocolate.
One might think that any red will do but au contraire. So why does this wine work?
Brett says: The blend of the Nero d'Avola and Frappato brings forth
notes of chocolate and raspberry. Smooth Operator!

Poggio de Bortolone was founded by the Cosenza family at the end of the 18th century,
and passed down from father to son ever since. The name of the estate comes from
a Sicinian expression, "Puoiu ri Burtuluni", describing an estate on top of a hill.
Poggio di Bortolone's Cerasuolo di Vittoria is a blend of 60% Nero d'Avola and 40% Frappato, fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. Faded ruby in color with a garnet rim,
the wine emits beautiful aromas of cherries, plums and blackberries dusted with spice.
The palate is fresh and alluring with wonderful fruit concentration balanced
by a subtle earthiness and mouth-coating tannins.

$22 in Princeton and $22 at Vivino
but $17.99 @MetroWines

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Lorraine Bracco $1 House in Sicily and Grillo

Ever Wonder What Goes On
with Those Buy a House for a Dollar Deals?

Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco will renovate a 200-year-old home she  purchased for one euro | Daily Mail Online

Follow Lorraine Bracco in Sicily!
Your Watch It With Wine: 100% Grillo from Sicily. $13.99

Vinaccio Vino da Tavola Bianco - Barrel & VineWinemaker Tim Manning, left the UK in 1998 to chase his dream of becoming
a winemaker in Italy. While working in Tuscany, Tim decided to use
innovative te
chniques on old varietals while maintaining natural winemaking.
Tim says Sicily is one of the most underrated and undervalued wine regions on the planet. 
With Vinaccio Bianco, Tim takes us on a journey to Sicily, like Lorraine!, 
via a classic grape, Grillo. The juice will make you think you picked
a bunch of fresh fruit like peaches, apricots, lemon, and grapefruit. Fruit-forward. 

Meanwhile, what's the Covid plan at restaurants in Italy?

And What About Barolo?

Teaching Moment: John Kerr of The Asheville School of Wine says: 
This article discusses the 2016 vintage of Barolo. With climate change, a great vintage
is becoming more and more difficult to produce. 2016 needs about a decade before drinking.

Nebbiolo is an old grape dating back to the 13th century and the name derives
from the Italian word, nebbia, for fog. The best Nebbiolo vineyards are those sited above
the fog that hangs in the valley. It is fragile in the sense that Nebbiolo is very climate specific.
If rain arrives too early, grapes mature too quickly not allowing time for balance.
If rain comes too late, just before harvest, mildew forms affecting quality.
The goal is fruit that does not ripen so quickly that acid is lost.

In the shop, we have Barolos and Brunellos that were built to age
and are ready to be uncorked. If you want to try a perfectly aged bottle from 2010,
another great vintage, call (828) 575-8525 and ask for John.

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Italian Language Week

Settimana Lingua Postcard small

The Settimana Della Lingua Italiana Nel Mondo (Week of the Italian Language in the World) starts today!

Through October 25th, hundreds of events - organized by Embassies, Consulates, and Italian Cultural Institutes - will take place around the world to celebrate our language and its heritage. The initiative, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation together with the Accademia della Crusca, started in 2001. Since then - every year - a specific theme is chosen as a common thread to the events of La Settimana. This year’s theme is Italian Between Word and Image: Graffiti, Illustrations, Comic Books.

Join us for a lineup of virtual events celebrating our beautiful language, la bella lingua! And don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian (yet), translations will be available.


Available until November 15

“Drawing Stories” is a digital, interactive exhibition offering a virtual journey through the changes that the “ninth art” has experienced in recent years, starting with the role of the writer. 
More Info )

The exhibition will be accompanied by the following webinars:


Wednesday, October 21 @ 1 PM ET 
More Info ) 


Friday, October 23 @ 1 PM ET 
More Info )


Wednesday, October 28 @ 1 PM ET 
More Info )

The webinars will be available live at the times listed above through the exhibition platform and our Facebook Page. A recording will be posted after the event scheduled time.

Presented in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.


Available until November 29

Also part of Kids Euro FestivalTelephone Tales is a series of 12 sweet, short and animated read-aloud stories for kids by beloved Italian children’s author, Gianni Rodari. Recently translated in English by Antony Shugaar and illustrated by Valerio Vidali, Telephone Tales is a family event! 
More Info )


Streaming October 19 - 25

Our friends at the Embassy of Switzerland to the United States join the celebration by offering the streaming of I Segreti Del Mestiere (Learning the Ropes), a film by Andreas Maciocci. The movie follows the growth of Samuel, a teenager who has channeled his creativity and his need to communicate into drawing. The movie will be followed by a live discussion with the Film Director. 
More info )

All the events part of the Settimana della Lingua are
under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic

facebook youtube

©2020 Italian Cultural Institute Washington | 3000 WHITEHAVEN STREET NW WASHINGTON, DC 20008 

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Sex and Consequences and Ventisei

"Sex and Consequences"

The new show from Isabella Rossellini mixing animal welfare
and humor streaming live from her organic farm in Bellport, New York

Your "Watch it With" Wine 


This is not a new wine but I want to bring it to your attention again.
Ventisei, 26 in Italian, is a blend of 45% Sangiovese, 33% Merlot, 
22% Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery says: "Rosso is the wine you want
for long talks and big thoughts, the ideal one to wash away all the heavy matters from your heart. Fresh raspberry notes, delicate underbrush hints
and sweet spice aromas will charm you from the first sip.
Juiciness and mineral finish will call for another glass straight away." 

Personal Note: I love this wine. I would describe it as
traditional old world Italian with more fruit and less tannins.
Woman Winemaker!

91 Points from James Suckling

*** $16.99 ***

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Botticelli and Corzano Bianco

Botticelli portrait could sell at auction for over $80M - CNN Style

In January, Christie's will auction "Young Man Holding a Roundel"
by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510). Expected Hammer Price: $80million!
The Florentine Master of Early Renaissance is best known
for his elegant mythological scenes like "The Birth of Venus" and "Spring"
both in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Gorgeous. You could spend the time until January planning a profit generating crime or you could buy the poster of this Botticelli and a bottle of Tuscan Wine!
When you think Tuscan, you probably think Red.
But we have great Tuscan Whites @MetroWines like this one:

IL Corzanello Bianco
Chardonnay 55%, Petit Manseng 20%, Semillon 10% 
Sauvignon Blanc 10%, Trebbiano and Malvasia 5%.
Strong nose, with light notes of white flowers and lemon curd.
It is intensely fruity, yet fresh and minerally. 

2018 is sold out online at Central Wine Merchants.
Just as well. It was $17.99!
and $17.99 at Vivino too.

** But $14.99 @MetroWines! **

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Lorraine Bracco Buys Sicilain Home for 1 Euro

Actress Lorraine Bracco Buys and Renovates Sicilian Home in New Series "My Big Italian Adventure"

She bought the 200-year-old home for only one euro.


Ciao, Italia! Lorraine Bracco, the OSCAR® and Emmy®-nominated actress from Goodfellas and The Sopranos, will take a break from Hollywood for her next gig on the island of Sicily—renovating a 200-year-old home she purchased for only one euro. The new HGTV series My Big Italian Adventure, premiering Friday, Oct. 30, at 9|8c, will follow Lorraine’s journey to renovate the 1,075-square-foot property in the tiny hilltop town of Sambuca di Sicilia with help from an architect, contractor and other local experts. The Sambuca one-euro program was created by the mayor to help sell the town’s vacant homes quickly and inexpensively. The goal is to encourage families to return to the rural oasis, but the catch is that the homes must be completed within three years of purchase.

"I believe life is an adventure," said Lorraine. "When I saw the article that you could buy a house in Sambuca for one euro, I jumped on it. So, I came on the plane. I bought the house. I’m very excited to be here, meet and work with the locals, and live amongst them. I’m here to pay homage to my family that comes from Sicily."

While it was a bargain at its one-euro price point, the centuries-old home has no electricity, running water, kitchen or bathrooms and needs to be gutted due to its deteriorating floors, crumbling walls and dilapidated roof. The whole-home renovation will be a massive project filled with unexpected challenges, tough decisions, disappointments, valuable learnings and triumphant reveals. With her contractor Piero, translator Cynthia, several American friends and a welcoming town on her side, the impossible will become a breathtaking reality when together they complete a gorgeous Italian retreat where Lorraine can spend time with her family. In the end, the overhauled home will feature a stunning entryway with a custom tiled rug, a dreamy Sicilian-inspired bedroom and an indoor courtyard with a custom water feature.

"This is a huge undertaking,” said Bracco. "I'm not a contractor. I'm not a decorator. I'm an actress. I've never done this before. I have no idea what I'm really getting into! It's a lot of work, but everything is possible. I believe that. And for one euro, we'll see!"

Fans are invited to connect with My Big Italian Adventure on HGTV’s digital platforms as well. Each episode will be available on HGTV GO the same day and time as the TV premieres starting Friday, Oct. 30, at 9 p.m. Fans can visit for special show extras, behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive videos with Lorraine. Viewers also can follow @HGTV and #MyBigItalianAdventure on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for additional show content and updates and can follow Lorraine on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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Uncorked and Spelt

From The MetroWines Book Suggestion Department
and Holiday Gift Alert Desk


Ever since the standardized wine bottle came into use in the 18th century,
wine drinkers have sought a convenient means of removing its cork stopper.
In the beginning, they used whatever had a liberating potential.
The patented corkscrew emerged in 1795 and soon multiplied
into numerous permutations.

In Uncorked, Marilynn Gelfman Karp uses her own collection of corkscrews, 
chosen for inventiveness and decorative qualities to trace the evolution of this tool.  
Each example is illustrated with superb color photography and fully described.

This Book needs to be paired with a Fine Bottle With a Cork!
We went with Italian! In the world of wine things, Italians seem more wedded
to corks than other producers. Very few screw caps coming out of Italy.

James Suckling 93 Points
Bright lemons and oranges highlight raspberry and strawberry overtones.
The medium-bodied palateis finely wound up in tightly buttoned tannins
and driven along by vertical acidity and umami undertones.

Jeb Dunnuck 91 Points
Deeper, richer, concentrated, 2016 Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Riserva Spelt
offers terrific chocolaty, darker berry fruits, spice, new leather,
and dried herb-like aromas and flavors. These all carry to a medium-bodied red
that has good acidity, some building tannins that stay nicely tucked behind the fruit,
and a good finish. Another outstanding wine from this producer.
7-8 years of longevity. (cellar?)

Wine Enthusiast 90 Points
Wine EnthusiastBright red cherry melds with crushed granite and herbs
on the nose of this red. The medium-bodied palate is juicy in a vibrant red-cherry flavor, with a line of crunchy tannins and vibrant acidity propping it up. 

Soooooo Internet Competitive at $22!

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Caravaggio, Artichokes and Erbaluce

*** Artichokes ***
and, oh yeah, Caravaggio

The year 1604 provided insight into Caravaggio's short, hot temper.
He, along with two friends, was eating in the Moor's restaurant at La Maddalena.
After ordering eight artichokes, Caravaggio asked the waiter which were cooked
in butter and which were cooked in oil. The waiter later testified “I told him to smell them, which would easily enable him to tell the difference. He got angry and without saying anything more, grabbed an earthenware dish and hit me on the cheek at the level of my moustache, injuring me slightly... and then he got up and grabbed
his friend's sword which was lying on the table, intending perhaps to strike me with it,
but I got up and came here to the police station to make a formal complaint.”

Well, I guess that taught this waiter to be a smart off!
Let's partner this Italian favorite, artichokes, with another Italian favorite, Burrata!
and then Pair both with the perfect Italian White Wine, Erbaluce!

INNOMINATO 2019 Erbaluce Piedmont
Antonio Vallana, Italian Dry Wine, 13%ALC

Buy 2019 Cantine Vallana 6 Colline Novaresi Bianco Innominato | Price and  Reviews at Drinks&Co
Chill before drinking. Clear, pale, lemon yellow color. Light whiffs of apple
and melon aromas.Smooth, slightly creamy and dry zesty mouthfeel,
light to medium body and a worthy texture.
Rich flavors of ripe apple and honeydew melon with just a whiff of starfruit taste.
Potent bright acidity and a dramatic finish that is uplifting, and fresh.
Erbaluce is an uncommon Italian grape and the wine has an unusual flair too.
The abounding acidity gives it character. Best paired with light dishes.
Some call it an "eccentric" Italian white wine. Limited Distribution.

Be Eccentric for $19.99!

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Michelagelo: Food and Poggio Anima!

This presentation from The Getty was Great! You can still access it on Getty website.


From Ciao Asheville


Did Michelangelo Start His Career as an Art Forger? | artnet News

Wine and Food in The Time of Michelagelo

I have not seen the video but it is common knowledge that he was hanging
with The Medicis in Florence and that he lived in The Casa Buonarotti
there in Florence so let's go Tuscan! The 2018 Dry Red Belial.

Field and Fawcett - 'Belial' Sangiovese, Poggio Anima

Bright ruby. Aromas of ripe red fruit, sage and mint. Supple, but with bright acidity
on the palate with bright red cherries and sweet tobacco emerging nicely.
The finish is persistent and with medium intensity of tannins and fruit. 
One of the four crown princes of hell. Roughly translated to ‘without yoke’ in Hebrew.
It is believed that Belial is the purest definition of ‘lawlessness.’
The correlation is that much of what has come to be known as ‘Supertuscans’
or ‘IGT’ is simply lawless. People blending international varietals with indigenous varietals or not following the DOC laws and producing 'renegade wine.'
2018 has 13% ALC.

$18.99 at Vivino
$16.99 at Applejack
*** $14.99 @MetroWines ***

And Tonight: Pair Belial with Italian Wedding Soup

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Christopher Columbus
and the National Debate

This Columbus Day, the National Italian American Foundation invites you to sit down with our panel of experts as we discuss the debate over the celebration of Christopher Columbus and his legacy in America. Our panelists George BochettoWilliam Connell, and Anthony Wisniewski, will break down the history behind establishing Columbus Day, what it means not only to the Italian American community but other communities, and tackle the national debate on whether or not the statues should stay or go. You won't want to miss this thoughtful conversation.
Registration fee: FREE.


George Bochetto of Bochetto & Lentz, P.C., is a nationally acclaimed trial lawyer and litigator and has been recognized in countless cases for his unrelenting and persuasive litigation and trial techniques. George has been cited for "Raising the Bar" by the National Law Journal and has been written about and featured in dozens of trade journals and legal publications throughout the United States. Not only is George a well-known trial lawyer with multi-million dollar awards against national and multi-national corporations, George is also a very accomplished appellate advocate, having appeared before the highest appellate courts in the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on cutting edge, often controversial legal issues involving free speech, the separation of church and state, campaign finance reform, and legal ethics. Bochetto represents a group of South Philadelphia residents fighting to keep the Christopher Columbus statues where they stand.


William Connell is a historian and professor at Seton Hall University. He studies a wide range of problems in Italian and Italian American History, and European history in general, with particular concentrations in medieval and Renaissance intellectual history, humanism, social history and state building. In recent years he has been working on projects concerning interactions between 16th century Florence and northern Europe, Renaissance historical writing, Niccolò Machiavelli's political thought, early interactions between Italy and America, and prosecutions for blasphemy in early modern Europe. In 2018 he co-authored The Routledge History of Italian Americans with Stanislao Pugliese.


Anthony Wisniewski, is a former trustee and general counsel Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation (2007-2017) and author of a recent op-ed in the Baltimore Sun. Wisniewski was appointed by President of the United States to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Board of Trustees. He was also appointed by U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) National Advisory Council, serving as a key employer voice on national quality measures reporting in areas such as disparities of care for minority populations, hospital associated infections, and overall patient safety. Further, Wisniewski was also appointed by the Director of AHRQ to serve on its Effective Health Care Stakeholder Group, focusing primarily upon development and reporting of quality measures associated with comparative effectiveness research of designated chronic diseases.

If you are not able to participate in the live webinar, all registered attendees will automatically receive a recording of the session within two business days after the event.  

We can't wait for you to join us!

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Pasta in Tuscany through Smithsonian

Pontormo and Pasta:

Live from Tuscany

Friday, November 20, 2020 - 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. ET

$20 for Members. $25 for Non Members


"The Deposition from the Cross", by Pontormo, 1525–1528


  • This program is part of our Smithsonian Associates Streamingseries.
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Online registration is required.
  • For multiple registrations, you will be asked to supply individual names and email addresses.


You can’t visit Italy right now—but you can make pasta. Join art historian and culinary expert Elaine Trigiani at her farmhouse in Tuscany for a virtual exploration of this region through its artistic and culinary heritage.

Here in the hills of Chianti, four medieval castles were used to safely store works of art from Florentine museums during WWII, among them paintings by Renaissance artist Jacopo Pontormo, including his Visitation. Pontormo, who is named after the local Tuscan town from which he came, was a leader in the Mannerist movement, one that fought against the classicism of the high Renaissance. Trigiani examines his work, best known for its ambiguous use of space, dramatic color, and a sense of psychic restlessness.

Then, taking inspiration from a group of nearby heritage wheat producers, including farmers, millers, and bakers, she makes fresh pasta and la lasagna (and shares a recipe). Wherever you may be, art and food make a delightful way to explore this historic and beautiful corner of Italy.


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Venice with NIAF

Join Us Virtually
Italy in Our Hearts and Minds:
Venice, The Most Improbable of Cities, Part 2

Join Carla Gambescia, author of La Dolce Vita University, and explore Venice's complexities and contradictions as we discover some of its many secrets. Venice has been lauded as Queen of the Adriatic, being nicknamed la Serenissima and boasts having been maritime republic of over 1,000 years, a vast museum, a triumph of human will over nature. Once a beehive of espionage, the luxury and pleasure capital of Europe, a mecca of extraordinary artists and personalities and zenith of all Grand Tours yet even today, Venice remains in many ways, an enigma.

During part two of this two-part series, you will explore Venice as the pinnacle of the cultural and luxury capital of Europe through its slow yet opulent & sybaritic decline and ultimately to its reinvention as a real-life fantasy destination and the world's most enchanting open-air museum. Registration fee: $25


Did you miss part one of Venice, The Most Improbable of CitiesCLICK HEREto purchase a recording of Venice, The Most Improbable of Cities, Part 1!

Carla Gambescia is the author of La Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A to Z, Silver Prize winner of "Best Travel Book of the Year" awarded by the North American Travel Journalists Association. A regular lecturer on topics of Italian cultural interest, Carla has written about and toured every region of Italy on foot or by bicycle and curates the photoblog Postcards from the Boot. Carla conceived and co-led the Giro del Gelato bicycle tour winner of OUTSIDE Magazine's "Best Trip in Western Europe," and, for a decade, owned and operated Via Vanti! Restaurant & Gelateria in Mount Kisco, NY.

Following Carla's, presentation there will be a brief Q&A session.

Not able to join us on Zoom, but want to tune in later? If for whatever reason you are not able to join the webinar, all paid and registered attendees will receive a recording of the session no later than two business days after the event. 
Refunds will not be issued.

We can't wait for you to join us!

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Amb. Peter F. Secchia Building
1860 19th Street, NW
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