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Torii Mor Wine Tasting

News Release: March 9th, 2019
About: Torii Mor Wine Tasting @MetroWines
Join us on Thursday, March 14th from 5:00 to 6:30 @MetroWines to meet Jon Tomaselli, Winemaker for Torii Mor, Dundee, Oregon.  Sustainably Farmed Wines "on the taste" and "on the house." 
The name Torii Mor derives from the Torii gate in the Japanese Garden on the property and "Mor" is the ancient Scandinavian word for earth. Together the name is a nod to Pinot Noir's expression of terroir and connection to the earth.
Committed to sustainability starting with pure water from an artesian well, the vineyards and the process are overseen by Burgundian Winemaker Jacques Tardy.
Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are their passions!
More about Torii Mor here:
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Wine Vault, Game Dinner, Napa History, Lettie Teague, Focus Group, Chaka Khan, Merlot, Michele d'Aprix, Plan Trip to Italy, Prisoner Dinner


Image result for kitchens refrigerated wine vault
Future Kitchens Have a Wine Vault

Let us @MetroWines Help You Stock It!
Style isn't everything. Quality is.
Shop Your Vault Wines @MetroWines.

Call John at (828) 575-9525 for a Consultation.


Image result for still life dutch master

Wednesday, March 13th Starting 6pm

Call (828) 252-4162


Image result for farnum kerr napa
Farnum Kerr RIP

California Rivers north of San Francisco are overflowing. Will this ruin your trip to Napa? No.
John Kerr, MetroWines Co-owner, Assistant Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines and Napa Native,

shares his "don't cancel your trip to Napa" reasons:

"The town of Napa should be safe. My father, Farnum Kerr,
City Planner and Civil Engineer, returned the Napa River to its original state with flood control modifications as well as adding a beautiful park along the banks of the river in downtown Napa.
If you walk this way, notice the plague to commemorate the work of Farnum Kerr
to add beauty and safety to Napa. We got this!"
"And further, (John is on a roll now...) Farnum received an award, together with Thomas Jefferson (obviously posthumously!) for his design of UVA, to commemorate his preservation of the beauty of Napa Valley. Before Farnum, city officials had chosen the cheapest and fastest fixes. Seeing the vision of what could be, Farnum vigorously fought the city, to achieve this goal."

So.............Napa Wine You Say!
Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, $24
"An incredible bottle of Napa Wine for this price," says John Kerr.

(Farnum probably would have said the same.)

Image result for sean minor napa cabernet 2016

If you shop this wine online, be sure to compare apples to apples.
Sean Minor makes wine in several areas of California, some more value minded.
This one, the Napa Cabernet! is $26.99 at
Shop LocalLY. Convenience and Savings.

   Winery Says: Our Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep ruby color with aromas of ripe blackberry, red and black currants. Flavors of blackberries and ripe plum fill the mid-palate, entwined with black currant, mocha and black pepper, providing for a full-bodied and rich wine experience. The soft tannins and sweet oak balance lead to a long and lingering finish.


Image result for lettie teague
Lettie Teague Talks "Tremenda" and "Seghesio"
in WSJ

Yeah, We Got That!

Are you Coming to Group?
The Asheville Wine Focus Group
Wednesday, March 13 from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines
Call (828) 575-9525

 Our Host is Charlie Stanley from Advintage Distributing of The Carolinas
Selected one of the Top 100 distributors in Country by Wine Spectator!

Advintage says: "Serving as a true partner to our customers is our #1 priority.
This means understanding their needs, maintaining a portfolio hinged on quality,
and bringing the most authentic, exciting products to the Carolinas."

They're asking. Let's Answer! See you at Group.

Image result for chaka khan 1980s
"She comes to my house, I go to her house,
we play music, we drink wine, we talk, we have a good time" 

Chaka Khan on her friendship with Joni Mitchell
NYT says expect Chaka to sing Joni on her next album

>> Personal Note. Tune out now if you don't want to hear it! <<
One of my best of my memories was seeing Chaka Khan on The President,
in New Orleans summer of 80. Tina Turner was scheduled but, an hour before, she canceled.
Chaka Khan was announced to fill in. Who? We stumbled aboard a little disgruntled.
Sitting on fold up chairs set on the rickety wood floor about the give way to the Mississippi
beneath it drinking cheap gin, we waited. She was late. She was also gorgeous.
Had all this brown hair and a dress with a thousand fabric ribbons flowing and swirling.
And when she spun, it was magic. You never heard a voice like it! 

Invite a Friend Over to Share a Bottle of Wine!
Put on Chaka. Put on Joni. 

** For Brunch **
Image result for underwood rose 2017
Underwood Rose, Oregon 2017, $
This blend including Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir offers flavors
and aromas of strawberry, watermelon and peach.

** Afternoon **
Image result for artesa 2016 chardonnay

Secateurs Red Blend of Shiraz, Cinsault and Grenache. $16.99
(We clipped the image from for a rea$on!)

Winemaker Says: "This is a bright Chardonnay, with beautiful layers of fruit bursting
in the glass with notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, key lime and golden peach.
The techniques used are designed to retain the signature Los Carneros aromas of
lemon-citrus and white blossom while accentuating the minerality and vivid,
fresh fruit flavors of citrus and stone fruits in the wine.
Partial barrel fermentation and lees stirring create complex layers that impart
hints of oak and wrap the flavors in a rich, generously textured mouthfeel and elegant finish."

James Suckling says 91 Points! "The full citrus and pineapple aromas are
well married to the vanilla oak. Medium to full body and lively acidity to form
a very satisfying package. Drink now." 


*** In the Dark ***

2016 Secateur Vintage Red Blend, South Africa, $16.99
(Again, we have clipped image from for a rea$on!)

Winemaker Says: Secateurs, pruning shears, shape our bushvines during
the winter pruning and are used to pick ripe grapes in summer. Our family has,
for the last 3 generations, nurtured our vines to produce fruit with integrity. 
The aromas are perfumed, peppery, spicey, smokey and exhibit ripe red fruit notes.
The palate is textured and smooth. Finish is fresh and dry. Drinkable with or without food.


Image result for jason stephens merlot 2014

Andy Hale says "Jason Stephens Merlot Drinks like a smooth Cabernet."

Winery says: "Rounded red-berry fruit meets with vanilla, caramel,
smoke and wet soil on the nose of this bottling from a winery near Morgan Hill.
Hickory smoke and rich red-fruit flavors start the palate, where grippy tannins
lead into a cocoa-laced finish. Best with some time to smooth out."


Image result for michele d aprix winemaker
Winemaker Michele D'Aprix
and Andy Hale of The Asheville School of Wine
Present a Class and Tasting at The French Cafe @MetroWines
Tuesday, March 26th from 5:30 to 6:30 $25
Next Ciao Ashville Event
Wednesday, March 20th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines

"Plan Your Trip to Italy with Michael Scardaville"

$10 for the presentation, a glass of italian wine and cheese!
Call (828) 575-9525 


Image result for prisoner wine

Orin Swift
"The Prisoner"
Wine Pairing Dinner at Vue 1913 
at Omni Grove Park Inn

** Thursday, March 28 **

Call (828) 210-7813


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Northern Italy Wine Class III

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

About: Northern Italy Wine Class @MetroWines
By popular demand, a THIRD class on Northern Italian Wines including
Tuscany, presented by Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of
Wine, has been set for Tuesday April 9th from 5:30 to 6:30

"Two classes on the wines of Northern Italy are SOLD OUT," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Reserve now!"

The class and tasting is $25 plus tax. You must reserve a seat. 

Make your reservation by calling (828) 575-9525 or online here:

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Southern Italy Wine Class


Tickets HERE!

News Release: March 5th, 2019

About: Southern Italy Wine Class @MetroWines
Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines leads a class on the wines of Southern Italy on Thursday,
April 11th from 5:30 t0 6:30 @MetroWines. The class includes presentation and tasting. $25 for the evening.
"This is our second class on Southern Italian Wines," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines.
"The event is very popular so sign up now!"
Reserve a seat by calling (828) 575-9525 
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Merlot, Prisoner Dinner, Bordeaux, Broc, Quincy, Mencia, Semillon, Market Place, Cruor, Case Club


Image result for scales of justice
Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine,
and Junper Cooper of Mutual Distribution
*** Make the Case for Merlot! ***

We admit this is an ex-parte communication but Merlot was so persuasive:

Maybe You Don't Like Merlot. BUT, Maybe (actually, probably) You Do!

$25 Tuesday, March 19th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines

Image result for prisoner wine

Orin Swift
"The Prisoner"
Wine Pairing Dinner at Vue 1913 
at Omni Grove Park Inn

** Thursday, March 28 **

Call (828) 210-7813

Image result for michele d aprix winemaker

"A truly unique experience"

Winemaker Michele D'Aprix
and Andy Hale of The Asheville School of Wine
Present a Class & Tasting @MetroWines French Cafe
Tuesday, March 26th from 5:30 to 6:30 $25

Image result for broc love red

The Love Red grapes were harvested in the second week of September
to preserve the grape’s natural acidity. The Carignan and Syrah were both
whole cluster fermented and destemmed in concrete and stainless tanks.
The Valdiguié went under carbonic fermentation in stainless steel.
(The grape was at one time primarily grown in Languedoc Roussillon in France.
It has a Pinot Noir or Gamay like weight.)
Aged for 8 months in concrete and neutral French oak barrels.

    Winemaker Says: "We started making our Love Wines because we want to provide a more affordable everyday drinking wine to a larger market while still espousing the key tenets we believe in --- minimal intervention and sustainable farming. The Love wines are larger production blends by design. We still use only native yeasts and bacteria for fermentation with no additives or adjuncts, but we do choose to use trace amounts of SO2 at bottling. Each of the Love blends contain grapes from vineyards with varying degrees of intervention and the vineyards and blends can change with each vintage."

Image result for france map quincy
Domaine Trotereau, located in the small appellation of Quincy in the Loire Valley,
was the second recognized appellation in France in 1936, second only to Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Grapes had long been planted there with Sauvignon Blanc introduced by Cistercian monks
in the 12th century. Southwest of Sancerre, the sandy, silex-ridden topsoil with an undercurrent
of pink limestone is truly unique, unlike any other Sauvignon Blanc appellation in the world. 

As recently as fifty years ago, the wines of Quincy were more recognized in France
for their quality than Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé, and commanded a higher price.

Today the appellation has largely faded from recognition,
and only those in the know KNOW!


Image result for unculin bierzo

100% Organic Mencia (pronounce: Menthia), $21
What's Mencia?
All about it from Wine Folly

  Mencía (“Men-thee-ah”) is a medium-bodied red wine grape that produces high quality wines with floral and red fruit flavors. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s not surprising, Mencía only grows in Spain and Portugal on the Iberian peninsula. What makes Mencía special is it has shown the ability to age like other fine wines and it offers rich aromas in the glass. If you love Pinot Noir, then Mencía is something worth investigating.

  Mencía contains high levels of a sub-group of aroma compounds called terpenoids which translate into lovely flowery aromas, strawberry, raspberry, black licorice, pomegranate and cherry sauce. When you look at a glass of Mencía, you’ll notice its deep red color with subtle hues of violet towards the rim. The color tells us that Mencía has high anthocyanin (the red pigment in wine). On the palate you’ll be greeted with peppery flavors of sour cherry, red currant and pomegranate along with a bitter cherry pit flavor which comes from the wine’s tannin. In the regions where it grows in Spain and Portugal, you will taste a subtle crushed gravel or granite-like minerality in the texture, which often contributes to its black peppery taste.

*** Pairings ***
Charcuterie, Steak au Poivre (pepper steak), Pastrami Sandwiches, Corned Beef, Pepperoni Pizza, Smoked Seitan, Barbecue, Wild Game, Roast Pork, Beef Brisket, Carne Asada, Dark Meat Turkey, Duck, Portuguese blood sausage, Chicken Fajitas
Monterey Jack, White Cheddar, Serra da Estrela (Portugal), Azeitão (Portugal), Idiazabal (aka Petit Basque), San Simon da Costa (Spain), Queso Iberico (Spain), Manchego (Spain), Tetilla (Spain), Ossau-Iraty (France)
Black Pepper, White Pepper, Nutmeg, Allspice, Clove, Anise, Fennel seed, Black Cardamom, Sichuan Pepper, Rosemary, Sage, Bay Leaf, Dill, Garlic, Shallot, Caraway, Dijon Mustard, Hickory, Savory Barbecue Sauce, Celery Seed
Mushroom Risotto, Portabello Mushroom Steak, Onion, Red Cabbage, Lentil, Wild Rice, Tomato, Stewed Apricot, Prune, Hazelnut, Bell Pepper, Olive, Artichoke

Image result for tyrrell's wines hunter valley semillon 2016

100% Semillon is BACK! $18.99

Winemaker’s Notes: The grapes were machine picked in the cool of the night before
gentle pressing and fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine then spent a few months
on yeast lees to gain extra complexity and mouth feel.
Tasting Notes: A lifted nose showing citrus freshness, the palate continues with fresh citrus
and concentrated grapefruit flavors. The palate is light to medium bodied with
a perfect balance of fruit and soft acid.

Image result for flemish masters still life animals

** Spring Game and Women Winemakers **
Wednesday, March 13th Starting 6pm

at Market Place

Call (828) 252-4162


Image result for cruor priorat 2015

#1 By the Glass Pour at Curate, $24
A blend of 60% Samso, 20% Garnacha and 20% Syrah, this wine reflects
a specific terroir, La Fredat in Bellmunt del Priorat. A dense Picota cherry (Spain) red
in the glass. The nose is Mediterranean herbs, balsamic notes with black fruit.
The palate is rich and round, polished tannins and a long finish. It's all about the slate! 

Image result for dog on vacation
The secrets of ancient brain surgery have been revealed, BBC is asking whether civilization cratering,
the mystery of Stonehenge may have been solved, Jeff Bezos says he is blackmail proof
(but has anyone see the pictures? to be honest, I do want to see where that money
that I used to spend on Amazon went!), Australia has OKed Emoji License Plates,
a study of Neptune reveals a BIG HOLE in our understanding of the solar system (yikes!)
Kellogg is working feverishly to prevent a Pringles shortage in UK,
NYT recommends Bob Berman's book "Earth Shattering" about cosmic calamities, and

Some of You Have Not Joined The Case Club @MetroWines
SAY WHAT? Adventure, Convenience and Value!
And Case Club Never Stops.
Not snow, not Bezos, not zombies, not cosmic calamities,
not even a "road diet" can stop the force that IS Case Club!

Join The Case Club @MetroWines
Call (828) 575-9525

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Ciao Asheville Reflects on "The Leopard"

Robert Formento, Film Coordinator and Critic for Ciao Asheville, talks about "The Leopard"

Some additional information from our discussion about the book and movie, “The Leopard”:

  • The movie is based on a novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. The book was published in 1959, one year after Lampedusa’s death. It chronicles the changes in Sicilian life and society during the Risorgimento (Italian reunification). Lampedusa was a Sicilian aristocrat, who based it on his great-grandfather. He died not knowing that his book would be published. (it had been rejected twice during the last year that he was still alive)
  • The book became an instant success, the top selling book in Italian history and winning the prestigious Italian Strega Award. 
  • A movie of the book was released in 1963 winning the top Cannes award, the Palme d’Or. Although the movie was a success, internationally, it not a success in the US until it’s re-release in the original version in 1983. The first release cut important material to make it shorter, used an inferior version of Technicolor, and worst yet had the cast speaking English, without subtitles. It did not work.
  • The director, Luchino Visconti, from an aristocratic family himself, was uniquely qualified to direct a movie about the changes to the aristocracy.
  • It is often described as Italy’s “Gone with the Wind”. Why? It has war, romance and social and political change. All in one book! Additional comparisons can be made to America’s time of the civil war. Both were wars of unification between the North and the South. Both countries tragically lost forward thinking leaders. Lincoln was shot before he could implement positive reunification in the US and Prime Minister Cavour of Italy died in 1861 at age 50 leaving decisions regarding unification to less enlightened leaders. The South of both countries suffered.
  • Burt Lancaster (who plays Fabrizio, the Sicilian prince, and Claudia Cardinale, who plays the beautiful, but lower class, Angelica) were two of the leading actors. Visconti was originally not in favor of Burt Lancaster for the role of a Sicilian prince. He reluctantly accepted him based on his “star power” and watching his performance inJudgement of Nuremberg released in 1961. Visconti was won over by Lancaster’s performance in The Leopard and they became best friends. There was no reluctance to cast Claudia Cardinale in her role as Angelica!
  • Two famous quotes from the book and movie are:
    • “if we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change” — this line kind of sums up the political struggles in the movie
    • Love, of course love. Flames for a year, ashes for thirty.” — this line kind of sums up up the Prince’s view of his marriage and his prediction for Angelica and Tancredo’s romance
  • The ballroom scene — at the time of filming, it was about 105 degrees in Sicily! It was so hot that the ballroom scenes (in full formal dress) were filmed from 8pm to about 4am! In keeping with the 1800s, all of the electric bulbs in the light fixtures were changed back to candles (hundreds of candles)! Given the heat, plus the intense overhead camera lights, the candles would melt and had to be replaced every hour. Such was the meticulous attention to detail by Visconti.
  • Italy was the last country in Europe to be unified. Before the Risorgimento, the last time the country was united was during the Roman Empire. Between then and Garibaldi’s invasion of Sicily to begin the unification, close to 15 occupations occurred making for a very diverse culture. (if you include time before the Roman Empire, the count increases to about 20 different occupations!)

Follow All Things Italian and Ciao Asheville Events HERE!

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Ciao Asheville presents Plan Your Trip to Italy


Tickets HERE!
Ciao Asheville presents "How to Plan Your Trip to Italy" with Michael Scardaville on Wednesday, March 20th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines. Michael shares structure, ideas and a little inside information! 
$10 for the presentation, a glass of Italian Wine and Cheese.
Get started now with "Survival Italian" developed by Michael Scardaville and shared with Ciao Asheville here:
Very HIGH sell out risk for this event. You must reserve a seat! 
Know Before You Go!!
Contact for Ciao Asheville: Gail Rampersaud at
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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March Wine Focus Group


News Release: Monday, February 25th
About: Asheville Wine focus Group @MetroWines 
Join us on Wednesday, March 13th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines for The Asheville Wine Focus Group hosted by Anne Kaufmann of Advintage Distributing of The Carolinas.
"This is your opportunity to not only play wine shop owner for the night but to help determine what should be on our shelves,"says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "The importers have also found the feedback very helpful in guiding their future choices as well."
Advintage Distributing of The Carolinas was chosen as one of Top 100 distribution companies by Wine Spectator.
The event is on the house. Your opinion is valued!
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Ciao Asheville Hosts "The Big Night" at Ambrozia


As of March 13th, event is over half sold. Call NOW!

New Release: Monday, February 18th, 2019
About: Chef Sam Etheridge Presents the "Big Night"
Please join MetroWines and Juniper Cooper of Mutual Distribution on Wednesday, April 17th starting 6pm as "Ciao Asheville" hosts "The Big Night" at Ambrozia. Chef Sam Etheridge prepares and presents the dinner from the movie "The Big Night" together with four paired Italian Wines.
Our special guest will be Deborah di Sabatino, food stylist for the movie, who will share stories of her adventure with us. (LA Times: and (NYT:
The 1996 film was written by and starred Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub and Isabella Rossellini. The plot concerns two brothers, Primo and Secondo, who have come to America from Italy with hopes of owning a successful, authentic Italian restaurant in 1950s New Jersey. When their new restaurant is not immediately flooded with customers, the brothers realize they have a lot to learn about the business world. 
The culture clash ensues when their best customer is unable to appreciate Primo's exquisitely prepared risotto because there is no spaghetti and meatballs on the side! Primo cannot understand why the Americans would rather stereotypical Italian food in a stereotypical Italian restaurant rather than his culinary artwork in a beautiful setting.
The brothers agree to present a meal offered by their despised but successful rival. The "Big Night" dinner is built around "timballo," a complicated baked pasta dish. If it works, the brothers succeed.
This unique evening is $65 exclusive of tax and gratuity. MetroWines will be offering wines from the evening at event prices.
Please call Ambrozia at (828) 350-3033.
And please follow "Ciao Asheville" on facebook here:
Contact for Ciao Asheville: Gail Rampersaud at

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Klinker Brick Tasting

News Release: Monday, February 18th, 2019
About: Klinker Brick Wine Tasting @MetroWines
Join us on Friday April 5th from 5 to 6:30pm @MetroWines to meet Renee Roscoe, Brand Manager for Klinker Brick, and taste their exceptional wines "on the house."
"In addition to the highly regarded and popular Klinker Brick Zinfandel, the white wines and Rose have also been very well received, says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "We are please to present the new vintages to our customers!"
More about Klinker Brick Winery:
The Felten Family own and manage fifteen individual vineyard blocks of “Old Vine” Zinfandel that range in age from 40 to 120 years old. Each vineyard is planted in sandy loam soils in the Mokelumne River Appellation of Lodi and the Clements Foothills.

In the nineties, the family began to market their zinfandel in the bulk wine market, selling to a number of prestigious, benchmark producers of Zinfandel in Napa and Sonoma Counties.

In 2000, Steve and Lori produced their first vintage of Klinker Brick Old Vine Zinfandel. They continue to produce wine from all of the vineyard blocks, culling only the very best lots for bottling Klinker Brick Old Vine Zinfandel and designated vineyard wines. They produced their first vintage of Farrah Syrah in 2001.

The Feltens and Klinker Brick have one goal…produce world-class wine.

About the name Klinker Brick....
We are often asked why we named our winery, Klinker Brick. Klinker Bricks are highly prized bricks that grace many of the historical buildings in Lodi, including our home. Chosen by Craftsmen architects in the 1920’s for their distinctive qualities, including unique shapes and dark, rich color, they are denser and heavier in weight than regular bricks. “Klinker” refers to the unusual sound that they make when banged together, because of their density. Rich, deep color, enormous density, unique and distinctive features are the same qualities found in our Old Vine Zinfandel and Farrah Syrah. And, we hope it is a name that you are not likely to forget!
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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February Focus Winner



Rarely has Group been so unified in their choice of of best quality for the price wine as was the case last night. Group was passionate! passionate I say! about Anne Pichon "Sauvage" Grenache Rhone Valley 2017.
This 100% Grenache Noir is made with biodynamic methods and aged in neutral oak. Small berries are matured and dried on the sunny
and windy days in Provence. Group found the wine to be both lively and versatile, full bodied with smooth tannins. A strong nose leads to a very berry palate with a touch of chocolate. Group thought this French Grenache was less "aggresive" than a Spanish Garnacha can be.
Group thought this would be a good wine to serve at a dinner or to bring as a gift. This wine would also be a good choice when you don't know what the host is serving as this Grenache could pair nicely with many dishes.
Bottom line: Group was passionate!
About Anne Pichon Winery
Marc Pichon purchased Domaine le Murmurium in the Cote de Ventoux village of Mormoiron in early 2008 and named his new wine label after his wife, Anne. Comprised of 13 hectares of old vineyards on prime terroir adjacent to Chateau Pesquie, Murmurium is derived from Latin, meaning "The Buzzing Song of Bees", an old estate name which is honored by the crest on the Anne Pichon labels. 

Over the past years Anne Pichon Wines acquired more old vineyards to bring the size of the domaine to 21 hectares. “The best vineyards in Ventoux are low-yielding and difficult to cultivate,” said Marc. “They’re the ones that people want to get rid of.” With organically farmed holdings that include 9ha Grenache, 5ha Syrah, 1ha Merlot, 0.8ha Carignan, 1.2ha Roussanne, 1.5ha Viognier, 0.7ha Grenache Blanc, 1.5ha Clairette and 0.3ha Bourboulenc, the micro-climate at Anne Pichon is dry, with cool, manually tilled soils that retain moisture when it rains. And because of the Mistral that sweeps up from the hills below, fruit is less susceptible to rot and disease, providing and ideal environment for organic viticulture.

Employing careful vineyard management, low yields and late harvesting, Pichon hand-harvests and destems all of the fruit. Reds are vinified in small 50 hL cement tanks or stainless steel, at low temperature to achieve a long maceration. For extraction Marc generally performed two gentle pump overs daily, with additional manual punch downs if necessary. The fermentations extend 3 to 4 weeks with a slow progressive increase in temperature to extract a very fine tannin structure. The malolactic fermentation and ageing take place partly in oak barrels but mostly in cements tanks. White wines are made from only a light pressing of first run juice and vinified in stainless steel tanks with strict temperature control to maintain a balance of ripe fruit and freshness.

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Spring Game and Women Winemakers at Market Place


News Release: Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
About: Spring Game Dinner with Wines from Women Winemakers at Market Place
Please join MetroWines and Mutual Distribution for an extraordinary Wine Pairing Dinner of Spring Game paired with Wines from Women Winemakers on Wednesday, March 13th starting 6:30 at Market Place in Asheville.
The evening begins with Champagne and hors-d'ouvre followed by a five course menu paired with four carefully curated wines from some of the best and most innovative women winemakers.
The evening is $100 exclusive of tax and gratuity. For reservations, please call (828) 252-4162 or
Market Place is located in Downtown Asheville at 20 Wall Street.  Concerned about parking? Park @MetroWines and take a car service there and back!

About Market Place
* Chef William Dissen:

As Executive Chef & Owner, William has been named as one of America’s “Most Sustainable Chefs” where he strives to create “innovative farm-to-table cuisine” utilizing ingredients and artisan products from within 100 miles of the restaurant.

Spending time on his Grandparents’ farm – watching his Grandmother cook bountiful meals straight from the garden to the kitchen table – has been a major influence on his style of cooking, as well as his beliefs in sustainable agriculture & local cuisine.

After graduating from West Virginia University, studying English & French, Chef Dissen had grandeur aspirations to work in the culinary arts. Studies of French language & culture led him towards The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. While honing in his skills under our country’s predominant chef instructors, Chef Dissen graduated with honors & was ready to begin his career as an aspiring chef.

From The Culinary Institute of America he left for the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia to work under Certified Master Chef Peter Timmins & his renowned culinary apprenticeship program.

Moving on to the lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina, Chef Dissen was introduced to another native West Virginian – Donald Barickman – owner & chef of Magnolia’s Restaurant. It was here in Charleston, SC that William worked in his fine dining establishment, Cypress, under James Beard nominated Chef Craig Deihl, to truly hone his culinary skills.

After sharpening his skills under Chefs Barickman & Deihl, William moved to Columbia, South Carolina to continue his education by attaining a Master’s Degree of Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management at the University of South Carolina. It was at this time that Chef Dissen began his dream of opening his own restaurant, & the mountains & fields of Appalachia began to call him home. Here in Asheville, Chef Dissen found the renowned Market Place Restaurant on historic Wall Street to call home.

* The Restaurant:

We believe in the importance of working locally, not just using ingredients from our surrounding area, but also in our contribution to the community. The success of our restaurant has always been closely entwined with the health and progress of our community. For 35 years we have supported the arts, local-needs and education programs.

Our clients have returned over the decades, we hope in part because we have always tried to treat them as family… and friends. Some might say, our food tastes good, perhaps even memorable. Each day, we do our utmost to prepare and present fresh food in a creative manner with a craftsman’s hand. Working in the most sustainable way possible is important.

The Market Place has been a fixture in downtown Asheville since 1979. Though it’s beginnings rose in the streams and mountains of western North Carolina – a place of mountain trout and small farms – it also has a hand and heart inspired by traditions far from our borders. This mélange of local food prepared with other worldly traditions of the table may have helped the Market Place garner national attention but the keen reverence for the heritage and roots of Appalachia has always remained at the center of what we do.

The words “local” & “organic”, seen only in grassroots grocery stores, and markets, 20 years ago, are now common at our local tailgates and farmer’s markets, thanks to the demand we’ve created. This transition to locally grown foods has helped to provide support to local farmers, enhance our regional economy, and rekindle our love affair with great food.

Owner & chef, William Dissen, spent his early days exploring the gardens & barns of his grand parents farm. It was there that he realized the necessity of locally grown food. The fields and farm animals of Appalachia educated him, as a chef and a locavore, to truly appreciate the meaning of “sustainability”.

These basic needs represent the honor of what we strive for in our daily cooking here at The Market Place.


Contact for Market Place: Justin Stoffregen
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
The Wines and The Winemakers:
Casino Mine Grenache Blanc-Jessica Tarpy Shaheen
Kelley Fox Ahurani Pinot Noir- Kelley Fox
Casa Gran del Siurana Priorat Cruor- Anna Gallisa
Susana Balbo Signature Brioso - Susana Balbo
The Menu:

Game Dinner 03.13.19 “Women in Wine”

1st Course

Pheasant Galantine, cherry mostarda, frisee & hazelnut salad,lemon vinaigrette

Casino Mine, Grenache Blanc, Amador County, 2016

2nd Course

Elk Tartare, quail egg, pickled ramps, radish greens, potato chips

Kelley Fox, Ahurani Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2017

3rd Course

Venison Sugo Cannelloni, spruce roasted carrot

Casa Gran del Siurana, Priorat Cruor, Spain, 2013

4th Course

Wild Boar Pie, salt water crust, apricot demi

Susana Balbo Brioso, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Argentina, 2016

5th Course

Vanilla Gelatto, foraged white pine mugolio, shortbread cookie 

Press Release from Market Place:


Contact: William Dissen
The Market Place Restaurant

The Market Place Restaurant to Host Wild Game Dinner

The Market Place Restaurant will team up with Metro Wine to host a spring Wild Game Dinner Featuring All Female Wine Producers

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Feb. 23, 2019) - - - Chef/owner William Dissen of The Market Place Restaurant has teamed up with John Kerr and Gina Trippi of Metro Wines to produce an exquisite menu featuring Wild Game paired with wines from an all-female line of wine producers. 

The menu will feature items like pheasant galantine, elk tartare, venison sugo, and wild boar pie.  The wine pairings are featured with females vintners from around the world with producers like Kelly Fox, Susan Balbo Brioso, and more.

The event details:

Wednesday March 13, 2019

The Market Place Restaurant

6:30PM – Champagne & Hors D’oeuvres Reception

7PM – 5 Course Dinner paired with wines

Price - $100/person exclusive of tax & gratuity

For Reservations please call The Market Place Restaurant at:  828-252-4162

Commenting on the upcoming dinner, Dissen stated, "With Spring right around the corner we are excited to get back to all of the amazing seasonal produce we are known for here in Asheville.  Living in the Appalachian Mountains we are surrounded by wild foods – both plant and animal – and we have an abundance of both in the region.  This dinner will be a nod to our exciting biodiversity and flavor of the land around us."

About The Market Place Restaurant:

The Market Place Restaurant is located at 20 Wall Street in Asheville, N.C. in the city’s center.  Celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2019, The Market Place Restaurant has been serving inspired farm to table fare focusing on the best ingredients of our region.  While great food and service are at the forefront, the restaurant is also a leader in all aspects of sustainability in their operations and involvement in the community. The Market Place Restaurant resides on Historic Wall Street adjacent to the Flat Iron Building and opens onto Pritchard Park, and the eatery has large 26-foot windows overlooking Patton Avenue. There are four dining spaces, including a 32-seat bar and lounge, 65-seat dining room, an upstairs 50-seat mezzanine and outdoor patio for 20 guests. For reservations or more information please visit

About William Dissen:

William Dissen is the executive chef and owner of The Market Place restaurant in Asheville, NC, Billy D’s Fried Chicken in Asheboro, NC, and Haymaker restaurant in Charlotte, NC. He is a graduate of West Virginia University and the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where he graduated with honors. In addition, he has a master’s degree in hospitality, restaurant and tourism management from the University of South Carolina. The chef is known for his firm commitment to sustainable practices and utilizing local ingredients, which were the reasons he was chosen as a member of the U.S. Department of State’s American Chef Corps and has spoken to Congress on sustainable food and food policy issues for national outreach events every year from 2013 to 2018. Chef Dissen also demonstrates his commitment to seafood sustainability as a restaurant partner and member of the Blue Ribbon Task Force for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. He has focused on sustainable food and food policy issues for national outreach for over 10 years of his career.



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Orin Swift Dinner at Vue 1913

News Release: Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
About: Orin Swift Dinner at Vue 1913
Join MetroWines for an Orin Swift Wine Dinner on Thursday, March 28th starting 6pm at Vue 1913, located on the top floor of the Omni Grove Park Inn.
The evening includes a six course epicurean event featuring the artistry of Orin Swift Cellars and Omni Chefs Richard Gras and Brandon Gibson together with commentary from Gallo Sommelier and Wine Educator Kathleen Apodaca.
The evening is $125 exclusive of tax and gratuity. Seating for this very special event is very limited.
Please call (828) 210-7813 for reservations.
The Orin Swift Menu:
  FIRST Oyster and Pearls meyer lemon, fennel pollen, honey crisp Mannequin, Chardonnay 2016 
  SECOND Halibut persillade, grapefruit, prosciutto, lovage Blank Stare, Sauvignon Blanc 2017 
  THIRD Arancini beef cheeks, blackberry, pecorino Palermo, Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 
  FOURTH Dry aged squab foie gras, carrot, coffee, minus 8 vinegar Abstract, Red Blend 2016 
  FIFTH Elk tenderloin leek ash, fennel, blueberry, plum, vanilla, black cherry Papillion, Red Blend 2016 
  SIXTH Fourme d’ambert white chocolate, pain de gêne, honey, candied walnut Machete, Petit Sirah 2016


The history of Orin Swift Cellars dates back to 1995 when on a lark, David Swift Phinney took a friend up on an offer and went to Florence, Italy to spend a semester “studying”. During that time, he was introduced to wine, how it was made, and got hooked. A few more years of university led to graduation and eventually a job at Robert Mondavi Winery in 1997 as a temporary harvest worker. Deciding that if he was going to work this hard, it would eventually have to be for himself, so in 1998 he founded Orin Swift Cellars; Orin is his father’s middle name and Swift is his mother’s maiden name. With two tons of zinfandel and not much else, he spent the next decade making wine for others, as well as himself, and grew the brand to what it is today.


Ms. Apodaca is a Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine for the E&J Gallo Winery, who has worked directly with the winery for over a decade. She is currently the winery’s Business Development Manager for the state of North Carolina. Ms. Apodaca has worked closely with Dave Phinney from Orin Swift on numerous events and has thoroughly enjoyed learning the personal stories of Orin Swift from him directly. Ms. Apodaca holds a degree in Hospitality Management, which in combination with her years of experience in the restaurant industry has culminated in a true passion for sharing the incredible experience of wine and food with others. 

MetroWines will be available to respond to questions and take your orders for these extraordinary wines at an event price.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Think You Don't Like Merlot?


Tickets HERE!

News Release: Monday, February 11th, 2019
About: Merlot Class
Join Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines and Juniper Cooper of Mutual Distribution on Tuesday, March 19th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines for a complete class on Merlot from around the world.
"After the movie Sideways, so many turned against Merlot," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Maybe you don't like Merlot, but maybe you just have not tasted the one from the country or in the style you do like!"
Taste and learn about five different bottles of Merlot paired with cheese. Andy Hale will start the class with an overview of the history and characteristics of the grape and Juniper Cooper will present the five bottles with the particular details concerning the country of origin and the style of the wine.
$25 for the presentation, cheese and tasting. Seating is limited to 20. Sell out risk! Call now for a reservation at (828) 575-9525 or online:
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525" data-hovercard-id="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px; border-radius: 50%;">
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Winemaker Michele D'Aprix Bordeaux Class



News Release: Monday, February 11th

About: Winemaker Michele D'Aprix Bordeaux Class @MetroWines French Cafe
Winemaker Michele D'Aprix joins Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine, for a class on Bordeaux! on Tuesday, March 26th from 5:30 to 6:30 @Metrowines French Cafe.

Andy Hale will set the stage for the class with general information about the Bordeaux region and Michelle D'Aprix will present the facts about the region and the wine from a winemaker's point of view as well as share an insider's guide to the "real" Bordeaux.

Originally from upstate New York, Michele started as a bartender in Boston while studying chemistry. Her expertise in multi-tasking landed Michele a job at Dry Creek Winery in California. From there, Michele attended U.C. Davis earning a degree in Viticulture and Enology. 
Today, she is a protege of Stephane Derenocourt, one of the most important consultants in Bordeaux. Most importantly, we understand that Michele is the only American woman making wine in Bordeaux! Some have called Michele the "new face of Bordeaux."
$25 for the French Cafe evening incorporating the presentation, French cheese paired with wines from Michele D'Aprix including her highly regarded and very popular Pentimento 2014 Bordeaux. 
"Seating is limited and will be in sell out risk demand," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Michele has been a guest @MetroWines five times, is both well known and appreciated."
Reserve your seat now by calling (828) 575-9525 or shop the MetroWines store here:

More About Michele d'Aprix in MountainX:

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Laurence Vuelta Interactive Tasting!



News Release: Saturday, February 9th, 2019

About: Laurence Vuelta Returns to MetroWines!
Laurence Vuelta of Avenui Brands returns to MetroWines on Thursday, March 14th from 5:30 to 6:30 for an "Interactive Tasting."
"This is the fifth event Laurence has hosted at MetroWines and our customers continue to request his return," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines, "If you haven't been to a wine tasting with Laurence Vuelta, you haven't been to a wine tasting!"
The cost including presentation, 5 wines to taste and snacks is $25 plus tax.
Wines selected for the evening will be offered at event pricing.
Until then, follow Laurence on twitter here:
Seating is limited to 20. High Sell Out Risk! 
Tickets by calling (828) 575-9525 
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Burgundy Dinner at Isa's Bistro Details

News Release: Wednesday, February 6th, 2019
About: Burgundy Wine Pairing Dinner at Isa's Bistro
Please join The MetroWines Asheville School of Wine and Tom Leiner of Grapevine Distribution at Isa's Bistro, "European Inspired Asheville Perfected," on Tuesday, February 19th at 6pm for a Burgundy Wine Pairing Dinner with Domaine Chanson. 
The 5 course small plates dinner will be prepared by the new Chef de Cuisine Peter Crockett from Charleston at Isa's Bistro. The evening is hosted by Christophe Courteaud from Vintus, named 2017 "Importer of the Year" by both Wine Enthusiast and Wine and Spirits Magazines, and Vincent Wallays from Domaine Chanson.

The Wines?
2016 Chanson Vire-Clesse  to Welcome You
and Perfectly Paired with Small Plates
2016 Chanson Chablis
2013 Chanson Beaune Bastion 1er Cru Blanc 
2015 Chanson Givry 
2016 Chanson Savigny-Dominode 1er Cru  

The evening is $85 plus tax and gratuity.

Call: (828) 575-9525

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
" data-hovercard-id="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px; border-radius: 50%;">
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Zach Eidson, has joined the team at Metro Wines as General Manager of the shop. Zach has been in the wine and spirits industry 17 years. Having worked in fine dining, wine wholesale and retail, his experience led him to purchase a wine store in Cincinnati, OH. Zach transformed the retail shop into a top 5 wine bar in the city. He recently sold the wine bar to spend more time with his wife and three kids, and move closer to family here in Asheville. Zach is passionate about creating a wonderful customer experience and is excited to bring his passion to Metro Wines. 
Born in Washington DC and attended the U.S. Naval Academy, Zach has lived in 13 different places including Portland, OR Durham, NC, Johnson City, TN, and Paris, France. He says he is really happy to settle down in Asheville!
Zach's wife, Valerie, is a talented photographer who is originally from Fairview, NC and attended A.C. Reynolds High School. Valerie got her undergraduate degree from ETSU in Digital Media and Associates from Parsons School of Design in NY.  
Zach is passionate about french and Italian wine, love to cook, camp, hike and fly-fish.
We @MetroWines welcome Zach, his new ideas, his expertise and passion and hope to move forward with the benefit of his successes!
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Whiplash, Domaine Chanson, Focus Group, French Tasting, CHENIN, Grenache Blanc, Bubbles and Truffles, How to Hold a Grudge,

2015 Whiplash California Red Wine Blend Image
     Brilliant ruby red in color, the 2015 Whiplash Zinfandel boasts aromas of dark cherries,
boysenberry, plum and blueberry. Layers of juicy red berries explode
on the palate. Mild hints of toasted oak lengthen the finish but don’t overwhelm the fruit. Soft tannins and a hint of sweetness lead to a rich, delightful finish on the palate.
Treat yourself to a glass of Zinfandel with a chocolate lava cake.

Internet Competitive at $14.99


Image result for domaine chanson

Domaine Chanson
Burgundy wine Pairing Dinner with Chef Peter Crockett
at Isa's Bistrot with MetroWines

Tuesday, February 19th
Call Isa's Bistrot at (828) 575-9636


Image result for thomas meunier authentiquevin
No Reservation Required!


Image result for field recordings chenin

Winemaker Says: Sun-lit Ectoplasm color. Beautifully balanced aromas
of Anjou pear, Meyer lemon, spiced apple and almond cookies followed
by a striking palate of cardamom and Key Lime pie.

"Unavailable" on most .coms!
(Some wineries are saying thanks but no thanks
to being plastered all over shipping sites with inferior wines!)

$23 and on the shelf @MetroWines!

Image result for casino mine ranch 2016 grenache blanc amador logo

2016 Casino Mine Ranch Grenache Blanc, $24
From The Shenandoah Valley, Estate Grown in Amador County
*** Only 311 Cases Made ***

Our inaugural release, this wine is whole-cluster pressed,
fermented in neutral French oak with extended bâtonnage and aged
for fourteen months. With a pale lemon hue flecked with gold, aromas of Acacia,
wet gravel, and stone fruits; this wine is rich, yet focused with balanced acidity
and layers of yellow apples, citrus and anise on the palate.


Image result for hearts

"Bubbles and Chocolate Truffles"
So Good. So Fun. So What You are Worth!
Thursday, February 7th from 5:30 to 6:30
@Metro Wines

New Sparkling Wines Paired with Local Chocolates
Presentation by Juniper Cooper of Mutual Distribution
Information and Tickets here:



Image result for how to hold a grudge sophie hannah
This might Be a Good Time to Mention a Suggestion
from The MetroWines Book Department

"How to Hold a Grudge" by Sophie Hannah

The Wall Street Journal review of the book caught my angry eye.
Starts Like this:

    I’m guessing Sophie Hannah had a moment—one that came
after reading a few too many self-help books on mindfulness, compassion, connection to all living creatures and nonattachment to negative thoughts.
And in that moment she said to herself,
“Oh, for God’s sake.”
Entire Review Here:

Call Malaprops for the Book
Your "Read it With Wine" is "RingBolt" @MetroWines

Image result for ring bolt cabernet sauvignon 2016 australia

Winemaker Says:
Dark crimson in color, Ringbolt opens with classical Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon fresh varietal notes of bright berry fruits, briar and sea spray, followed by wafts of chocolate and mocha, finishing with subtle spiced oak aromas. Medium to full-bodied palate shows cherry and satsuma plum characters leading to a fruit-sweet mid palate of chocolate and mocha, finishing with defined tannins.
Wine Spectator: 90 Points
Juicy blackberry and plum flavors are vibrant up front, with Earl Grey tea, cedar, rosemary and licorice notes that are stretched tight across a firm frame. The tannins provide some appealing traction on the finish. Drink now through 2028.
Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points
Rich but with a little more restraint than the previous vintage, this wine offers up comforting aromas of chocolate tart, red and black currants and dried eucalyptus leaves, backed by a warm stone and earthy spine. It's full bodied with grainy tannins and a stony graphite finish.
Sold Out at Gary's and
But when in stock, RingBolt was $19.99!
*** $16.99 @MetroWines *** 
Buy 6 and get 10% off or 15% on a case.


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Emmanuel Kemiji Wine Dinner at Vivian

Tickets: HERE!

News Release: Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

About: Emmanuel Kemiji, MS, Wine Pairing Dinner at Vivian
Join the MetroWines Asheville School of Wine at Vivian, 348 Depot Street in the River Arts District, on May 20th from 6 to 9pm for a wine pairing dinner with Emmanuel Kemiji, Master Sommelier.
Emmanuel Kemiji, Master Sommelier, Winemaker and Winery Owner, will lead us through a tasting of 6 wines from his Miura Vineyards in California ( and Clos Pissarra ( in Spain perfectly paired with dishes from Chef Josiah McGaughey. 
Vivian was voted best new Restaurant of the year!
Seating is limited to insure the opportunity to meet and talk with Emmanuel. The evening is $87 plus tax and gratuity. For reservations, call Vivian at (828) 225-3497. Plenty of parking available.
About Vivian:
Josiah and Shannon McGaughey, owners of Vivian in The River Arts District, live and serve by the philosophy: "Honest American food with big flavors utilizing the bountiful products of the region and the rich history of European cuisine."

Vivian is named after Josiah’s grandmother who was a driving force in his culinary upbringing as she hosted grand dinner parties in a Julia Child-like fashion as he was growing up in Georgia.  

The food will be clean, with limited elements to a plate, but with each one promising big, robust flavors.  As he focuses on combining the perfect mix of flavors across appetizers, small plates, entrees, and desserts, he will continue to explore the melding of European flavors and techniques into the realm of his Southern heritage. 

Guests will also see a lot of pre-prohibition classics on our cocktail list with additional craft cocktails that explore similar themes as the culinary concept.  And of course, we’ll continue to promote all the talented breweries of Asheville with local taps available.

More about Vivian here:


About Emmanuel Kemiji, MS   

Born in the United States and raised in Spain and England of Greek Cypriot and Spanish parents, Kemiji is a graduate of the University of California at Davis. In addition to his Economics and Spanish Literature degrees, he studied Viticulture and Oenology, expanding his interest in wine.

Kemiji acted as Ritz-Carlton Director of Wine & Spirits from 1988 to 1999, first at Laguna Niguel and then at the renowned Dining Room in San Francisco. In 1989 Kemiji became the twelfth American to pass the Master Sommelier exam in London, England and one of the very few to pass on his first attempt. In the same year, he received the “Sommelier of the Year” award by the California Restaurant Writers Association. Kemiji was also chosen “Wine Director of the Year” in the Critics Choice Awards, and was honored in the August 1999 issue of San Francisco Magazine.

Seeking further challenges led Kemiji to form Miura Vineyrds in 1995. Soon to follow were several projects in Spain – Arrels in 2003 and Clos Pissarra in 2005. He thus became the first sommelier to establish a commercial winery in the United States. The San Francisco Chronicle named Kemiji as one of the “10 Winemakers to Watch for 2000.”

In 2006, Kemiji received the Wine Industry Achievement Award from the Anti-Defamation League for exemplary commitment to community and charity. In the past he has also been a wine judge at the Los Angeles County Fair and the San Francisco International Wine Competition.

Follow Emmanuel Kemiji on Facebook: Emmanuel Kemiji, Master Sommelier

Contact for Vivian: Shannon McGaughey (828) 225-3497.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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