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Bordeaux in Wood Box



Château De L'Ane neighbors the legendary Château Cheval Blanc and shares the same iron laced blue fruit and dried violet of Saint Emilion's northern plateau.

94 Point Wine Enthusiast

6 Bottles in Wood Box from Winery with a Bow!

Call (828) 575-9525

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Black Friday Letter to Editor, ACT

From: Gina Trippi <>
Date: Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 1:37 PM
Subject: Black Friday
To: <>


Dear Editor:
Black Friday has been delayed in France to give independent merchants, those same small businesses that are the backbone of our economy in America, a chance to benefit while Amazon rages through the country. Please shop locally Asheville! This is the day, the time of the season, the last chance for many merchants to stay afloat to serve you next year. 
COVID took a toll on the little guy. Consumers started shopping online, forgetting about the neighborhood merchant. Stores, restaurants, service businesses have closed. And the domino effect is that local charities for veterans, children, homeless pets, you name it, suffer.
Your dollars are your voice. Your dollars express your opinions, your values and determine your future. What do you want the years to come to look like? Streets clogged with Amazon Prime trucks, delivery drones forcing sky traffic, big box, big box, big box? Support those in the community who hire employees, pay taxes, give to local charities, and answer the phone when you call! 
Gina Trippi
MetroWines, Asheville
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2020 Thanksgiving Picks


*** Top Thanksgiving Picks***
Support Domestic Wineries on Thanksgiving


No photo description available.
With fewer guests at The Thanksgiving Table,
this is the time to UP the wine served.

And Oh Yeah, after this year, you deserve it!
For specific menu pairings, Call (828) 575-9525
for Thanksgiving Suggestions from one of our Sommeliers @MetroWines.

*** The Sparkling ***

Gruet Brut Price & Reviews | Drizly
The Brut from New Mexico offers a crisp, and full-bodied sparkling wine,
which has developed rich complexity and fine mousse.
The allure of toasty finish from twenty-four months on tirage,
is a complement to the sophisticated apple and citrus flavor.
A blend of 75%Chardonnay and 25%Pinot Noir. ALC 12%
Winemaker's Note: Brilliant with ultra fine bubbles.
A wonderful fine bouquet dominated by green apple and grapefruit flavors. $18.99

New York Times: "For my money, the best sparkling wine in the US
is still produced by Gruet in a place about as far away
from Champagne as it could be." 

Wall Street Journal: "Best Value sparkling wine in the U.S. under $30.” 
And 90 Points from Wine Spectator


*** The White ***
Trouchard Roussanne 2018 $24
($28 at the winery.) 

Truchard Vineyards - Buy Wines - Current Releases
The 2018 vintage will be remembered as nearly perfect. A cold winter with average rainfall
made for a late bud-break. Ideal spring weather allowed for a heavy set. 
Mild conditions in summer and fall allowed the crop to slowly ripen and develop maximum flavor. Wines of 2018 are powerful but elegant with firm acidity and beautiful balance. 
This could be the vintage of the decade!
Roussanne has been traditionally associated with the Northern Rhone,
where it is blended with Marsanne to make white Hermitage wines. In 1998,
3 acres of Roussanne were planted the Truchard Estate Vineyard.
Floral aromas of pineapple, honeysuckle, and jasmine with highlights of brioche and vanilla.
The palate is crisp, with clean flavors of fresh pear, honeydew melon and apricot.
Bright acidity provides a lengthy finish of citrus, mineral, and spice.
(Not new to shop. This label has been here since we opened the doors.
I thought its popularity, its uniqueness, would fade but no, never.)


*** The Red ***

2018 Sandlands Cinsault, USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi -  CellarTracker

2018 Lodi Cinsault- 8 barrels produced. Planted in 1886 in Lodi. 
Cranberry, candle wax, lavender. 
Black tea, violets, red cherry.
Crisp. silky finish. 
Crystalline, suave tannin finish. 13.3%ALC
Only 8 barrels produced.

Vinous Media Says 93 Points
The 2018 Red Table Wine (Lodi) offers a super-intriguing range of floral
and red/purplish berry notes, all in a mid-weight frame that is hugely appealing.
A lighter, more food friendly blend that features Cinsault, Carignane and Zinfandel.

(Stand By: This might be my pick of the year!)
$39.99 at union Square in NYC and SOLD OUT
$29 @MetroWines and ready for pick up!

Hey! Wait a minute! Let's Get Crazy!
Do an All Sandlands Thanksgiving with their Cinsault AND Chenin Blanc!
From Amador County, the Sandlands 2018 Chenin Blanc is made wine in French Oak.
Planted in 1979 and grown at 1500 feet in a mixture of iron rich volcanic quartz
and decomposed granite soils in a dry farmed vineyard.
Lemon verbena, peach blossom, bees wax, focused, structured finish.  12% ALC.

2018 sold out at winery.
$27 @Metro Wines and ready to make
 Thanksgiving special 
after all!


*** The Rose ***

2017 Broc Cellars
 There is a lot to love about this plush, summery rosé from Broc Cellars.
Chris Brockaway makes a wide range of California wine but the common denominators
are that they must be made without additives (other than a small amount of SO2 as necessary), always fermented with indigenous yeasts, using grapes from vineyards that do not use
synthetic chemicals (many of them certified organic), and of course they must be delicious.
The blend is 80% Valdigue, 14% Zinfandel, and 6% Trousseau. This year's rosé is a deep salmon color, bursting with notes of ripe, juicy strawberry and watermelon with a salty, savory finish and plenty of acidity that keeps this sunny Mendocino wine from becoming too fruity.

Limited Distribution. 2019 is $19.99

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LIOCO Chardonnay


In Memoriam
Walmart Deep Sixes Robots in Aisles
Walmart has ended use of roving robots in aisles to track inventory.
Some of the roving job stealing machines were 6 feet tall!
 Good Bye and Good Riddance! 
We are a Robot Free Zone @MetroWines now and always!

That said, we need a wine to acknowledge this occasion,
whether you agree or disagree with the Walmart decision,
that is sturdy like a robot but flexible like a mammal. To wit:

LIOCO Chardonnay Sonoma Country 2018, $24

2018 Lioco Sonoma County Chardonnay - SKU
Vinified in stainless steel to emulate a Mâcon Villages or Petit Chablis style.
Fresh and bright on the nose with lime peel, Bartlett Pear, bay laurel,
hints of lemongrass with white-stone fruits. Light to medium-bodied. Minerality.  

NYT Eric Asimov places Lioco in his list of wines for Thanksgiving.
In addition to LIOCO, we also have 3 other wines on his Thanksgiving list:
Franck Balthazar Selections Cotes du Rhone 2018 ($23)
Castello di Verduno Verduno Basadone 2018 ($27)
and wines from Forlorn - ask Brett.

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Coupe Roses Bastide

From The MetroWines
Level The "Wine Playing Field" Desk

Sexual Harassment is a Fixture Inside The Court of Master Sommeliers.
Story from Wine Spectator:

Shop Women Winery Owners & Women Winemakers!

2018 Château Coupe Roses - Minervois la Bastide - Savannah Wine Cellar
Coupe Roses is owned, operated, and grapes are made wine
by agronomist Françoise Frissant, her husband Pascal, and children. 

Château Coupe Roses

Near the villages of Minerve and La Caunette in Languedoc, situated on a high plateau,                                      lies Château Coupe-Roses, an organic estate. Their vineyards are at

the highest altitudes in Minervois, between 750 and 1,350 feet above sea level,

where the cool nights and moderate temperatures allow the grapes
to ripen slowly developing great flavor while retaining acidity.

Bastide Minervois is a blend of 45%Carignan, 45%Grenache & 5%Syrah,
fermented in stainless steel and bottled without any exposure to oak. 
In this wine is all the garrigue underbrush of the high Minervois,
laced with high-toned blueberry notes underpinned by Carignan's tarry black notes. 
A brilliant cherry color with aromas of cherries, plum and blueberries.
The palate is dry and bright with soft acidity, tannins and a smooth,
round mouthfeel leading into a complex finish with motes of herbs and leather.

Bastide is not new to the shop but it is a continued favorite every year
and this 2019 vintage is an "Andy Pick" this year. He says:

"This Rhone blend with Carignan has abundant fruit including plum and blackberry

with an earthy, dirty taste, finishing with a sweaty leather saddle - in a good way!"

Unavailable at
$17.99 @MetroWines
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National Wine Clubs and Cinque Terre

National Wine Clubs
We have to talk about it.
Time to stop just talking the talk and walk the talk.

In addition to not being as exclusive as presented,
not as convenient, not as inexpensive, Wine Clubs are by nature a dark,
smoky, negative impact on the environment. This is particularly hypocritical
and offensive when the Wine Club is hosted by a thoughtful organization
such as National Geographic or NPR. And since COVID,
membership in national Wine Clubs has gone exponential.

Ever hear the old saying that the expert is always from 50 miles away.
Not true there or here. We are the experts. We tasted every wine on the shelves.
We are not motivated by advertising $$s, just customer service!
Open letter to National Geographic, the latest offender:

Here is Lettie Teague's Take on Wine Clubs in Wall Street Journal

Bottom Line: SHOP LOCALLY 
And BTW, You won't be getting this treasure in any wine club!
A Ciao Asheville Approved Wine.
Bisson Marea Cinque Terre | Wine Info
From Rosenthal Imports - "Made from a blend of several traditional
local grapes: Bosco (60% of blend), Vermentino (20%) and Albarola (20%).
The vineyards that produce this wine are situated on south-facing slopes
in the hamlet of Volastra in the town of Riomaggiore, the heart of the breathtaking Cinque Terre region. In this instance, [winemaker] Pierluigi Lugano opts to leave
this cuvée on the lees for an extended period of time, respecting the old traditions
of the region. The result is a full-bodied, earthy wine of immense character,
almost briny, with a deeper golden tint to its color than is found in his other whites and marked by the aromas of heather, broom and juniper."

What's Cinque Terre (the place) all about?

$35 at Vivino
The 2018 is $34. Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre? This one is going to MOVE. Call (828) 575-9525!

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Blind Tasting League on FB and Zoom

Blind Tasting League Goes Multi-Media!!!
*** Wednesday, November 18th at 5:30 ***

Join us on Facebook LIVE
What's it all about?

Logon Here:

OR Join us on Zoom!
Meeting ID: 631 336 1327
Passcode: Metro

No charge. No experience necessary.

If you do want to taste along with Andy, you can pick up
the cleverly concealed bottles @MetroWines
Call (828) 575-9525

And don't tell Andy!

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Tamarack is Big Red of The Week - Again!

*** Big RED of The Week ***

Not new to the shop but you cannot improve on perfection!
And this vintage of Firehouse Red from Tamarack Cellars is perfection.

We agree with this review: "In the age of Wine Corporations and LLCs,
it is rare to find a value-priced wine that actually tells you who made the wine.
I have great respect for wineries that produce upscale wines, but also produce
wine priced for the average wine drinker. Bringing a wine of good value
year in and year out is not an easy task."

Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2017

The Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2017 is a blend of 33%Syrah, 
27%Cabernet Sauvignon, 18%Merlot, 11%Cabernet Franc,
13%Mourvèdre, 2%Grenache, 2%Counoise2%Sangiovese, & 2%Petit Verdot

sourced from vineyards in the Columbia Valley AVAof Washington State.
 Counoise is a grape typically found in Rhone Valley and used in Red blends.

Dark fruit on the nose, including ripe raspberry and blackberry with notes of cocoa,

anise and a soft, round mid-palate. On the palate, grippy tannin gives way

to black cherry, baking spices with herbal notes, followed by a hint of BBQ,
oregano with relaxed, dusty tannins.

Firehouse Red is aged in 40% new oak barrels, mostly French and American oak with a compliment of Hungarian oak, and 60% 2nd and 3rd vintage barrels.
Lot of power for 13.8 ALC


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Beaujolais Class & Tasting on Zoom

*** Beaujolais Nouveau ***

Tasting and Class 

on ZOOM with Brett Watson @MetroWines
Just in Time for Thanksgiving.

*** Friday, November 20th from 5 to 6pm ***

MetroWines is showcasing the ENTIRE lineup of the critically acclaimed 
Pierre-Marie Chermettes Beaujolais Nouveau ("Premieur").
Think Beaujolais Nouveau is a sweet wine?
Brett Watson asks you to join him for this tasting and think again!

Chermette Wines are allocated meaning when gone, they are GONE!
Your ticket to the Zoom Tasting and Class is the collection of all 4 Wines.
$64.48 (+ tax). Call (828) 575-9525
or Register Online:

The Small Print: These are direct press wines of the same bottlings,
of the same old vine fruit of Chermette's Cru level Beaujolais. 
No sugar added, no manipulation, longer ferments and bottled unfiltered
in a clean and flavorful way to preserve quality and versatility.
To make this really interesting, we plan to set the 2019 Non-Nouveau Beaujolais, "Cuvee Origine," at end of lineup so you can experience the difference.
Say What? Same vines, same fruit bottled as "Premieur Beaujolais"
released a year later. This is the Beaujolais process!

Brigitte Bardot, Venice uploaded by _daydreaming_
All About the Winery:

Can't Wait? Want to stock up on a Classic for Thanksgiving?
2020 Joeseph Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau  $14.99

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Queen's Gambit and Lustau

After reading rave reviews about this series in nearly every respectable publication,
I watched, strike that, I gulped it down whole!  
One such Review:

In choosing our "Watch it With Wine," let's put aside the obvious gender bias
surrounding women in modern chess in this country
and focus on the history and precision of an old world bottle for this old world game.

On a cold night, take on "The Queen's Gambit" with a bottle of Sherry.
"You have been lied to. Somewhere, somehow, you were taught that all Sherry
is sweet, sticky and unpalatable. Maybe it was a childhood sip snuck from
a dusty old bottle kept atop grandma’s fridge, or a cheap label
of the mass-produced California “sherry” on the supermarket shelf."  
Wine Folly

Sip before bed? Here are some ideas to make it an even more cozy experience:

The Rest of the Sherry Story from Wine Folly:

Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Dry Sherry
This dry Amontillado acquires a genuine, rich and nutty flavour through years of ageing.
Amber in colour, with hazelnut aromas on the nose. Light, soft and round on the palate,
with a long aftertaste. Spain.

Secco (Dry): $19.99

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Big Red: Omen

The BIG RED of the Week
Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points

Omen Cabernet Sauvignon

Blackberry jam, cherry, and dark chocolate aromas with spicy hints
of licorice and clove. Pairs excellently with a bacon cheeseburger.

The 2018 is spot on internet pricing!
for $19.99 @MetroWines

Brett says "Big fruit packed style but very approachable."

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Fontanavecchia: Deal of the Week

*** Big Deal of The Week ***
Patrizia Leonardi Wine Selection | Fontanavecchia
Sannio Piedirosso Fontana Vecchia 2017
Azienda Agricola Fontanavecchia, Piedirosso, Taburno, Campania, Italy, 
{organic} 100% Piedirosso

Piedirosso Grapes

One of the rarer single-varietal reds to come out of Campania, Piedirosso is more often used
in blends where it softens the intensity of bolder varietals (typically Aglianico).
This example from Fontanavecchia shows off bright, brambly berries, radiant red roses, black pepper,
soft tannins, and a definitely distinct aroma of campfire ash - a direct result of the very volcanic soil.
Mount Vesuvius is nearby, and looms large over the land and culture. If you've ever been confused
by the term "minerality," here's a volcanic, solid stepping stone to understanding.

***MetroWines Teaching Moment ***
Piedirosso is a black grape exclusive to the Campania region and not grown elsewhere.
The name Piedirosso ("red feet") derives from a peculiarity of the vine,
namely the color of the pedicel of the grapes, which reminds of pigeons' red feet.
This vine has very ancient origins: The scolar Carlucci sustains that it is identical
to the Palombina nera vine cited by Herrera-Sederini (in the XVI century),
which itself is thought to go back to the Colombina vine described by Pliny the Elder
in his "Naturalis Historia" (I century). Its tannins are less aggressive and its acidity
is lower than that derived from Aglianico grapes. As a consequence wines from Piedirosso grapes
are less tannic, less structured, softer and more balanced, with fragrances of red fruits.
In the glass, the wine is an intense ruby red with violet glints.
The fragrance is refined, fruity notes of raspberry and cherry, flowery notes of roses and geranium.
The taste is dry, slightly tannic and of good intensity.

All This and only 13% ALC!  

13.99 @MetroWines

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Shame on You National Geographic


I love National Geographic. In my experience, although it is sometimes opposite to what one would like to believe, the publication speaks the truth. And that is why I was so very disappointed to see National Geographic had started a wine club.

National Geographic has set forth the facts on climate change, what has happened, what is happening, the contributing factors and what we can expect in the future. One of the factors is fossil fuel. Wine Clubs involve nationwide shipping in fossil fueled, smoking and belching, powered trucks. 

The impact is heavy on the environment. And Wine Clubs are a big negative for the local economy.  67 cents of every dollar spent in a local shop stays in the community. That's jobs, that's roads, that's structural upgrades.

Wine Clubs try to interest you by saying the wines are exclusive. Think about it. If the wines were so exclusive, so special, how could they be distributed nationwide? Look at the fine print. National Geographic is in "Partnership with LaithWaites Wines." So are a number of other environmentally destructive wine clubs. Not exclusive.

Add no personal service to this environmental disaster. Let's say a bottle breaks or is corked. You will be asked to send it back. More trucking. Let's say you want a recipe for this particular mass made wine. Who you gonna call?

You want to support the causes to which National Geographic is devoted. Me too. The better solution is to shop your wines locally and become a member or make a tax deductible donation to National Geographic. Wine purchases are, obviously, not tax deductable, but taxes paid when you shop in your community stay in your community providing benefits to you and your family.

To be part of the solution, Simply Shop LocalLY. Lessen the negative impact on the environment, keep your dollars in your community to support jobs and public works, and make your life more convenient and increase your access to services. Everybody wins when you shop locally.

Donate to National Geographic HERE! and shop your wine @MetroWines.


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Wine Swap

*** WiNE SWAP ***

Articles by Lettie Teague | The Wall Street Journal Journalist | Muck Rack
Lettie Teague of The Wall Street Journal suggests exploring and learning 
about new wines through a wine swap.
You buy a bottle and swap with another person who enjoys wine adventures!

WE CAN HELP @MetroWines!
Call and ask for Brett or Andy to make a suggestion!
(828) 575-9525

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Shame on You NPR


NPR has a wine club. For an organization that raises the alarm on global warming, this effort which will necessarily involve a lot of fossil fuel to ship, rather than encourage shopping at a local wine shop, seems inconsistent. In addition, any shipping presents the risk of damage, return, and leaves you with no advice from an on staff sommelier. Local shops, like us, deliver to your door! Lot less fuel from Charlotte Street to your door than from Laith Wines (wherever they are) to your home. Stike a blow for the environment, convenience, community and quality. Shop locally.

This is the NPR fine print (which reads the same as the fine print for a LOT of other national so called wine clubs): "Offer subject to approval and availability and limited to one case per household. In the unlikely event of a wine becoming unavailable, a substitute of similar style and of equal or greater value will be supplied. Licensed retailers reserve the right to refuse any order. State and local policy governs all transactions. Licensed retailers only fulfill orders from adults at least 21 years old and all applicable taxes are paid."

This is our fine print: Big Shop Selection and Small Shop Service!

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Artichokes and Wine

*** Save Yourself ***
Antioxidants are key to preventing various health concerns
And artichokes, with some of the highest levels are antioxidants including
chlorogenic acid, are key in the battle to wellness.

$4.99 for this can of wellness @MetroWines! Roland Artichoke Hearts - Extra Large - Case of 12 - 13.75  oz., Price/case


Your Pair it With Wine:
Las Brisas Vineyard His Vermentino
Ryme, Brisas Vineyard Carneros, 2019, HERS Vermentino
Perfect for artichokes and artichoke focused dishes.
And perfect for Election Day: Read the Ryme story about this wine:
Conflict. Compromise. Resolution!

"Megan and I make a great pair. Our tastes in wine rarely diverge. We agree 99% of the time.
This Vermentino represents a fundamental disagreement of the most endearing qualities
this grape has to offer. Inspired by some of our favorite producers in Italy like Dettori and Massa Vecchia, and being an orange wine fanatic in general, I knew we had to make Vermentino
as a compliment to the Ribolla Gialla when I came across the Las Brisas Vineyard in Carneros.
Megan thought it was a superb idea, but had her sights fixed on the bright, clean, aromatic examples from places like the Ligurian coast or Gallura in Sardegna. The only compromise was to have separate projects, “His” and “Hers”. “Hers” with a green label harvested for freshness and energy.
It is whole cluster pressed and bottled early. “His”, orange label, is fermented on the skins,
and requires more time in barrel. This aromatic late-ripening variety comes from the cool foggy
Las Brisas Vineyard on the Sonoma side of Carneros AVA. Situated on sandy silt and gravel
at end of the Petaluma Wind Gap, just off San Pablo Bay, it is a beautiful site for white wines.

Winery Says: The 2019 Vermentino is lithe and refreshing.
Mouth watering, "Hers" bursts with lemon rind, chamomile, and salty sea spray.
The palate is zippy and crunchy rounding out with texture and depth.

Winery is Sold Out!
(Another example of why shop your local wine merchant!)
$23.99 at, Vivino, and all over online.
But $23 @MetroWines and in stock!

Brett says: "Best version of Vermentino in country."

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Le'P'tit Paysan Chardonnay

*** Make Something ***

Floral Designer Lindsey Taylor takes inspiration from paintings.

Pick a painting that "speaks to you" and give it even greater voice
with an arrangement from your environs.

2018 Le P'tit Paysan

Le P'Tit Paysan 2018 Chardonnay
Jacks Hill, Monterey County

French in style. Some Oak. Clean and delicate aromas of Asian pear,
lemon rind and edgy chalk lead into a racy, crisp and tightly wound palate.
Flavors of grapefruit, nectarine, blanched almond and sea salt are delicious."

$21.99 at Vivino

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White House Wine History

*** BE a History Buff ***
From The MetroWines Book Suggestion Department
"Wine and The White House"
presented by The White House Historical Association
Written by Frederick Ryan

And here is my most humble piece from 4 years ago 
for The Laurel of Asheville summarizing the big WH wine events.

Until President Johnson decreed only domestic wines would be served
in The White House, French Wines seemed to be the choice.
So let's salute this comprehensive discussion and the historical relevance of
Wine in The White House with a California Bottle that screams Beaucoup!

2018 Le P'tit Paysan

Le P'Tit Paysan 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon
Old Vines San Benito county

Wine Enthusiast says 90 Points: From a secret selection of old vines,
Ian Brand delivers aromas of dried blackberry, leather, cocoa and a touch
of lavender on the very dry nose. The palate is tightly wound with tannins
and a rocky minerality, offering flavors of black currant, pastry and coffee bean.

Winery says: "We select grapes from vineyards off the beaten path
to produce wines that express the soil, climate an character of their source." 

$29.99 at
Price is "Hidden" (that's a quote) at K&L)

Wheels UP! $23 @MetroWines!

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Blind Tasting League on Facebook Live


News Release: Wednesday, November 2, 2020

About: Blind Tasting League Returns via Facebook Live
The Blind Tasting League with Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines, returns on Wednesday, November 18th at 5:30 via Facebook LIVE. Join in the process of deductive reasoning used by wine experts to determine what's in the glass. Andy will present two wines and work with you through the process because he doesn't know what's in the glass either!
Participants do not need to register, sign up or pay for the event. All you need is two glasses ready to go and to logon to our Facebook page at 5:30 on November 18th. Go here:
"This is a great way to learn the deductive process of blind tasting with no pressure," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "You don't need any previous experience and Andy has prepared videos and educational materials to get you started down the road of wine knowledge."Go here:
If you are interested in purchasing the wines to be tasted, you can purchase the two wines by calling (828) 575-9525 @MetroWines. The wines will be concealed in brown paper bags so no looking! And don't tell Andy anything!

Contact for Metro Wines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Incite Coffee @MetroWines

Women Grown. Women Owned. Organic. Free Trade.
You don't need to depend on politicians to bring equality!
Do it yourself. Make a statement and show support with your dollars!

Women are the backbone of the specialty coffee industry. They do the majority of the field work, harvesting, and cultivating of the crop. Despite this hard work, women typically do not own land,
lead co-ops, or make the decisions about how their coffee is exported and sold.
Incite Coffee Company is dedicated to empowering these hard working women
by showcasing coffee from women owned and operated farms and co-ops. Incite Change. 

Incite Equality. Incite Coffee Company.

Luzmila, Peruvian Dark

Order Online | My Site
Luzmila's Peruvian coffee. A dark roast. Shade grown, washed and sun dried.
Enjoy the caramel, dark chocolate and cherry notes in this delicious coffee.
12 oz. Bag, Ground or Whole Bean. $15.95

Rosalina, Honduran Medium


This coffee is shade grown, wet hulled and raised bed dried.
Enjoy the golden raisin, pecan and brown butter notes in this yummy roast.
Whole Bean of Ground, 12 oz bag. $15.95

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