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Bauer Gruner
Unoaked. Meadow flowers and delicately spicy finish.

Familie Bauer - Bioweingut in Großriedenthal, - Falstaff

Non Controversial Table Talk

Gruner goes with just about everything. The Austrians pair Gruner with sausage, 
meats and hot stuff. And Gruner is one the few wines that works with the beast: Asparagus.
Asparagus is strange even among its vegetal kin. It's tasty, true, but Asparagus
has it in for wine! The chlorophyll-driven green flavor that’s part of what makes it so tasty 
clashes with many wines. And the Asparagus contains compounds like asparagusic acid,
which is an organosulfur carboxylic acid. Basically, that translates to causing a lot of wine
to taste metallic and harsh. But don't despair. Just stay away from tannic reds
or oaky whites and go for something citrusy, herbal and unoaked. 
Critics pairing choice: Grüner Veltliner from Austria


Garzón Albarino, Uruguay 

This bottle is the very definition of bang for the buck.
Stone fruit, melon, honey and floral tones assault the senses.
With its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, a layer of mineral and salinity
is added to this wine, making a perfect complement to fruit on the palate. 

James Suckling says 92 Points:
"Very attractive aromas of sliced peaches and melon follow through to a medium
to full body with a creamy texture and a fruity, almost savory hint at the finish,
together with lots of pineapple and melon. Drink now." 

Garzón Albariño Reserva

Non Controversial Table Talk Topic

Nestled between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is the fourth-largest wine producer
in South America. The country's output in 2018 was 18 million liters.
Although the bonds of tango and carnival link it culturally to Argentina and Brazil, respectively, the wine production of Uruguay is unique on the continent.  Shaped by
a mild, Atlantic climate, Uruguay is more comparable to European wine regions
than its Latin American neighbors, which have continental, Pacific,
or subtropical influences. Albariño is currently a rising star in Uruguay.
Considering the country’s maritime climate, which is similar to that of Galicia
and northern Portugal, it’s no surprise that it thrives here.

$16.99 at and more everywhere else online!

*** The 2019 is $15.99 @MetroWines ***

Cotes du Rhone Chateau du Trignon 2018 

 "Chateau du Trignon Cotes du Rhone has an intense ruby color
with nose and palate that show off strawberries, red currants and hint of garrigue.
Smooth and well-balanced on the palate. A soft, fruity wine.

*** Big Bang for the BUCK ***

Château du Trignon Côtes du Rhône Rouge | Vivino
$17.99 at and $19.99 at Vivino 
and, again, even more everywhere else online!

** $13.99 ** 

*** Arneis 2019 ***
(Barolo Bianco?)

Wine Advocate, 90 Points
"Packaged in its distinctive light blue label, the Cordero di Montezemolo 2019 Langhe Arneis
is a brilliant and crystalline white wine that shines bright from the glass.
This refreshing Arneis offers a terrific balance between orchard fruit and nectarine,
contrasted against white mineral and wild sage. Presenting distinctive richness offered
by this grape, with softness, but the overall effect is fresh, crisp and bright. Well done."

Langhe Chardonnay

Non Controversial Table Talk

Arneis is a white wine grape variety from Italy's much-respected. In a story shared
by several grape varieties, Arneis was rescued from extinction and is experiencing a revival.
By the 1960s, just a few hectares of Arneis vines remained, and only a handful of producers
were making the wine. There are now more than 1500 acres of Arneis vines in Piedmont. 

In the past couple of decades, Arneis has become synonymous with the wines of Roero. 
There, it produces floral-scented white wines, whose delicate aromas belie the full body 
and generous flavors of the wine, typically of pear and apricot rounded out
with a creamy hint of hazelnut. Produced just across the Tanaro River from Barolo,
these white Roero Arneis wines have earned the nickname Barolo Bianco!

Petit Royal, France Methode Traditionelle
*** Kermit Lynch Imports ***
 Petit Royal is unequaled in the world of sparkling wine: alpine flowers,
dried fruit, wildflower honey, and a toasty, yeasty note give this value sparkler
an utterly delightful aromatic richness and complexity.
Serve it with various salty toasts to kick off your next dinner party,
or pop one open to liven up a night at home with a big bowl of mac and cheese.

The Best Bubbles for NYE as told by Wine Industry Professionals - Amusée

Non Controversial Table Talk Topic

15 or 20 years ago, there was little buzz about the wines of Savoie, the Alpine region
hugging the Swiss and Italian borders. In fact, most wines from Savoie were some
combination of overcropped, thin, searingly acidic, and painfully rustic;
even the best examples rarely made it out of the local mountain resorts,
where they were served as an après-ski  to wash down many a croque-monsieur! 
But all that has changed, and today Savoie produces a number of top-quality from
simple thirst-quenchers to wines of substantial gravity including Apremont and Chignin. 

With vineyards at the foot of the Alps that can climb to higher elevations,
Savoie is defined by its mountain-influenced climate and extremely rocky terrain,
with abundant limestone. Thanks to a diversity of indigenous grape varieties,
quality-oriented growers with the choicest parcels can craft anything from deep reds
to crisp, low-alcohol whites including wines made from Altesse, another name for Roussanne, which the Romans planted on the slopes of Chignin around the same time
as they introduced it to the Rhône Valley!

*** $23.00 ***

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Holiday Table Red 2020


Big RED for The Holiday Table
Red and Gold says says winter cheer!



The 2017 Estate Winemaker’s Cuvee meets the palate
with rich, full-bodied flavors of black currant, red plums, and cassis,
followed by oak notes, cedar and vanilla. These dark flavors
produce a lush and velvety textured mouth feel that combine
with supple tannins and leads to a long silky finish.

76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Syrah, 7% Petite Sirah, 4% Merlot. 
15 months 60% New French Oak. Sustainable. 
Moon Mountain District – Sonoma Valley. Estate Grown, Caton Vineyard

Zach says: "This wine is big but not jammy nor does it taste overly oaked."

$38 at winery. Ditch winery case clubs and Save!
$26 @MetroWines

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Nick Demos and Kermit Lynch

Bio — Ampéli Wine Consulting


Nick Demos is an Advanced Sommelier and the Brand Manager around these parts for Kermit Lynch. But, mostly, Nick is known for being an all around nice guy. As one restaurant manager I know said: "He does not make you feel totally inadequate while you are learning about wine."  Nick tasted and talked four wines on Zoom on December 17th  hosted by Tryon Distribution and MetroWines in Asheville.

 What Are You Drinking, Kermit Lynch? | Serious Eats
Representing Kermit Lynch is a big deal because Kermit Lynch is a big deal. Although Kermit himself is a domestic product, San Luis Obispo to be exact, his name is synonymous with French and Italian wines. A writer and musician by trade, Kermit started his retail wine business in the early 1970s in Berkeley with $5,000 and 35 boxes. He went deeper into the biz becoming a distributor and importer with a focus on "authentic wines that express their terroir."  So, this revolution in the glass is all going on at the same time Alice Waters of Chez Panisse is revolutionizing what's on our plates.
Winner of two James Beard awards and knighted by the French government with their prestigious "Legion d"Honneur," Kermit is also the author of three books: Adventures on the Wine Route (1988), Inspiring Thirst (2004), and the 25th Anniversary Edition: Adventures on the Wine Route (2013). These days, partially retired, Kermit splits his time between Berkeley and Provence. "He is spending increasingly more time in Bandol," Nick says.  
Bandol is home to Domaine Tempier.  When Lucie “Lulu” Tempier married Lucien Peyraud in 1936, her father gave them Domaine Tempier, an active farm that had been in the family since 1834, near Le Plan du Castellet, just outside the Mediterranean seaport village of Bandol. Kermit says: "Of all of the domaines we represent, no other serves more as our cornerstone, stands more in the defense of terroir, and is more intricately interwoven with our own history, than that of the iconic Peyraud family of Domaine Tempier."
If you have read the MetroWines blog "Unfiltered" or our Newsletter, "The Public Palate: Putting Wine in Its Place," you know that I don't actually write about wine, I write around it. So while Nick is speaking wine in a very informative and poetic way, all I can think of is whether he met Kermit! I have to ask. Nick says "no, but almost," and he almost met Lulu.
At 102, Lulu is still considered, Nick says, "the mother of Provencal cooking." And, Nick told us, that the famed Alice Waters, "lived with Lulu to learn her cooking." When Nick was at Domaine Tempier, Lulu was taking an afternoon nap. Nick was asked if he would like the family to wake her. Tough call. (He did not say it but I bet that Jeopardy music was going through his head.) Nick knows this is probably his last chance to meet this living legend, but, as he says, he did not want to be remembered as the "American who woke Lulu up." Good call. See, I told you he was a nice guy.
Anyway, lets get on to the tasting. You can read the details of the wine on the Kermit Lynch website. What I really wanted to know was the cool stuff like the Lulu thing. So, here we go...
The first wine Nick presented was Quenard Les Abymes Jacquere from Savoie France. ( Nick says that the vines are grown on steep hills. I mean really steep. Downhill erosion, Nick says, is a "big factor." So big that "after the harvest, workers must bring the soil back up the hill."  (now that's cool) Regarding the wine, what Nick appreciates most is "the spectrum of minerality." (Is that a great wine line or what?)
Next up was Chateau La Grave Cahors Malbec, Southwest France. ( Now I am telling you that I don't know where this came from but Nick started telling us how "the Greeks were the first culture to drink wine socially." Nick is of Greek descent. This prompted me, circling around the wine, to ask him, as wine is an intrinsic part of his DNA, if he agreed with Elisabetta Fagiuoli of Montenedoli (we met her on Zoom last week), that you can't trust people who do not drink wine. Nick said that was the easiest question that he had ever answered, "yes!"
The more studious among us asked Nick about the difference between French Malbec and Argentine versions of the varietal. Nick said that France is cooler than Argentina so the wines display more salinity, minerality and earthiness. Nick prefers the French.
Now, we move to Italy and the members of Ciao Asheville, the Italian Cultural Forum in town, who are on the Zoom are moving closer to the screen. First up is Il Palazzotto Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba. ( Here we learned one of three new Italian words: sori. This is a term reserved for historical vineyards. And this sori made wine (can you say that?) "is what the Piemontese drink," says Nick. He clearly LOVES this wine. I think he stomped his foot when he said: "If you don't like this wine, you don't like Dolcetto!"
But this is truly serious business. This higher altitude vineyard just north of Barolo (OMG say the magic word)"is one of the most, if not THE most perfect places on earth for Dolcetto." Nick has a lot of it in his cellar. Judging from the sales the day after the Zoom, a lot of Asheville basements, including mine, will be lined with this Dolcetto. Perfetta!
Barbaresco is up next and our second new Italian word: neve. Nick says this means as "good as it gets." Much like the French Pinot Noir grape, the Nebbiolo grape that makes Barbaresco, is "thin skinned and finicky," Nick says. Nebbiolo is from the Italian word (number three!) nebbia, meaning fog. The Ciao Asheville Zoomers are feeling a little smug now. We knew that!
Because of the similar viticultural challenges in Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo, the Italians sent winemakers to France to learn the techniques of growing this scamp of a grape.
Now Nick is coming into my world, "wines don't know political boundaries." This brought on the dilemma of big barrels that impart no oak and small barrels that make wine that needs to age. The Italians have resolved this problem by using 80% big barrels and 20% barrique. Now, Nick says, "they can produce traditionally made Barbaresco that can be served now."
We all thanked Nick for walking us through the Kermit Lynch wines. But I can't help thinking, say what you will about me! that I might have nudged Lulu and blamed it on the wind: "Le Mistral! Comment pourrais-je savoir."  Nick is such a nice guy.
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Presentation and The Pour


News Release: Friday, December 18th, 2020
About: Presentation and Pouring for New Year's Eve
The New Year's Eve Tradition @MetroWines continues! This year we present "Midnight in France" in collaboration with The Asheville Sister Cities Committee for Saumur, hosted by Jean Phillipe Bourgeois, owner of an Asheville based wine import company.  The evening will begin at 5pm EST on ZOOM and conclude with fireworks and sparkling  at 6pm because "When it's 6pm in Asheville, it's "Midnight in France!" Philippe will be pouring wines from four French women winemakers. 
Jean-Philippe Bourgeois | Asheville, NC's Official Travel Site
"This year we are adding food presentation to the wine pours,"  says Gina Trippi, co- owner of MetroWines. "We always focus on pairing cheese with wine but not the presentation. Plating in an attractive way can make the difference in a Big Box prepared tray of orange cubes and an enticing table!"
Julie Hettiger, a nationally known food stylist, photographer, and chef will pair the perfect cheese to each of Philippe's wines and show us how to arrange and display plates and platters like a professional. Camera ready and perfect for Facebook or Instagram!
The video will be available in our newsletter, "The Public Palate: Putting Wine in its    Place," on Sunday, December 27th or on our YouTube Channel here:
Julie Hettiger, the chef and photographer behind JH Creative, focuses on food styling for both print and film. In addition to a client list that includes national companies here and in Mexico, Julie has worked on several cookbooks including Fonda San Miguel, a bright and colorful book that USA Today called "a journey back to colonial Mexico." Julie has been the lead on recipe testing, development and product education for Maytag and JennAir. As an active member of The International Association of Culinary Professionals, Julie is the driving force in the Food and Photographers and Stylists Section and served as co-chair of the conference on Food and Film.
As a native of Wilkes County, North Carolina, Julie is active with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and is currently working on a book of recipes passed down from her mother. And to help raise funds needed to complete the work on the historic Bluffs Restaurant and Coffee House, Julie Hettiger and her husband, Ken Nelson, have announced that they will match donations for the work dollar for dollar up to $25,000.
Now this is how you wrap up the old year and start a new one!
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Buy By the Case Time


Dog Greyhound wearing joke magnifying glasses #653335 Framed Prints
If you want to buy BIG for the holidays, don't let Big Box Fool You!
Lettie Teague's article in WSJ yesterday talks about hidden deals at Costco.
First of all, the nearest Costco around here is in Greenville.
Pricing and retail presence is different in NJ than WNC.

Let's look at 2 of the wines mentioned.
Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay was $39.99 (read $40) at Costco.
Same bottle is $41 @MetroWines. Worth a 50 mile drive for a dollar?
And if you buy 6 @MetroWines, the price comes down to $37 per bottle.
Now, you are underwater and 50 miles from home!
Same story with Austin Hope Cabernet. $53 at Costco. $54 @MetroWines!
Buy 6 @MetroWines, and bottle price to $49.

May Day!

Call Your Local Independent Merchant FIRST and SAVE!

*** DO THE MATH ***

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Bored? Cruise LA with Matthiasson

On Location: LA

Essential Arts: Cruising the Sunset Strip with Ed Ruscha - Los Angeles Times
In 1966, Ed Ruscha drove along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Using a motorized camera mounted on the back of a pickup truck, he methodically
photographed all of the buildings on each side of the street. He assembled the photos
in the artists' book Every Building on the Sunset Strip, which challenged
how people thought about Los Angeles, art and photography.
The Getty has assembled this treasure trove in video and made it available online.

Wall Street Journal Review of "12 Sunsets"

Go on location and Ride the LA Wave of the 60s HERE:

This exhibit brings standard photography forward.
Your "Watch it With Wine" is in forward motion too.
Matthiasson, the winemakers' winemaker has brought
California Chardonnay forward in a more Burgundian style. 

2015 Matthiasson

Brett says: "Matthiasson is a legend, a pioneer, and a maverick winemaker
who tweaks the foundations of traditional, old world style.
This is one of the best domestic Chardonnays under $30."

Gina says: "Just do it. You won't regret it."

Matthiasson: "An old-fashioned glass of Chardonnay is a wonderful thing.
The kind of Chardonnay that Julia Child drank back in the day while cooking.
A refreshing and flavorful wine to enjoy before dinner, during the meal, and afterwards
while lingering at the table. Wine from back in the days before oak
and butter were a thing, when Chardonnay tasted like wine made just from grapes,
with bright flavors of apples, citrus, and peach, not too heavy, but enough weight
that you knew you are drinking a really nice glass of wine.
Golden Delicious apples, Meyer lemon, and yellow peaches on the nose
and through to the palate. Medium acidity is balanced by pleasant fleshiness.

And at 12.5ALC you can continue to virtually drink and drive for hours!


Stay in the LA Mood Here:

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Holiday 2020 Table Red

Big RED for The Holiday Table
Inside the bottle and outside, this one says winter cheer!


The 2017 Estate Winemaker’s Cuvee meets the palate
with rich, full-bodied flavors of black currant, red plums, and cassis,
followed by oak notes, cedar and vanilla. These dark flavors
produce a lush and velvety textured mouth feel that combine
with supple tannins and leads to a long silky finish.

76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Syrah, 7% Petite Sirah, 4% Merlot. 
15 months 60% New French Oak. Sustainable. 
Moon Mountain District – Sonoma Valley. Estate Grown, Caton Vineyard

Zach says: "This wine is big but not jammy nor does it taste overly oaked."

$38 at winery. Ditch winery case clubs and Save!
$26 @MetroWines

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Big Red Wine of Week


*** Big RED Deal of The Week ***

The Big Deal is not always the lowest priced bottle.
It is the bottle that offers the Biggest Bang for the Buck.
And the Price to Quality Ratio does not get better than this bottle.

92 Point Wine Spectator Top 100 #17 of 2017 Bodegas Volver Tarima Hill  Monastrell 2015| - Shoppers Vineyard

Rated 92 Points by Wine Spectator

This red shows grace and depth.  Black cherry, plum, mineral and smoke flavors mingle harmoniously over well-integrated tannins, while lively acidity keeps this focused. 
Not showy, but all the pieces fit together.  Balanced, in the modern style.  
Cellar Worthy: Drink now through 2025.

** Ranked #17 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2017 **
"Tarima Hill is a complex, elegant, varietal expression of the most
authentic clones of Monastrell in the world."

Estate Bottled. Old Vines. $17.99
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Midnight in France 2020


News Release: Thursday, December 10th, 2020

About: New Year's Eve 2020: "Midnight in France"
The New Year's Eve Tradition @MetroWines continues! This year we present "Midnight in France" in collaboration with The Asheville Sister Cities Committee for Saumur, hosted by Jean Phillipe Bourgeois, owner of an Asheville based wine import company.
The evening will begin at 5pm EST on ZOOM and conclude with fireworks at 6pm because "When it's 6pm in Asheville, it's "Midnight in France!"
"This is a unique opportunity to have a fantastic New Year's Eve in your own home or join ZOOM with friends and family around the world," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "With French Wine, commentary from very French Jean Philippe and fireworks from Paris, its Midnight in France!"
JP Bourgeois is a highly specialized wine importer of French and Spanish wines, focusing solely on handcrafted, sustainably farmed or certified organic wines. "Our quest," says Jean Philippe, "is to stay close to the vines."
Jean Phillipe will present four wines by French Women Winemakers:
Clara Vie Blanquette de Limoux Brut NV - Limoux, FR 
Francoise Antech, Winemaker
A custom cuvee between JP Bourgeois and Francoise Antech. Maison Antech-Limoux holds a six-generation family tradition of winemaking. Since the late 19th century, the family has had a vested interest in the winemaking traditions of the region, and each generation has added their own touch. Françoise, a member of the sixth generation, inherited her elders’ strong character. A guardian of the heritage, she is also a fervent advocate of social and cultural action in her region. For over five centuries, the family has tamed this magical terroir to make fine sparkling wines. The secret of their character lies in the wise combination of Limoux’s three terroirs, which form the backbone of their cuvées: freshness from the Pyrenees, minerality from the ocean and roundness from the Mediterranean. In the family vineyard, they try out new methods on their old vinestocks on the appellation’s highest land — stony, south-facing hillsides nearly 400m above sea level opposite the Pyrenees. 
Domaine Loberger Meissenberg Pinot Blanc 2017 - Alsace, FR  
Celine Loberger, Winemaker
Céline Loberger - Les Bouches Rouges

Domaine Loberger Crémant d’Alsace Brut Extra NV
Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris
Aging: 12 months in stainless steel
Tasting notes: A fine and light mousse, a bright and luminous pale golden robe, and a mélange of zesty citrus and cool orchard fruits make this crémant the refined aperitif an ideal cocktail wine it is. Zero dosage helps accentuate the flinty minerality and creamy body underpinning its lightly fruity freshness.

Domaine Pral Beaujolais Cuvee Terroir 2019 - Beaujolais, FR 
Marion Pral, Winemaker
In the heart of the Pays des Pierres Dorées in the southernmost tip of the Beaujolais region, Domaine Marion Pral practices ecological farming on their 45 acres of vines. The estate is located in the hamlet of La Roche in Saint-Laurent-d’Oingt, 10 miles from Villefranche, capital of the Beaujolais. Pascal Chatelus, his wife Marion Pral, and their family have been farming the estate for several generations. All vineyards are located on granite-based south and southwest-facing hillside soils. Harvests are done by hand.
Veema Rouge 2016 - Languedoc, FR
Florentia Stoppini, Winemaker
Le Wines - Best Valued European Wines

Blend: 45% Grenache, 5% Syrah, 20% Mourvèdre
Aging: 6 months in new French oak barrels
Tasting notes: Veema’s time-honored and harmonious combination of Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre offer an engaging wine that preserves the boldness and complexity of that blend. Leather and smoked meat give a brawny edge to a nose of pure, fragrant black fruit, brown spice, vanilla, and violets.

The ZOOM, starting at 5pm, is on the house. Access Zoom: HERE!
And if you want to taste along with Jean Philippe, the 4-Pack, one bottle of each wine to be poured is $68 (plus tax) @MetroWines. Call MetroWines at (828) 575-9525.
More about Saumur and Asheville Sister Cities here:           
Become a Member here: 
Follow on Facebook here:
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New Year's Eve 2020

Jean-Philippe BOURGEOIS, 42 ans (ASHEVILLE, MONTROND LES BAINS, TOURS) -  Copains d'avant


Our New Year's Eve Traidtion Continues @Metro Wines

New Year's Eve "Midnight in France" Wine Tasting with Metro Wines & JP Bourgeois

Join Metro Wines and wine importer Jean-Philippe Bourgeois for an early (at least for us here in NC) celebration as France says bienvenue to 2021 (and bids a not-so-fond adieu* to 2020!). The Zoom festivities will begin at 5:00 pm EST (11:00 pm in France) and is free for all to attend but you do need to sign up in advance. Philippe will be pouring four French wines from women wine- makers, and Metro will be selling the "four pack" in advance for everyone to enjoy in their own chateau. We will count down to midnight and raise a glass of champagne

as we toast to all of our continued health and to better days ahead. And if the bubbles so move you, there will be a link to donate to our Saumur Committee as it begins its work in the new decade.

La veille du Nouvel An! Nous espérons vous y voir!

*For our French learners: Au revoir means “Till next time.”
Adieu means “We’ll never see each other again.” Bon débarras = “Good riddance.”

Further Details TBA

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Letter Writing and Bow and Arrow

Time Honored Letter Writing by Hand is Trending

Let's Get Back to Tactile
Your Write it With and Save a Little for Dinner Wine

bow & arrow 'willamette valley' pinot noir 2018 — leisir
Bow & Arrow is in the basement of a wine shop! 
Their first "Willamette Valley" bottling, the 2017, is snappy, bright,
and fruit-filled and made in a definite Loire Valley style. 
Winemaker Scott Frank says: "Bow & Arrow is my interpretation of
Willamette Valley’s humble terroir. Our growing region is frequently approached
as a grand terroir destined to produce prestigious wines with an Burgundian influence.
I’m honored to make wine here. Still, the valley is as much a blue-collar agricultural area
as it is a boutique wine destination. It’s as much a collection of relatively simple,
clay dominated soils as it is home to multi-generation family estates.
Bow & Arrow explores this different, simpler side of the Willamette Valley.

Instead of Burgundy, we pay homage to the working class wines of Loire Valley."

Andy says: "Loire Valley style presents a more dense berry in the bottle
but still with enough acidity to make it very food friendly."

2018 $24 12.5 ALC

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Blind Tasting League- Virtually

Blind Tasting League Goes Multi-Media!!!
*** Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30***
Join us on Facebook LIVE

Logon Here:

OR Join us on Zoom!
Meeting ID: 631 336 1327
Passcode: Metro

No charge. No experience necessary.
If you do want to taste along with Andy, you can pick up
the cleverly concealed bottles @MetroWines
Call (828) 575-9525

And don't tell Andy!

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Barbera del Monferrato


Keep the Conversation Going

The Kangaroo Court of Master Sommeliers
just won't cry "uncle" on lurid charges of discrimination.

Do you have E-Charisma? Tips on improvement.
  (In other words, the "kavorka")
The futures here. It won't be long before you can smell the coffee! (literally)
The Battle over Carbohydrates Rages
Should Americans get half their calories from carbs? As the U.S. government
revises its dietary guide lines, battle lines are being drawn.
from-carbs-two-camps-battle-it-out-11606150740 (One word: PASTA!)

Asheville chosen #7 of 10 Top Places to Retire by (Now what?)
And a Chinese Robot has Landed on the moon.

Your Discuss it Civally Wine
2018 La Casaccia Giuanìn Barbera Monferrato
Organic. Extraordinary.

La Casaccia Giuanìn Barbera del Monferrato | Vivino
$16.99 at Vivino (I would say thanks for the bottle shot but I am starting to feel guilty)
Websites with hundreds of bottle shots, at least one employee to manage
the site, box packaging and shipping is expensive. Shop your local merchant and save.

$14.99 @MetroWines. 
Always a "SOMM in The House" to answer questions!

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Boatman is Big RED Deal of Week

*** Big RED Deal of The Week ***

Winery says:  "2017 is sourced from Papagni Vineyard in Madera California.
We have a long relationship with Demetrio Papagni whose wine roots go back generations.
The Boatman is the result of not just our efforts but also his extensive experience in Viticulture. The grapes were picked at dawn then crushed and de-stemmed quickly to tanks while still cold. After a long cold soak, fermentation was started, tanks were allowed to heat up for maximum extraction of fruit and color. The fermentIng wine was pumped over twice a day to give the yeast plenty of oxygen for a nice clean fermentation. Once dry the grapes were lightly pressed off the skins and a young Boatman was born! This wine is deep-inky purple in color. The nose is bright with toasted pumpkin seed, blackberry and a touch of asian spice. The palate is sumptuous
with layers of dark, forest fruit and notes of pepper, rhubarb and umami spice."

*** $12.99 @MetroWines ***

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Estenas Bobal is Back

*** Heads Up ***
Estenas Bobal is Back in The House
José Pastor Selections 2019

Customer Favorite. Versatile. Crowd Pleaser!


Vera de Estenas - Bobal 2018 - Kingston Wine Co.

Estenas Bobal is crafted from old Bobal vines averaging 50 years of age
(some up to 100 years) located in the heart of Utiel-Requena on clay-calcareous soils.
The wine is fermented in concrete tanks and raised in a mix of concrete
and old American oak barrels. This 100% Bobal is medium-bodied and shows
a mix of bright black and red fruits, spice, and minerals, while maintaining moderate alcohol
and high acidity. The result is a red wine that’s friendly with a wide variety of meats.
A traditional pairing is Gazpacho Manchego Cheese
Whoa, we have restaurant quality Manchego Cheese @MetroWines!

$14.99 at Kingston Wine Co. (but thanks for the bottle shot!)
** $13.99 @MetroWines (and we have the cheese!) **

Call to reserve your wine and cheese: (828) 575-9525
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Blind Tasting League: Virtually

Blind Tasting League Goes Multi-Media!!!
*** Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30***
Join us on Facebook LIVE

Logon Here:

OR Join us on Zoom!
Meeting ID: 631 336 1327
Passcode: Metro

No charge. No experience necessary.
If you do want to taste along with Andy, you can pick up
the cleverly concealed bottles @MetroWines
Call (828) 575-9525

And don't tell Andy!

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Wines of Kermit Lynch with Nick Demos


Thursday, December 17th at 5:30 on Zoom

Nick Demos takes us through 4 European Wines, two French and two Italian,

from Kermit Lynch Imports, all perfect for the holidays.

The Zoom is "on the house." This is a unique oppotunity to hear from and ask questions of an expert.

Logon HERE!

If you want to taste along with Nick, (and you really should!)

MetroWines will have all 4 wines packaged up for purchase.


Quenard Les Abymes Jacquere - Savoie, France  
Chateau La Grave Cahors Malbec - Sud-Ouest, France 
Il Palazzotto Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba - Piemonte, Italy 

Cantine Elvio Tintero Barbaresco - Piemonte, Italy 

All in $74 +tax  Please call (828) 575-9525.

Bio — Ampéli Wine Consulting


Nick Demos, native of Western North Carolina, has been immersed in wine culture since an early age. His grandfather opened the very first wine shop in downtown Asheville, NC just after prohibition.

Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Nick became the general manager of a family owned wine shop in 2006. After two years in retail, Nick made the move to the wholesale side of the trade, where he has remained. Nick is presently serving as a Wine Specialist, Educator and Portfolio Manager for Tryon Distributing in North Carolina.

In July of 2016, Mr Demos passed the ever challenging Advanced Sommelier exam through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He is currently pursuing his studies as a candidate for the Master Sommelier diploma. Nick has also earned the designation of Certified Wine Educator. This is the highest honor awarded by the Society of Wine Educators.

Nick has a natural inclination for hospitality, as well as food and wine pairings. Most of all, Nick truly enjoys sharing the knowledge and passion he has found through his experience, travel and accomplishments in the wine trade. Nick believes wine is a classic enjoyment, an art form of place and one of the world's oldest explorations.

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Elisabetta from the Heart

Cream Wine Company


Elisabetta Fagiuoli. Historians and critics agree that she was and IS a ground breaker, a visionary and one of the best winemakers in the world. You can hear stories of her life and work on YouTube but what you can't hear is her heart speaking. And that is what we heard when Elisabetta joined us LIVE on Zoom from her B.C. built home in San Gimignano, Italy.
We heard her but Elisabetta is hearing too, hearing the earth, hearing nature. "Everyday, nature gives you a different message and you must be able hear it." Humility, attention and love are her guides in making wine and, of these, "humility is the key to making something good."
"We are a big family on a small planet." Elisabetta believes that "the goal is friendship and mutual understanding." And nature can teach us if you watch and listen. "If we follow the miracles of animals and nature, we will become very rich." Elisabetta shared that she has learned from watching the life cycle of the swallows in the trees near her home. In a somewhat solemn moment, Elisabetta said, "I love the birds." 
But what can make us friends? Not just observers but participants? Wine, says Elisabetta, is certainly part of the process.
"Wine for me is like making soup." Elisabetta blends and blurs the lines of wine and everything in life. "Wine is a good companion. It gives you strength." And when you hear the wine speaking to you, "each wine is like humanity, it has a personality of its own."
Bottom line: Elisabetta says "I don't like people who don't like wine." È vero!
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Cookbooks and Wines




The book explores how to cook really well using simple ingredients!

But Wait! There's more! 
When you join the Jacques Pepin Foundation, an organization that
supports training programs for chefs you receive a Members Only Cookbook.
This cookbook includes submissions from 45 contributors
including Thomas Keller, Alice Waters and José Andrés.

2016 Santa Duc Cotes du Rhone - Perrine's Wine Shop
You Read it With Wine is a wine that can go solo while you peruse the book
and also a wine that can pair nicely with most of the recipes.
Famille Gras Les Vieilles Vignes Cotes du Rhone 2017

Santa Duc, Winemaker

From organically and biodynamically farmed vineyards in Gigondas. 
Domaine Santa Duc has been owned and run by the Gras family since 1874.
Harvesting is done by hand. Vinification is natural, fermentation with indigenous yeasts,
no additives, and very little added sulfites. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.
Blend of 60% Grenache from 40 year old vines with the rest Syrah and Mourvèdre.
13.5% alcohol. Rustic and delicious.

Brett says: "one of the best balanced Cotes du Rhone under $20." 
Not everywhere. $18.99 @MetroWines

*** Gift Pairing Alert #2 ***


Naked Chef television personality Jamie Oliver considers the top ingredients
we consistently buy every week, meal staples we pick up without thinking such as eggs,
potatoes as well as prepared condiments. Jamie says we are all busy,
but that shouldn’t stop us from having tasty, nutritious meals  So, rather than trying
to change what we buy, Jamie gives everyone new inspiration for their "staples."
Jamie focuses on 18 popular ingredients and each recipe includes fewer than 8!

Your Pair it With Book Makes, like Jamie, the Old New Again
Old indigenous grapes made in a new style. Perfect.
BAAAGADUCK, Joao Pato aka Duckman, Vinho Tinto, 
From Portugal at ONLY 12% ALC !

Blend of 85% Baga, 15% Touriga Nacional

Baga (pronounce: bah-gah) Dry, Medium to full bodied with Blackberry,
Black Currant, Dried Cherry, Cocoa and Tar. Decant for an hour.
Cuts through fat and plays well with smoke. $21

João Pato “Duckman - Baaagaduck” Tinto (750ml) - winehut

"Behave Wildly. Feel the Unexpected."

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Elisabetta Fagiuoli on Zoom

News Release: Monday, November 30th, 2020
About: Wine Tasting with Elisabetta Montenidoli
This is BIG! A Zoom Tasting with the Grand Dame of Italian Winemaking Elisabetta Fagiuoli of Montenidoli, San Gimignano, on Thursday Dec 3rd at 5:30 EST.  
Who is Elisabetta?

Elisabetta Fagiuoli has a spirituality about her that is present in her wines. She is the owner of Montenidoli in the San Gimignano region of Chianti, Tuscany. Montenidoli means "the mountain of the little nests" and it is comprised of 24 hectares of vineyards surrounded by 200 hectares of woodlands. The Etruscans were the first to discover this treasure and plant vines, followed by the Romans and the Knights Templar. 

The property which she owned with her late companion Sergio was brought under vine in 1965, and at the time was abandoned wilderness. Located on the top of hills, the farm is remote and has spectacular vistas of the Chianti hillsides. There is a profound respect of the vineyard and the land which is clearly present in the winemaking at Montenidoli. Fagiuoli's highest vineyards are comprised of Triassic soils which are over 350 million years old.

More on Elisabetta:                                                                                            Comprehensive interview and video with Monty Waldin of Grape Collective here:

How to Join Us to E-Meet Elisabetta!
Zoom Meeting Link:
You are invited to join the Zoom "on the house." But, if you want to taste along with Elisabetta, we have some of her greatest wines @MetroWines.
2019  Montenidoli Vernaccia "Tradizionale" for $22 @MetroWines (in shop now)
2017  Montenidoli Chianti Garrulo, $21 (arrives Thursday)
Also available from Montenedoli @MetroWines but not set for Zoom Tasting:
2018 Montenidoli Rosso Toscana for $23 
And for you Italophiles, the Montenidoli website is also in Italian:
Join us! This is a rare opportunity to meet one of the most respected winemakers EVER.
Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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