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Sparkling Tasting, Murder and Gamay Noir

Saturday, December 14th

from 1-4pm @MetroWines

"Size UP The Holidays"
Hosted by Gwen Cooper
of Epiphany and Mutual Distribution 

Taste and Shop at Event Prices!
***on the house ***

Pommery Pops Brut Champagne ~ 187ml 4pk with Straws

Sparkling in All Different Sized bottles
from a four pack of individual sparkling with a cork

 to Magnums 

And This Just IN:
Cynthia Drew is Back

by very popular demand from 1:30 to 3:30

on December 14th @MetroWines!

"Nouveau Noir" and a Bottle of Wine
is the perfect gift for wine lovers.
Local author tells the story in Dashiell Hammett style 
of an entire vintage of wine poisoned!

And This IS The Grape In the Book!
And once you are at home with your new book,
read it with Gamay Noir from Oregon!

Image result for martin woods gamay noir 2017
This wine has floral accents and pepper spice, sweet fresh juicy red fruit,
gentle structure, weightless length, and is youthful.
This bottle works with a variety of flavors making it a holiday staple.
$32.99 at Westchester Wines
$29.00 @MetroWines

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January Wine Focus Group

News Release: Thursday, December 12th, 2019

About Asheville Wine Focus Group: January
Join us on Wednesday, January 8th @MetroWines for The Asheville Wine Focus Group hosted by Shelby Pounds of Oceans South. 
Oceans South Imports says: "We are a North Carolina wine importer/distributor that works with hard to find quality wines at amazing values for our customers." More information:
Four wines will be presented for your consideration. You decide if you like the wine, whether you think other customers will like it, if MetroWines should sell the bottle and, if so, for what price.
"This is your chance to play wine shop owner for the night," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Help us decide which wines should be on our shelves!"
The event is "on the house" but you must reserve a seat. Call (828) 575-9525 or save your reserve online:
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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*** Flaunting It in 2019 ***

Image result for making marvels wall street journal

Best way to impress in the 21st century is smarts!
Wine Smarts. Price to Quality Ratio

We asked Brett Watson!
(the one with the really good hair)
Brett is our new young, hip wine guy from LA
to make the selection for us.

Image result for Bruno Dubois

-Bruno Dubois - Cabernet Franc "Rococo"
from Sumur Champigny in the Loire Valley of France. $29

"Dubois is a serious and comitted natural winemaker in the heart of France's Loire. 
His passion is for the land and showcasing the environment though winemaking. 
He uses beehives and bird boxes in all of his vineyards to increase harmony
of the land and naturally keep harmful pests out of the vineyards. 
Trees and plants are planted throughout his property to increase wildlife biodiversity, which is completely showcased in the grapes.

This 100% Cabernet Franc is seductive on the nose highlighting
the aromatic power of the grape and highlighted by the backbone of green pepper,
wet forest floor and crushed stone so typical of quality Cabernet Franc.  

In the cellar, Dubois is as hands off as possible.  All fermentation and aging
is done in concrete tank to highlight terroir.  Zero mechanical fining or filtration
is done before bottling and if vegan is your thing, the Rococo has you covered! " 

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10 Wines to Try in 2020

Image result for greyhound drinking wine

"10 to Try"
Try some of our best sellers from 2019 in 2020!

Gina Trippi of The Asheville School of Wine
in December 50 + Living, page 10

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Midnight in Santorini

News Release: Saturday, November 30th, 2019

About: New Years Eve @MetroWines
Please join us on December 31st from 5:30 to 6:30 for "Midnight in Santorini" to celebrate New Year's Eve @MetroWines. Why? "Because when it's 6pm in Asheville, it's already Midnight in Santorini!"
Celebrate with Greek appetizers served family style, sparkling, red and white Greek Wines, Greek jazz and fireworks from Santorini at our Cafe a la Grecque!
$40 (plus tax) for the evening. Seating is limited to $40. 
Tickets are non-refundable.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Italy: Wine and Books

From The MetroWines Book Review Department
Lampedusa by Steven Price


In sun-drenched Sicily, among the decadent Italian aristocracy of the late 1950s, Giuseppe Tomasi, the last prince of Lampedusa, struggles to complete the novel that will be his lasting legacy, The Leopard. With a firm devotion to the historical record, Lampedusa leaps effortlessly into the mind of the writer and inhabits the complicated heart of a man facing down the end of his life, struggling to make something of lasting worth, while there is still time.

Always ahead of the curve!, Ciao Asheville showed "The Leopard" last year!
Join us the last Sunday of the month, starting again in January, for an Italian Film with English subtitles with introduction and discussion by Robert Formento,
Ciao Asheville Film Coordinator. Popcorn on the house!

The book is at Malaprops here:

Your Read it With Wine is @MetroWines
Kermit Lynch Import

The Portellis have mastered the wine making process to get the most out of their grapes—their wines are loaded with charm and luscious fruit while possessing plenty
of structure on the backend. They grow two varieties: Frappato and Nero d’Avola,
the latter known locally as Calabrese. Calabrese shows much more elegance here
in the soils of Vittoria than it does in other areas of Sicily, where it tends to earn
its keep as a wine of brawn and power. The Portellis are crafting Calabrese with elegance and refinement, country charm wrapped in suede. Their Frappato
while the most fruit forward wine they make, is no simple quaffer!

"Lampedusa" is serious business, some might say heavy.
Want a lighter version of Italy? The important? The do-able? THE FOOD!
"Valerie's Home Cooking" by Valerie Bertinelli

As the current star of her Food Network show, Valerie's Home Cooking,
and co-host of the network's Kids Baking Championship, as well as having spent
years acting on television, Valerie Bertinelli has made a name for herself in households across America. But to really know Valerie, is to spend time in her kitchen.

Inspired by her family's cooking legacy, Valerie specializes in showing how to make dishes for the heart and soul. Valerie says, there's a story behind every recipe.
Home cooks will find more than 100 recipes that are easy to make and innovative.

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Thanksgiving in NC Calls for Biltmore


Last Call for Thanksgiving

*** Paging BILTMORE ***
I know what you are saying. I can hear you chortling. Yes, chortling.
We only recommend the wines that we have tasted and
have been tested by our Asheville Wine focus Group.
In a blind tasting, over 40 customers compared these Biltmore wines
to nationally know brands including Sonoma Cutrer and Josh.
Women Winemakers have taken over at Biltmore and are steering the process
in the right direction. And you may not think that vintages sell out at Biltmore
but they do! No worries. We planned ahead.
Have out of town guests? Surprise them!

Biltmore Estate 2015 Chateau Reserve Sparkling Blanc de Blanc
Let's start with sparkling. The Biltmore "Methode Champenoise" Brut
is an award winning classic. Its fine bubbles and rich golden color complement
the complex flavor. This premium sparkling exhibits a strong fruit aroma,
neat acid and slight taste of hazelnut. As a dinner wine or cocktail,
the clean tart finish pairs nicely with a variety of foods.

Image result for biltmore estate blanc de blanc 2015

A few years back, we attended a blind tasting at Ruth's Chris Steak House
in Biltmore. This bottle was sandwiched in with 10 of the big names.
Almost unanimously chosen as the second choice, many picked it as the winner!
Put it on your table with confidence! $23 @MetroWines

Just a little interlude here. The predecessor to Ruth's Chris Steak House
was Chris Steaks on Broad Street in New Orleans. This is the original building
with the original sign and Ruth's name after she bought the place.
And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Image result for chris steaks new orleans

Image result for biltmore reserve chardonnay 2017
This North Carolina Chardonnay is in the French Style. The Focus Group
preferred the Chardonnay from California Grapes but staff liked this one.


Image result for biltmore reserve russian river pinot 2017
The grapes of the Vanderbilt Reserve Pinot Noir thrive in cool climate California, Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. The reward is a complex and expressive
wine with an almost delicate sensation. The strawberry, raspberry, vanilla,
and well-integrated oak aromas give way to supple fruit flavors. Oak aged.
Pair this luscious red with chicken, mushroom dishes, salmon, and turkey. 

$19.99. A quality Pinot Noir for under $20? Almost never!

Image result for biltmore cardinal crest
A soft, easy-to-drink wine that presents dried herb aromas on the nose
along with rich blackberry flavors on palate. Finishes with smooth tannins.


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Ridge Three Valleys


Big enough to make The Big Red List
but versatile enough to make The Thanksgiving Table.

Thanksgiving has become almost synonymous with Zinfandel so let's do it!
2017 Ridge Three Valley Zinfandel Blend
73% Zinfandel, 15% Petite Sirah, 10% Carignane and 2% Grenache

Image result for 2017 three valley ridge zinfandel
Winemaker says: Deep garnet color. Fresh raspberry and cherry fruits,
barrel spice, clay minerals, and fresh mint. Sweet red berry fruit entry, medium body, lively acid, and supple tannins. Long, elegant finish.

We say: this wine is often overlooked in comparison to its better known siblings.
that means you are getting a price to quality bargain.

$29.99 at

$27.99 at Total Wine

$25 @MetroWines

Shop LocalLY and save!


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Sparkling Rose' Tasting

News Release: Sunday, November 24th
About: Great Rose' Tasting, December
Please join us on Saturday, December 28th from 10am to 7pm to taste Sparkling Rose' from around the world "on the house" @MetroWines.
"Sparkle a little differently this year," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "A little pink makes the occasion just a little more festive."
All wines poured are event priced for the day.

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Brickmason by Klinker Brick

*** BIG RED of THE WEEK ***

Image result for klinker brick brickmason

A blend 80% Zinfandel, 10% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petite Sirah, this wine has deep red fruit aromas lead into notes of toasty vanilla with firm tannins and bold structure.

$17.99 and, unlike online, Available!

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Asheville Wine Focus Group: December

News Release: Monday, November 18th, 2019

About: Asheville Wine Focus Group
Join us on December 11th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines to participate in The Asheville Wine Focus Group hosted by Volio Imports and Empire Distribution.
"Volio would like to see more placements of their wines @MetroWines," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "You taste and help us decide!"
The event is "on the house" but you must reserve your seat. Call (828) 575-9525 or online here:
Event pricing on all bottles poured.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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The Immigrant for Thanksgiving


Lettie Teague Talks Domestic Wines for Thanksgiving.
Yeah, We Got That!

What Could Be More Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock Than....

"The Immigrant" from Donati

100% Merlot in Steel Tank Fermentation with Oak Aging.
Aromas of cherry, boysenberry, tobacco and white pepper
lead into a layered palate of mocha, raspberry,
and cranberry sauce wrapped in a complex oak structure.
Solid finish closing with a touch of black pepper.

About Donati: 
As a young boy, Ron Donati grew up in South San Francisco,
the son of a first generation Italian-American family. One of his fondest memories was
the sights and smells of his grandfather making wine in his basement. Like most Italian immigrants,
Albino Donati made his own wine for the family dinner table. As an adult, Ron became a successful entrepreneur with a penchant for making quality products that were attainable to all, not just a select few. This same passion serves as the foundation and guiding mission of
Donati Family Vineyardtoday.
It is our goal to produce wines of exceptional quality regardless of budget.

About the (Woman) Winemaker: 
Briana Heywood joined the Donati Family Vineyard team in 2016 as Head Winemaker.
She has been involved in the wine industry for the past 10 years and gained her knowledge primarily through hands-on experience. Prior to starting at Donati, Briana was Enologist at JLohr Wines in Paso Robles for the past 7 years, along with prior internships atEberle Winery and Gallo Vineyards. She earned her Enology and Wine Business degrees from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in 2009.

Nothing, not no way, not no how! 
could be more perfect for Thanksgiving!

$29.99 at and UNavailable
$34.80 in Ithaca, NY

(just not the Thanksgiving Spirit)

$29 @MetroWines and AVAILABLE!

Spicewalla from Asheville's Meherwan Irani
Makes Oprah's Favorite Things List of 2019!

Image result for meherwan irani

We @MetroWines were proud to pair wines with Meherwan Irani's
flavors at Asheville's premier food festival, Chow Chow.
The Box of 3 Indian Spices Collection @MetroWines, $12.99 
The set is perfect for a stocking stuffer, dinner host Gift
or addition to your spice rack!

Some dispute the quest for authenticity.

But any cook knows the deveil is in the details, and that is the spice.

Shop the Real Thing @Metr

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Blind Tasting League: December

Thursday, December 19th
Blind Tasting League with Andy Hale

Image result for blind tasting league

Reserve your seat by calling (828) 575-9525

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Clarendelle White Bordeaux and The Cheffe

From The MetroWines Book Review Department

The Cheffe by Marie NDiaye
From the Booker Prize-nominated author of Three Strong Women: 
an elegant, hypnotic new novel about a legendary French female
chef–the facts her life, the nearly ineffable qualities of her cooking,
and the obsessive, sometimes destructive desire for purity of taste
and experience that shaped her life.

MARIE NDIAYE, born in Pithiviers, France, in 1967; spent her childhood
with her French mother (her father was Senegalese); and studied linguistics
at the Sorbonne. She was only eighteen when her first work was published.
Awarded the prestigious Prix Femina for her novel Rosie Carpein 2001; 
in 2009, the Prix Goncourt for Three Strong Women; and in 2015,
Gold Medal in Arts from Kennedy Center International Committee on the Arts. 

Book Available at Malaprops here:

Your Read it With Wine @MetroWines
Since the book is based in Bordeaux, let's do Bordeaux.
But, Red Bordeaux is really for food so let's go White!
2018 Clarendelle, $22

Image result for clarendelle 2018 white bordeaux
Clarendelle is vinified to drink young. The wine can be decanted for 20-30 minutes
or up to 1 hour. This allows the wine to soften and open its perfume.
Older vintages need very little decanting, just enough to remove the sediment.

A blend of 42%Smillon, 30%Sauvignon Blanc and 28% Muscadelle, is a beautiful golden yellow color with a green glow, the wines are marked by roundness
and a beautiful aromatic power. There are aromas of apricot, white peach,
but also grapefruit. The wines are of great minerality, with powerful and fresh fruit flavors in all its brilliance, density and structure of a great white wine.

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Stock Your Cellar with MetroWines

Wine Cellars are Out of The Basement and Beautiful
BUT, they still need to be stocked !!

Image result for wall street journal mansion wine cellar
!! And Stocking a Cellar is another NOT DYI Project !!
*** Call John Kerr ***
of The Asheville School of Wine @Metrowines

(828) 575-9525
Live life large. I probably don't need to remind you:
you're not getting any younger. Just sayin'.....

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Iron and Sand

*** BIG RED of THE WEEK ***

Iron & Sand, Paso Robles
$28 and IN Stock! Holidays are Coming. Live it UP!

Image result for iron and sand cabernet

Wine Enthusiast, 92 Points

"The black fruit aroma is reserved on the nose of this bottling, allowing violet,
stone, loam and a hint of herbs to come to the forefront. The dry palate is cohesive
in flavors of black cherry, purple flowers and soil, with a hint of black olive.
The subtleties will benefit from cellaring. Drink 2021–2032."

John Kerr of The Asheville School of Wine says:
"This is a high quality wine that offers Big Bang for the buck competing with and beating Napa Cabs at $50 or more. Done in Classic California Cabernet style,
the wine is deep and rich with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon,
Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah."

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Sparkling Class

Tuesday, December 17th

Sparkling Class with Andy Hale
5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines $25

Image result for greyhound dog with champagne
Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Methode Champenoise?
Not all bubbles are the same nor should they be. Know your bubbles!

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Size Up the Holidays

Saturday, December 14th
1-4pm @MetroWines

"Size UP The Holidays"
Hosted by Gwen Cooper on the house
of Epiphany and Mutual Distribution 

Taste and Shop at Event Prices!

Pommery Pops Brut Champagne ~ 187ml 4pk with StrawsSparkling in All Different Sized bottles
from a four pack of individual sparkling with a cork!

to Magnums

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Wine Spectator, Market Watch and Beaujolais Nouveau

This Event was featured in Market Watch and Wine Spectator!

Saturday, November 23rd

* Beaujolais Nouveau Release Party *
and Nouveau Noir Book Signing

from 2 to 5pm @MetroWines @MetroWines

Image result for nouveau noir drew golden

*** THIS is BIG ***

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Red Blend Class: This is NOT DYI

Thursday, November 21st
Red Blend Class and Tasting
Hosted by Juniper Cooper of Mutual Distribution

Red Blends are NOT a DYI Project. To prove the point that blending
takes knowledge and experience, one of our distributors brought us carafes
of various varietal wines and said "blend it!"
It really did not go very well.
Let me say it another way, leave this to the professionals!

To make a blend that is pleasing to the palate, the winemaker must know
why and why not every varietal can or cannot work with every other varietal.
How you get there involves chemistry and climate and probably Punnett Squares!
Holy Catfish. This could get seriously exponential.

Find out What it's All About the FUN WAY with Juniper!

Image result for greyhound with red wine

$20 for Tasting with Small Bites and Presentation

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