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Celebrity Parking Lot Pick Up: Michele D'Aprix

News Release: Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

About: Wine World Celebrity Brings Your Box to Your Car!
Michele D'Aprix, American Woman Winemaker and a favorite of MetroWines, will be helping us serve you, following all health and safety guidelines, from 3 to 6pm on Friday, May 8th in the parking lot @MetroWines. This is the first in our "Celebrity Parking Lot Pick Up" series which will include locally accessible winemakers, importers and chefs.
When you buy a case of wines made by Michele, including Pentimento Bordeaux, Maz Caz White and Red Rhone Blends and Pierre Angulaire Bordeaux Blanc, Michele will deliver, with face mask and gloves, signed bottles to your car with time for a six feet of separation photo. 
Michele has been in home isolation here in North Carolina for five weeks. With reduced staff working, we have asked her to help us out on one of our busiest days of serving customers. "Don't miss this opportunity for a little silver lining in these troubled times," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines.
Originally from upstate New York, Michele started as a bartender in Boston while studying chemistry. Her expertise in multi-tasking landed Michele a job at Dry Creek Winery in California. From there, Michele attended U.C. Davis earning a degree in Viticulture and Enology. 
Michele then headed to Bordeaux and trained with accomplished and highly regarded winemaker Stephane Derenocourt known for his many bottles that have garnered 100 points from critics. 
Adding her own touch, Michele started her own project in St. Emilion, "Pentimento." And the rest is, as they say, wine history! Michele has been called "the new face of Bordeaux."
"Michele and her wines have been popular since we opened the doors almost seven years ago," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines.  "The wines are great but it is meeting the charismatic, accomplished and approachable Michele, that makes this parking lot pick up a must for anyone who appreciates winemaking."
More about Michele D'Aprix here:
photo attached
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Yoga, Reading and Saratoga Sparkling Water

WHIPPET glossy photo PRINT JSCHMETZ 8.5x11 reading a book | eBay

"A paean to the simple pleasures of the book - as text, object, experience."
I know what you are thinking: I need more activity than just reading! OK.
Some of you are probably practicing yoga at home. But what's it all about?
Let's combine the two in a yoga kind of mind body meld!

"The Story of Yoga from Ancient India to the Modern West 
by Alistair Shearer.

Your Read it With Bottle?
Sparkling Water from Saratoga in the Cobalt Blue Bottle.

So good. 12 oz.$2.99 @MetroWines!

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France, Amazon and Wine

A Toast to France
A Collection of Wonderful Whippet Portraits | Whippet, Doggie ...
Amazon warehouse employees in France were concerned that the company
refused to supply them with proper equipment, such as masks, for their health and safety.
Amazon, rather than acting like adults and taking care of their people,
followed their usual company protocol when challenged, and gave the employees the French finger!
Legal challenge ensues. The Court was not amused and "upbraided" Amazon.
 Non-essential business at Amazon has ceased for the foreseeable in France.
About time someone tamed the beast! Vive la France!

St. Hilaire Methode Traditionelle 2018, $14.99
Bugey Montagnieu Brut Methode Traditionelle, $24
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve Champagne, $39

Don't Want to Sparkle?

Laurent Miguel Viognier @MetroWines!

Deliciously opulent wine. Characteristic aromas of white flowers and vineyard peach.
On the palate it is surprisingly elegant for a Viognier with hints of
delicate apricot and orange blossom yet also revealing a slightly citrus character. $17.99

All about Viognier: "Overlooked and Unappreciated"
By Gina Trippi, Asheville School of Wine
for The Laurel of Asheville

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Marietta Zin Blend and Tutankamen

The Constants. The Reliable. The Always There.

Tutankhamun's mask being fixed after botched glue repair - TelegraphNow that is  a photo for the Time Capsule! Tutankhamen in a Giza laboratory,
circa 2019, with a guy in a 3M mask. Is nothing constant, reliable, always there????

Any wine worth its bottle will change year after year,
will never be constant and you want it that way.
Terroir driven wines reflect the soil, the weather, the environment and acts of nature.
But some wineries care enough to insure that the bottle, while reflecting the year's terroir,
still meets high standards, that is to say, a name you can count on year after year.

And THAT is our Big RED of the Week!

Best Wine Purveyors Marietta Roman Zinfandel 2017

Our winemaking is based on a unique blend of tradition and innovation,
however, the backbone to everything that we do is hard work. Román Cisneros,
our Cellar Master and employee of thirty years, embodies the heart and commitment
that creates our wines. This Zinfandel is from our vineyards in Alexander Valley,
McDowell Valley and the Yorkville Highlands.  Made in Román’s favorite style,
it is rich and lush with powerful structure.

The history of family winemaking goes back four generations in Sonoma County.  
There have been 7 winemakers in the family each with their own focus and style. 
The unifying elements have been family, hard work, passion,
and a love of the creative process that is winemaking.  

The 2017 Román, a blend of 88% Zinfandel, 8% Petite Sirah and 4% Barbera,
offering floral notes and bright, red-toned berry flavors. Medium-bodied and refreshing.
91 points, Antonio Galloni, Vinous, Spring 2019

$21 for Reliability!

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*** PRIORAT ***
We have not talked Priorat lately.
A wine making region just south of Barcelona, Priorat is one of a kind. 
All about it from Wine Folly:

Cesca Vicent Tinto | Wine Info
Cesca Vicent Priorat 2017. Full body, red plum and currant aromas.
This Garnacha- led blend shows beautiful flavors of baked plum followed by a fresh,
lively finish. Cesca Vicent is a unique proprety located in the heart of Priorat,
in the town of Gratallops.
51% Grenache, 20% Merlot, 11% Carignan, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon
and 7% Syrah done in the California style.

$26.99 at Vivino (BTW: thanks for all the pictures!)
$24 @metroWines

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Kafka, Covid, Zoe

"Think Kafka with a Thick Pelt and Buck Teeth"

Why A Groundhog Day Sequel Will Never Happen, According To One Of ...
So cool. I would love to take credit for that line but it belongs to NYT.
The Weekend Watch with Tony and Manohla recommends that,
as we are living an existence that seems like the same day over and over again, we just do it.  
Take a look at "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray through a different lens.
Streaming on Netflix, iTunes and YouTube. 
Tell Tony and Manohla what you think at by 6pm EST on Monday. 
Comments in next Weekend Section.

Your Watch it With Bottle
Skouras ZOE Red | Wine Info
Short aging over fine lees. Brilliant color, medium-strength violet with pink hues.
On the nose Zoe is vivid and intense with aromas of black cherries,
blackberries, hints of plums, violets and dried herbs.
90% Agiorgitiko and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Screw Cap! $13.99

About Zoe:

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Broc and Lioco

Small Wineries in Big Trouble. 
NYT Eric Asimov tells the sad story here:

If you could not access NYT link, 
these are the pertinent parts about some of the wineries we support.

Lioco Sonoma Chardonnay 2016 |
Faced with a steep drop in income, Lioco's owners, Matt and Sara likelier,
have had to move fast to stay in business. They have furloughed their nine person staff,
as well as themselves, says Ms. Liklider as they can no longer make payroll or pay bills.

..."We aren't going anywhere, she said, But I'm not sure what our business
will look like on the other side of all this."

On the nose, bartlett pear, bay laurel, sea shell.
Palate is lemon drops, tomato leaf, fennel pollen.
$25.99 at wine.coim and out of stock.

Online Competitive. This is an exclusive wine usually
only on a restaurant menu. Few retailers carry this label. We do!  

$24@MetroWines and on the shelf.

vinestarr Instagram posts -

Chris Brockway runs an urban winery, Broc Cellars, in Berkeley, Calif.
Faced with closing his tasting room and losing his restaurant clients,
he started a local wine delivery business, selling bottles to anyone in the Bay Area.
"So far it's allowed us to keep everyone employed." But he is not sure it's a sustainable solution."That's a big worry at this moment," Mr. Brockway said.

Broc Cellars Eaglepoint Ranch Counoise 2017 | Wine Info
Counnoise Eagle Point 2017
Counoise, a grape variety somewhat forgotten in France, is cultivated by Chris Brockway
in his Berkley winery. Selected following the principles of sustainable viticulture,
this wine is pure, simple and cohesive with food. The grapes are destemmed then fermented
in open, truncated vats made of oak. The élevage takes place in old, German barrels of 600-1200 litre capacity. This grape is generally used for blending in the southern Rhône,
but here it gives off a pleasant profile with a peppery finish.
$28.95 Average price
$29 @MetroWines

calwine: << block sellers >> is mew

Broc Cellars 2016 Red Blend, Alexander Valley.
85%Carignan, 10%!licante Bouschet, 4% Zinfandel and 11% Palimino
Only 405 cases. Sold Out at winery. $35 @MetroWines.

"We take the whole clusters and transfer them from bin into our 2 large concrete tanks.
The berries remain intact and protected with a constant blanket of C02 until their native yeasts
begin to ferment the grape sugars from the inside out. A slow mortification breaks down the color components in the skins, infusing the juice inside the still-unbroken berries with a vibrant red hue. When fully dry, it is pressed into neutral oak for aging. This wine shows the amazing depth
of flavor from these rugged, ancient vines." Winemaker Notes

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Check Out Family Winery Wine

In 1930, Dimitris Douloufakis became one of the first winemakers in Crete to produce wines
professionally in his traditional, old winery. A consistent award winner, Dimitris’s grandson, Nikolas,
who received his oenology degree from the university at Alba, now runs the winery carrying
on his grandfather’s traditional practices but with more modern equipment and facilities.

This region has a long history in viticulture and also has been established
as a Protected Designation of Origin for Liatiko wines. Average altitude is 300 meters above sea level.
In addition to the natural choice of Liatiko, Nikolas grows other Cretan indigenous varieties such as Kotsifali, Vilana, Vidiano, with other international varieties such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.
Nikolas also cultivates a host of international varieties (including Barbera and Sangiovese)
on an experimental basis, but the focus here is on native varieties.

The privately owned vineyards are certified 100% organic and span over 70 acres of rolling hills
in the Dafnes sub-region, a village close to Iraklio in Crete. The organic fever sweeping the world leaves
Nikolas bemused. He says, “Crete has an advantage in the transition to natural cultivation. 
We never adopted unnatural methods. The only obstacle I face in getting certification is the certification fee.”

100% Liatiko—one of Crete’s noblest indigenous red grapes—
historically used for sun-dried sweet wines, but increasingly explored for dry table reds.
Aged for 12 months in large, used French barrels.

The 2017 has aromas of red currants, dark chocolate and black cherry start this delicious red from Crete. Structured and focused on the palate, its flavors of red berry and spices have a refined overall character.

Wine Enthusiast Top 100!

Not Widely Distributed in Country. $16.99 @MetroWines

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Cape Classics Online Tasting

You've Got Time to Schedule

12 amazing facts about African wild dogs - Discover Wildlife

*** The 1st MetroWines ONLINE TASTING ***
April 23rd from 5:30 to 6:30
with Zingo Munger from Cape Classics

South African Wines to French Wines Smackdown!!
Joining the tasting  is "on the house" through Zoom.
You will find instructions on how to access us online here:

If you want to share in tasting the wines
Call (828) 575-9525 for pickup or delivery.

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Patricia Green Reserve

** Plan a Post Bunker Dinner Party **
In this Newsletter, I used to post Fantasy Guest Lists for occasions. But it became boring.
Why? Because the Guest List always began and ended with the same four people:
Tracy Ullman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Randy Newman and our favorite Winemaker, Michele d'Aprix

Last week, The NYT Book Review, author Lorrie Moore was asked
"You're organizing a literary dinner party. Which three writers, dead or alive, do you invite?"
And she said: "Three is perhaps not a festive number of guests.
I would like to throw a 45th birthday party for all the great writers who dies at 44:
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Anton Chekhov, Robert Louis Stevenson,
Henry David Thoreau, D.H. Lawrence, Joseph Roth, Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday."

Your turn! Who is on your Fantasy Post Bunker Dinner Party List?  
But what to serve? You need a wine that can pass across very diverse palates.

2014 Patricia Green Wine Spectator 92
"Offers refinement and presence, with expressive raspberry and pomegranate flavors,
laced with fresh violet and orange blossom notes, building richness toward polished tannins.
Drink now through 2027. 4,975 cases made. From Oregon. $30

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Viña Ijalba

That's German for "get me out of here!"

greyhoundrunning Instagram posts -

Well not exactly, but close.

Turns out Germans like to travel. They have, if you will, the wanderlust.
So I checked on the most popular destinations for German Travelers.
Number One Hot Spot is The Baltic.
So that is such in demand wine locations as Latvia, Estoni, Sweden and Finland,
all of which may be producing wine, but even if it is vunderbar,
it's not being widely imported into this country.
So, let's consider the runner up. That's Spain. Now, were cookin'

Ijalba Solferino 2016 Rioja

Viña Ijalba Solferino Tempranillo 2016 | Wine Info
This wine follows the German commitment to quality. First to be certified organic in Rioja!
Ruby in the glass with purple hue. Nose of dark berries, spices, earth and a touch of oak.
Full palate feel with a lasting finish. Good structure but with ample fruit.  

Vivino could not find this bottle for sale "anywhere." Seriously?
It's really not magic. We just work hard to find great wines for great values!
$17.99 @MetroWines

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*** Big RED of The Week ***

The Equalizer from Ammunition
2015 Sonoma County, California

Ammunition The Equalizer Red Blend | Wine Info

Winery Tasting Notes: "It levels the playing field with wines priced in another stratosphere.
Versatile and pleasing to a variety of palettes, this wine consistently delivers the goods.
The Equalizer is medium to full-bodied with a fruit-forward character.
The 2015 Equalizer Red Blend is deep purplish to ruby in color.
Its nose has plenty of blackberry, black cherry,
baking spice and vanilla notes that are both intense yet elegant.The finish is both long
and complex with a balance of sweet fruit and tannic structure
that will allow this wine to age gracefully for 5 to 10 years."

Vivino says Average Online Price is $23.99
$19.99 @MetroWines!

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*** More Good News ***
Luzan 2018 Bianco is Back
50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Macabeo

Pale straw yellow with a greenish rim color.
Aromas of floral notes, tropical and herbs.
The Macabeo and Chardonnay brings a fresh,
fruity and spicy and sweet palate driven with good acidity.

This wine is amazing for the price! 3 cases only.
Call with cc to reserve: (828) 575-9525


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Online Tasting with Cape Classics





Register HERE!

News Release: Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

About: Wine Tasting Goes Online with MetroWines
Join us on Thursday, April 23rd at 5:30 for our first in a series of online tastings. Our host is Zingo Munger of Cape Classics, Wine Enthusiast 2018 Importer of The Year, presenting "South Africa vs France Showdown" through Zoom!
The event is "on the house" but you must register here:  
At that time you will be giving the access code to the event.
How do you access the tasting? MetroWines Tech Wizard, Austin Sebek, has put together step by step instructions:
To join a Zoom meeting:
- Download Zoom Client For Meetings on either a computer or smartphone. For either device, you can find the download links here:
- Once downloaded, open Zoom app and select Join Meeting.
- Enter the unique Meeting ID given to you by Metro Wines.
- Type in your name and click Join.
- The app will then ask you whether you would like to enable your camera as well as your audio.
- You're in!
These instructions are generalized as they can differ across devices. For more information, here are device-specific, step by step instructions provided by Zoom:
And if you would like to share the wines featured during the presentation from your home, please call (828) 575-9525 for pickup or home delivery.
More on Cape Classics:

Press Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Tech Contact for MetroWines: Austin Sebek
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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At MetroWines, We Are Family!

Finally Some Good News!
Customer sent this email last Sunday:
Hi guys! In last week's newsletter, you mentioned the AHS needed emergency foster homes.
Experienced with fostering cats, I applied, then scanned through the kitty pics,
guessing who might be a match for us. Long story short, we ADOPTED Willow, an 18 yr old cat - yes, 18. We just lost our 18 yr old cat so Willow was meant for us. ? We needed each other.
Wanted you to know your suggestion made a difference - thank you!

Animal Shelters Everywhere Need Your Help.
Please help if you can - foster or adopt. Contact your nearest shelter.

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Greyhound Alliance Partners with Prison Greyhounds



The Race is On to Bring the Hounds Home

Sunburst Kennel (FL) is literally bursting at the seams with greyhoundsnow that even more Florida tracks have closed earlier than expected due to COVID-19. Greyhound adoption groups from throughout the United States are having to work quickly to transport, vet and find homes for these amazing dogs.

Our Greyhound Alliance (IL) has partnered with Prison Greyhounds (IN) to bring at least 200 dogs from Sunburst Kennel (FL) during the next few months. We thank Prison Greyhound leadership & volunteers for organizing this fundraising effort benefitting Sunburst Kennel and the greyhounds. We're so proud to be working together to help move as many dogs as possible.
It's ALL about the teamwork!

Every retired racing greyhound wants their Ticket Home. 

YOU have been invited as a selected group of greyhound lovers to help launch this important fundraising campaign. 
This is a peer-to-peer platform meaning you will create a page and invite your circle of friends & family to make small (or larger) donations. Every gift is valued - whether $5 or $50 or more.
You set your fundraising goal. Each greyhound costs $100 for the haul from Sunburst Kennel to Indiana where Prison Greyhounds will welcome the hounds and send them on to approved adopters or partner adopter organizations. Greyhound Lola encourages you to sponsor at least 1 greyhound (thank you)!
Creating My Fundraiser Now!
Lola (Blackjack Lola), a blue brindle brood mama, age 8 1/2 is arriving with our April 11th haul of 30 greyhounds. Her adoption is pending but she wants us to help bring as many hounds as possible up from Florida so they too can find forever homes.

Will you join Lola's 2020 A Ticket Home Campaign?

Setting up a personal fundraising page is easy, quick and secure. Have fun with it! Maybe add your dog's picture. Make it personal. What you NAME your campaign will become its URL. Share the URL with friends and ask them to give what they can to help the hounds. If it's important to you, it will matter to them as well!
8Sunburst Kennels is overcrowded with dogs so the need is urgent! We hope you'll join us to raise $30,000 and bring the hounds home!
If YES, you are encouraged to create your personal page by April 7th. 
The plan is for our Greyt Donors (that's YOU) to get the campaign started so we can raise $5,000+ by the time the first haul arrives April 11th.
Then we go public. We'll be asking all do-gooders and everyone who loves dogs to join Lola, Emily and Loca (mother, aunt & daughter) to bring all the hounds home! When they see we've already started raising funds, it will encourage others to join the team and help provide A Ticket Home for the hounds!
For The Greyhounds!
Here's suggested language you could use on your fundraising page...
What I'm raising money for...Every retired racing greyhound wants A Ticket Home. While we knew all greyhound race tracks in Florida would close at the end of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused most to already shutter. Sunburst Kennel is bursting at the seams with greyhounds needing transport to adoption groups. I am working with Prison Greyhounds and The Greyhound Alliance to transport at least 200 dogs in the next few months. There is a $100 per dog transport fee. My goal is to help transport >>> dogs. Please give what you can so that together we can "haul tail"! Thank you!
Questions? Need help setting up your personal page? Email Either Mary or Joni will be able to help you!
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Learn Italian Online

Dear Ciao Asheville members,
We certainly hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!
Since we are all stuck at home, Ciao Asheville has been thinking about how we can offer virtual Italian language classes and have come up with a plan. We are going to use Coffee Break Italian, which has free podcasts on their website. They have a beginning Italian series that includes 40 podcasts, with each podcast being about 20 minutes long. You can access the podcasts here to check it out. They also offer some other supporting materials which are free, plus a more comprehensive language program and materials for a fee.
We plan to use Zoom Pro and once per week in a one-hour time slot we will broadcast 2 of the audio podcasts back to back. Those interested would need to download Zoom (free; you do not need to pay for an account) onto their phone, tablet or computer to listen in and participate. Listening to the podcasts would take up about 40 to 45 minutes of an hour-long session. The remaining 15-20 minutes would be to practice, discuss, ask/answer questions, etc. via the Zoom session. Everyone participating would be put on mute for the podcast broadcast but then we would open up the lines so we could hear everyone for the discussion portion of the class. Note that the podcasts are *FREE* and we are offering this experience at no cost to members. We are hoping that this will give everyone something to focus on and we can all be ready with some basic Italian phrases when COVID-19 has cleared and we can plan (reschedule?) our trips to Italy. I know that I personally am really looking forward to that day!!
At this time, we would ask a couple of things from you. For those who are interested in participating, please do the following:
(1) Reply to this email (please do NOT reply all) to let us know you are interested.
(2) Let us know what day of the week and 1-hour time period you would prefer for the classes. Note that when we planned our language classes last fall that subsequently got canceled, we were going to have those classes on Thursdays starting at 5:30PM. 
If you are interested, please respond to us by Wednesday, April 8.  Feel free to email us if you have any questions.
Honestly, we are not sure how this will all work out but we are going to give it a good try!  We look forward to hearing back from you.
Gail Rampersaud
Events Coordinator
Ciao Asheville
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Avocados and Wine


From the April Edition of 50Plus Living

By Gina Trippi

Avocado is back on the table and on the walls!  The all white kitchen is yielding to the resurgence of the celebrated 1960’s color and the avocado itself is showing up with everything from toast to dessert.  The color palette is your call but we can help with the avocado, the fruit, palate pairing.


The relatively mild avocado, indigenous to Central America, with its creamy texture started as an aphrodisiac! By 1871, the avocado had found its way to California. Hass and Fuerte are the two most easily accessible varieties. While Hass has more oil content and Fuerte more fiber, the two are similar in taste and interchangeable for recipes and for our purpose of pairing.

Got a great recipe and the wine ready but the avocado is not yet ripe? Put no more than a few avocados in a paper bag with an apple at room temperature. The apple emits ethylene gas, a ripening agent. And to stop the avocado from turning brown, a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice helps the fruit retain its lovely green color.


Most of us think of the avocado as uniquely suited to Mexican dishes but this versatile fruit is holding its own in many other cuisines. You have no doubt encountered western style sushi known as the California Roll. So, now the avocado is surround by cucumbers instead of black beans and salsa! And the avocado is a welcomed addition to any dish with the heat turned up as the natural fat tempers the heat and calms the spices. Avocados are now in ice cream, sweet drinks and vinaigrette.


But for all its virtues, the Avocado has a bad reputation for wine pairing. Natalie MacLean, author of Red, White, and Drunk All Over says: “I put them in a category I call ‘Green Wine Stalkers’ because their natural compounds don’t marry well with many wine styles.”

Look for a white wine with high acidity to cut through the sweetness and fat in the fruit. A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc such as Kim Crawford or Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige would be good matches. If you prefer red, avoid tannic wines and opt for Domaine Depueble Beaujolais or California Pinot Noir such as Bodan Roan. 


Depending on the heat level of the recipe, the pairing may require a demi-sec Vouvray such as La Vigne Des Sablons or a domestic sparkling like Roederer Brut. And in case of doubt, call for backup! A middle of the road Rosé works with almost anything almost anytime!

Finally, many fear the avocado for its fat content. But rejoice! It is, as they say, the good fat. Avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, the kind that doctors say can lower the bad LDL cholesterol and maintain levels of the good HDL cholesterol.

Pick up avocados and let us pair a wine to your recipe @MetroWines.  Painting the walls is up to you!

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Divina White Beans

MetroWines "Essential" Dinner
Giant White BeansMartha Stewart Recipe
(You might want our Spicewalla Mediterranean Collection for this recipe.)
Bon Appétit Recipe

(You might want our Stanislaus Red Sauce for this recipe.)
Epicurious Recipe

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Wine. Dog. Laugh.

Now...for a Laugh!
(Customer sent this cartoon. Thank you!)

Image result for cartoon dog cone man touching face

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