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Macon Fuisse 2011

 b2ap3_thumbnail_macon-fuisse.jpg       b2ap3_thumbnail_macon-fuisse_20140404-202701_1.jpg

Macon Fuissy is 100% Chardonnay made in southern Burgundy and, although it bear some resemblance to its northern counterparts, this wine has more oak and slides across the palate with ease. $17.25

From Domaine Romanin:  Mâcon Fuissé : This wine is produced from a selection of 15 year old vines with a south/south-eastern exposure on a hillside overlooking the village of Fuissé. Clear yellow with green tints, the Mâcon-Fuissé Domaine Romanin has a very aromatic nose with notes of acacia flowers, hawthorn and grapefruit. In the mouth, these fruity notes are repeated accompanied by a round mouthfeel and good structure. Do not tuck it away for too long in your cellar, with time it will lose all its fresh aromas.

From the importer, Robert Wlater Selections: Mâcon Fuissé
This wine is produced from a selection of 15 year old vines with a south/south-eastern exposure on a hillside overlooking the village of Fuissé. Clear yellow with green tints, the Mâcon-Fuissé Domaine Romanin has a very aromatic nose with notes of acacia flowers, hawthorn and grapefruit. In the mouth, these fruity notes are repeated accompanied by a round mouthfeel and good structure.

Domaine Romanin is located in Burgundy in the village of Fuisse, right at the heart of the famous vineyards of Pouilly-Fuisse, where the domaine's Vervier Family are now into their fifth generation of winegrowing. Unsurprisingly, tradition plays a key part in Denis Vervier's vinous strategies as he goes about crafting his exemplary and authentic expressions, with sustainable viticulture, manual harvesting, time-tested cellar techniques and scrupulous attention to detail all key components.

The vines are between 30 and 70 years old and enjoy a south/southeastern exposure that is highly conducive to ripening, with the clay and limestone soils typical of the region bestowing their own unique characteristics on the Chardonnay fruit via fruity and fl oral nuances. There is, particularly with the blended Pouilly-Fuisses, a skill in the assemblage that sets this area of Burgundy apart.

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Learn the secrets of the masters to determine what's in your glass!

Grab your friends and join us TONIGHT for our blind tasting league! 

$15. Space is limited! Buy tickets online or call 575-9525 and reserve your space. FOR ALL THE INFO!!

No blindfolds. No experience necessary!

Come and have a great time with your friends!



Follow us on Instagram!


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Ostatu Rioja Blanco



This is Rioja Blanca!  High altitude vines 30 to 80 years old give us this blend of 85% Viura and 15% Malvasia. The wine is blanca fresh and fruity with a surprise touch of apricot. But what, you ask, is Rioja Blanca anyway?  Simply a term used to describe the various white varietal blends legally recognized in the Rioja. About one seventh of the vines in Rioja offer up light skinned grapes, Malvasia and Viura (local term for Macabeo) and Garnacha Blanca are the three most often called upon. Viura provides crisp fruit with green apple type acidity. Malvasia has detectible and delightful! honeysuckle and melon aromas and flavors. And when used, Garnacha Blanca brings varietally characteristic peachy citrus aromas and weight. Try the different, Rioja Blanca!!!


From the winery:

Wine-maker: Iñigo Sáenz de Samaniego
Vineyard management: Ernesto Sáenz de Samaniego/Iñigo Sáenz de Samaniego
Region: D.O.C. Rioja, Subzone Rioja Alavesa.
Vintage: 2013
Official Vintage Rating: Good
Release Date: December 2013

Vineyards: The grapes come from the highest parts of our oldest vineyards, around the villages of Samaniego, Laguardia, and Leza, at an altitude of 580 metres above sea level. Poor calcareous/clay soil, on south facing slopes. The subsoil is made up of various layers of white rock. 

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SIOS Les Creus 2010, Costers Del Segre



AMBROZIA customer called us to say she had a fabulous wine, "SIOS," there with dinner. She asked if we could order a case of SIOS for her. We were pleased to tell her that we have SIOS in the shop. Come on down! A blend of 85% Tempranillo and 15% Garnacha, SIOS is as the winemaker says: "A modern wine with a fresh and fruity character."  The nose and palate are all lush blackberry, blueberry and bosenberry wrapped in 6 months French Oak aging. The wine is balnaced, ripe and DRY. SIOS says goodbye with plum and pepper. In a perfect world, and a night at AMBROZIA is close! SIOS is served at 59 degrees. $17.99

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Help STOP Child Abuse

Help stop Child Abuse. When you buy Writer's Block Petite Sirah or Essay Shiraz during the month of April, 10% of the proceed goes to CAPS to further their work to STOP child abuse. From CAPS:




Join Us 





United Way Bldg, 50 S. French Broad Avenue



Commissioner Ellen Frost County Commission


Blue Ribbon Award to:  Barbara Blake, The Asheville Citizen-Times        

Presentation by CAPS Board President Leslie Hansen



THE STORY BEHIND THE BLUE RIBBON – The Blue Ribbon became the symbol of child abuse prevention when a Virginia grandmother tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van after her grandson was fatally abused as a signal to her community of her commitment to involve everyone in the battle against child abuse. She chose blue after seeing her grandson’s battered blue body. Her action – the action of one person – has evolved into a national campaign with millions of blue ribbons across the country every April to demonstrate a commitment to preventing child abuse and protecting all children.


Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc

Phone: 254-2000;  caps@childabusepreventionservices,org


Working to reduce/prevent child abuse, strengthen families, and assist children who have experienced abuse through personal safety education, crisis intervention/counseling, and parent education.

There is no excuse for abuse!

All kids deserve a safe, healthy childhood!                     Child abuse prevention is Everyone’s business!


For Release_____________________ Child Abuse Prevention Services__________________________

50 S. French Broad Avenue                                Contact:  Bill McGuire

     Asheville, NC 28801                                        O: 254-2000, ext 102

                                   February 27, 2014

                                    April Child Abuse Prevention Month

                                            The Blue Ribbons are Back! 

Tying of Blue Ribbons, April 1; Proclamations April1 and 8; Blue Ribbon Night at The Tourists April 18; Documentary Film ‘Searching for Angela Shelton’ April 22;  Build-A-Bear; Vintage VW Raffle, Radio interviews/PSAs, Nonprofit partner of month at Metro Wines and more…. 

ASHEVILLE, NC: - Child Abuse Prevention Month will kick off with Tying of Blue Ribbons and ‘Planting’ of the Pinwheel Garden at the United Way Building/Community Service Center, 50 S. French Broad Avenue, at noon April 1.  The kick off is to increase the awareness of child abuse, and prevention and treatment, and to demonstrate a community commitment to protect all children. 

There will be brief remarks by Leslie Hansen, Board President of Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc. (CAPS), and Advisory Board Member and County Commissioner Ellen Frost; and, a moment of silence for the 4,716 children reported as abused/neglected last year in Buncombe County.

“We come not to lament but to prevent, to raise awareness of child abuse and to encourage involvement in prevention, treatment, and protection of all children – our future”, said Hansen.  “There is no excuse for abuse and child abuse prevention is everyone’s business.” 

“When the issue of child abuse is owned by everyone and the community”, continued Hansen, “prevention will truly progress, fewer children will be at risk, and more children will have a safe, healthy life free from abuse and the opportunity to reach their potential.”

In addition to tying blue ribbons to demonstrate a commitment to preventing child abuse and supporting survivors CAPS will present the Blue Ribbon Award to Barb Blake of the Asheville Citizen-Times.

The Blue Ribbon was chosen as a symbol of child abuse prevention when Bonnie Finney, a grandmother in Virginia, took a stand against child abuse.  She tied a blue ribbon on her car after her grandson was fatally abused.  It was a signal to her community of her commitment to involve everyone in the battle against child abuse.  She chose blue after seeing her grandson’s battered blue body.  Her action, the action of one person, has evolved into a national campaign with millions of blue ribbon across the country every April. 

“The numbers are staggering”, says Bill McGuire, Director of CAPS.  “One in 5 children will experience abuse, half will be under 6 years old, and tragically 4 children will die every day from abuse and neglect.  There are over 5 million children reported abused/neglected in the US every year, over 125,000 in NC and over 4,000 right here in Buncombe County. Abuse crosses all lines and knows no boundaries.  Usually the abuser is known to the child, and often is someone who is supposed to love and protect them.  Behind each of these numbers is a face, a child – our future”, 

The Child Health Report Card from Action for Children and the NC Institute of Medicine has for years given the state D’s and F’s in child maltreatment stating if it were a communicable disease, child abuse and neglect would be an epidemic in North Carolina.  More recently, they gave a C rating and hopefully that improvement can continue.

Hansen, president of the Board of CAPS said, “Education is the key to turning the tide against abuse.  Increased awareness will result in more parents teaching their children personal safety, in true open communication, and more disclosures leading to cessation of abuse along with counseling”. 

“We would love to work ourselves out of existence, but unfortunately that is not going to happen,” McGuire said.  “So we will keep educating children and families to reduce and prevent abuse, and keep offering crisis intervention and counseling for those who need it. “ 

“Hopefully, working together, as a community and individually we can make a difference,” said Kathy Redmond, Board Vice President, “and one day all children, our most precious, yet most vulnerable asset can have a safe, healthy childhood and one day we won’t need to be here.  That would be the best of all possible worlds.”  

  • Following the April 1 kick off, Chairman David Gantt and the Board of Commissions will proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Buncombe at their meeting later in the day.  
  • On April 8 Mayor Esther Manheimer and the Asheville City Council will also do so. 
  • April 18 will be Blue Ribbon Night at the Asheville Tourist game. CAPS staff and volunteers will hand out blue ribbons at the gate.  Before the game will they will take to the field to pin a large blue ribbon on Ted E, the Tourists’ mascot.  Young Abraham and Nolan Pospishil, sons of CAPS therapist, Shannon McTeague-Pospishil will actually pin the ribbon on Ted E.
  • On April 22 the documentary film “Searching for Angela Shelton” will be shown by CAPS at the United Way Building, 50 S. French Broad Avenue at 6 pm.  Everyone Welcome!  No charge.  Shelton is an Asheville native and is a screenwriter, actress and documentary film producer.  The film is her search, roaming the country seeking other Angela Sheltons, learning how many of them had also experienced child sexual abuse, confronting her father/abuser, and triumphing over the abuse.  Her mother Joann Shelton will be with us at the film to deliver remarks and answer questions.  
  • There will be Build-A-Bear events during April with volunteers and staff building teddy bears for children who have experienced abuse.
  • During April Child Abuse Prevention Month, CAPS will be presenting a new program ‘Stewards of Children’ child sexual abuse prevention training for adults to all Asheville City School counselors and social workers.  
  • There will also be radio interviews and PSAs; and, CAPS will be the nonprofit partner for the month at Metro Wines, 169 Charlotte St. 
  • There will be Blue Ribbons and literature at libraries, businesses, pediatricians, and churches.
  • CAPS will be presenting Prevention/Personal Safety programs in city and county schools, providing Counseling to children/families who have experienced abuse, and providing Parent Ed.

“Child Abuse Prevention Month is all about increasing public awareness, encouraging involvement in prevention, and trying to protect and do the best that we can for all children – the future of tomorrow”, said McGuire. 

Even though the numbers are staggering – 5 million children reported as abused/neglected in the U.S. last year, 125,000 in NC, and 4,716 right here in Buncombe County., the successes are many – whether it is children who learned skills to protect themselves and avoid or get out of an abusive situation, or those who raise their hand in our school-based Prevention/Personal Safety Ed. to disclose abuse and get immediate help and counseling (see attached Faces and Success Stories)”, said McGuire.

“The cost of child abuse in the US is $250 million a DAY or $95 billion a year.  This translates to the equivalent of $1,500 a year per family, yet we only spend $1 a year per family on prevention in the U.S.  It’s not only the cost in dollars, but the emotional cost.  With the overwhelming trauma of abuse, the ability to respond effectively to daily life may be affected – boundaries may be blurred, appropriate/inappropriate behavior may be confused, and feelings may be numbed”, said Advisory Board Member Ellen Frost.  “Folks who have experienced abuse many not have the luxury of thinking before acting and may live at times in the emotional center of their brains because that is what they had to do as children to survive.  And, that is why the school-based prevention programs at CAPS is so important, as are all the services at DSS, as well as CAPS counseling.” 

Last year CAPS educated and empowered 8,000 children with skills to protect themselves, provided adult training to 500 childcare providers, helped 500 children/families stabilize, get through the trauma of abuse and develop new coping skills through counseling and helped 200 families learn increased parenting skills. 

Our “Stewards of Children” child sexual abuse prevention training for adults from Darkness 2 Light is based on ‘5 Steps to Protecting Children’:  Learn the facts, Minimize opportunity and one-on-one situations, Talk about it/true open communication about bodies/boundaries, Recognize the signs of abuse, and React Responsibility regarding disclosures and reporting.

 “In addition to educating/empowering children with skills to protect themselves – to avoid or get out of an abusive situation, the school-based Prevention/Personal Safety Program often results in disclosure when a young hand goes up”, said Mary Trigg, community educator with CAPS. 

A third grader raised her hand in our child abuse prevention/personal safety education program at a local school, disclosed abuse so horrific that DSS and law enforcement rushed to the scene to immediately remove her from the sexually abusing parents.  In essence, our prevention program became an intervention in facilitating her disclosure and led to treatment as she came to us for counseling/therapy. She is now doing well and living with her aunt. 

Another child raised his hand to say his mother’s boyfriend put him in a clothes dryer and turned it on.  He too is coming for counseling and doing well. 

A young mother called us Christmas Eve relating she was all alone, going through a divorce, and her 6-year-old daughter who had just returned from a visit with the father told her mom that he had sexually abused her.  The mother didn’t know what to do – devastated, alone on Christmas Eve.  Then she recalled hearing about 211.  She called them, they referred to CAPS, we talked to her Christmas Eve, set up counseling the day after Christmas, and set up a child medical evaluation (CME) at Mission Children’s Center child abuse evaluation unit. 

We currently have a beautiful 5-year-old girl coming in for counseling. She drags the giant stuffed Wells Fargo pony from the waiting room to the children’s therapy room, arranges it just so, sits down then tells the therapist come sit down next to me and we’ll talk.  We told Kim Plemmons, our Board Member with Wells Fargo about this and she cried.  The next day we received two huge boxes – one was another Wells Fargo pony for our children’s therapy room and one was another pony for this special little girl to take home.

And, there is the 6-year-old girl who asks her mother every morning, “Do I have therapy with Miss Ilene today?”  Counseling and CAPS has become such a significant, positive, and safe part of her young life. 

All these children have experienced something no child should have to experience, but the hurt has stopped, the hope and healing has begun, they have found a safe place at CAPS, they are getting help, and they can now live safe, healthy lives free from abuse, and have the opportunity to reach their potential

“We are really proud of being able to see children/families who have experienced abuse within 24 to 72 hours for crisis intervention/counseling.  Many agencies in other places have waiting lists, but at CAPS we believe it is crucial to see these children and their parent/caregivers quickly to help them stabilize and deal with the trauma”, said McGuire., “And to learn new coping skills to deal with the abuse, to reduce negative behavior and unhealthful beliefs related to the abuse, and improve their condition,” said therapists Melinda Kent and Shannon McTeague-Pospishil.

               For information or to become a donor or supporter call 254-2000 or email:  We are located at 50 S. French Broad Ave., Suite 152, Asheville, NC 28801

 There is no excuse for abuse!

All kids deserve a safe, healthy childhood!  Child abuse prevention is Everyone’s business! 


 ‘Working to reduce/prevent child abuse, strengthen families, and assist children who have experienced abuse through personal safety education, crisis intervention/counseling, and parent education.’

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Chateau Unang, Ventoux, 2009


Red 2009 AOC Ventoux

Aside from the fact that Unang Dog has one heck of a crash pad there at Unang (see below) Unang is known for making "meaty," mineral laden red wines.  This wine is a blend of handpicked grapes:  60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, and 10% Carignan. Unang sits beautifully, bountifully and highly (the adverb lives!) on a sub-alpine plateau that siddles up to Mt. Ventoux facillitating a cooler climate than that found lower in the Rhone. Ventoux Vines are home at 1,000 above sea level planted in limestone rich soil.

Grape Varieties: Grenache, Carignan, Syrah (with yields of 30-40hl/hectare, hand-picked).

Tasting Notes : A strong fruit character of vibrant cherries greets the nose, and this is followed-up with a good fruit presence in the mouth. The wine tastes fresh and there is the start of an elegant black pepper, almost balsamic, finish.

Terroir : The highest vineyards on the domain, at just under 300 meters, are reserved for the red wines. The clay-limestone soil at this height gives the wines a more complex expression. Their southerly aspect, fanned by the Mistral wind, leads to ripe, clean fruit. This wine is definitely a high-altitude wine, marked by its freshness.

Wine-making : The grenache was initially fermented at low temperatures to ensure the maximum of fruit was harnessed. Carbonic maceration was used to ferment the carignan, giving a softer-styled wine. The syrah has a slightly longer fermentation and extraction (up to three weeks), to give more structure to support the fruit.

Notes: Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled during the summer. Ready to drink now but will easily last 3 to 4 years. Would suit lighter meat dishes.


Fun Unang Facts from Vintage59, the importer:

Château Unang, Ventoux

Château Unang, Ventoux

In 867, the Bishop of Venasque was given Château Unang. The nearby village of Venasque was the capital of the Comtat Venaissin until 1320, when the seat of government moved to Carpentras. The Venaissin state (comtat) was an independent enclave within France that came to house the Roman Curia and eventually gave rise to the Wine of the Pope, ie, Châteauneuf-du-Pape. For over 800 years Unang was passed down from one bishop to another, until it was sold at the end of the 17th century (while Papal control of the Comtat continued until 1791, when France absorbed the enclave). Presumably, since the 9th century, a cross has stood on top of Unang’s hill.

In the late 18th century, an Italian aristocrat married into the family that owned Unang. Subsequently, the château was spruced up with a facelift, and a formal garden was designed to step down the hillside, following the path of a natural spring. Three terraced gardens were planted, each anchored by a fountain fed from the spring. In 1882 a six-meter wooden cross was mounted on a stone plinth on the hilltop, a restoration of an earlier cross. Frustratingly, the original date of the cross and other inscriptions in the stone have weathered away; much of that history, along with the origins of the name Unang, has been lost.

The property sits deep in the tail end of the Nesque Valley, named after the Nesque River that flows out of the high Vaucluse Plateau to the east and runs through a rugged limestone gorge. Unang is an isolated, self-contained domaine with, interestingly enough, its own geological category:les sables d'Unang. This refers to a particular type of sandy soil that lies overtop limestone. Apart from Unang’s hillside, pockets of the sands of Unang are also found in the Gigondas AOC.

Unang’s vineyards all grow on site, facing east and south between 220 and 320 meters above sea level, and are completely surrounded by forest. It’s cooler here than many other parts of the Ventoux appellation, and certainly cooler than the Rhône Valley floor to the west. The Giant of Provence, Mount Ventoux, stands guard to the north, its bald dome of white limestone lending it all the gravitas a guardian needs. UNESCO recognized the mountain as a World Heritage Site in 1990.

When James and Joanna King bought Unang in 2001, there were twenty hectares of vines in various parcels up and down the hillside, and in varying degrees of health. Six hectares of poorly sited and/or diseased vines were torn out, and a new cellar was put in. In 2003, James slowly began to replant, and he plans to grow to eighteen hectares of vines, or a little more than forty-four acres. The white varieties grow farthest down the hillside in the coolest zone, while the reds occupy the mid and upper slopes. What James likes in wine is elegance and depth, and his site enables him to make such wines par excellence. These are high-altitude wines of freshness, vigor, and minerality.

All grapes are hand-harvested at Unang, and James is working toward organic viticulture.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_cercius.jpg        b2ap3_thumbnail_cercius-label.jpg

CERCIUS Blanc, 2012 , Gassier and Cambie winemakers                      and imported by Eric Solomon, $14.99

Beautifully fresh and lively, Cercius Blanc is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. The wine delivers an outstanding bouquet of citrus-laced wild herbs, lime, and loads of wet stone-like minerality that flows to a medium bodied, acid driven palate that has a pure, focused texture and outstanding length. Perfect as an aperitif, with seafood, poutry and light meals, all by itself and absolutely ready to go on a hot summer. Given the balance and freshness, it will most likely age well, but the winemaker still recommends drinking bottles in their first year or two.

The winemaker says very late ripening grapes do best in terroirs where sunny weather, accumulated heat and vigorous Mistral winds guarantee  along ripening period. The Latin name for these strong north-northwest winds is CERCIUS. the defining feature and raison d'etre for partners Michel Gassier, Philippe Cambie and Eric solomon to launch this new project. the brisk cross winds protect the grapes freshness which is preserved during vinification in concrete tanks.


From The Augusta Chronicle:

WHAT: Many wine drinkers know about the famous French wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone. Unfortunately, the best of those wines carry hefty price tags that keep most of us from drinking them.

But that’s no reason to give up on French wine. There are great wines from lesser-known producers and great wines form lesser-known regions. You just have to be willing to try some new things.

I’m glad I tried the Cercius White because it is a versatile wine at a good price. You could serve it with a fancy dinner or enjoy it on the back porch with friends. It’s a bright, refreshing wine, loaded with flavors, including melon, citrus and a mineral taste that I love with white wines.

It’s a light straw color, produced from 70 percent Grenache Blanc and 30 percent Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is aged on the lees in large concrete eggs. I first saw such eggs at Chappellet in Napa Valley where they had brought one in from France as an experiment. Winemakers say the concrete produces a purer flavor than stainless steel or oak.

The wine’s name comes from the Latin word for the legendary mistral wines of Provence that sweep through the vines and out to the Mediterranean Sea. The 25-year-old vines are at the southern edge of the Rhone Valley near Nimes. The appellation is Costieres de Nimes.

The label also features a beautiful stylized drawing of a grapevine with roots going deep into the soil.

WINERY: Cercius is a project of Michel Glassier, Philippe Cambie and Eric Solomon. One good way to find French wines is to identify an importer who brings in wines you like.

Eric Solomon is one of those importers with a great reputation. He imports wine from Spain, France, Portugal and Switzerland.

After extensive work in the wine trade, he started his company European Cellars in 1989, focusing on wines of southern France. He was named Food and Wine Magazine’s top U.S. importer of 2007.

On the Web site of Eric Solomon Selections it says, “As an importer, we wish all our wines to speak distinctly of a place – that their expression is one of that particular locale, unobscured by winemaking interventions (but sometimes enhanced by them?).”

Solomon, who lives in Charlotte, told Charlotte Taste Magazine, “Being a wine importer is a bit like being a talent scout. You taste a lot of forgettable wines looking for that one that really moves you. But I loved the thrill of recognizing raw talent and bringing it into the marketplace.”

The Cercius white certainly is one of those rare finds.

GOES WITH: I served this with ginger garlic shrimp, sauteed in olive oil with parsley and red pepper flakes, served over pasta. The bright citrus fruit flavors calmed the heat of the shrimp perfectly. And the Sauvignon Blanc in the mix gave it just the right mineral zest.

This would go well with many kinds of fish, chicken, spicy foods and hard cheeses. It also makes a nice aperitif.

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Writer's Block, Essay, Help Stop Child Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  April is also National Poetry Month. To honor our poets and to help stop child abuse, we have a plan! When you buy "Essay" (Shiraz from South Africa, $9.99) or "Writer's Block" (Petite Sirah from California, $17.99) @MetroWines any time during the month, 10% of the proceeds are donated to support the work of Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) here in the Asheville area.

Writer's Block



The fruit for the Petite Sirah comes from Clay Shannon’s vineyards in High Valley. This high elevation, cooler climate vineyard produces a little leaner Petite Sirah compared with lower elevation sites. 


Not much has to be done to the Petite Sirah grape for it to be bright with fruit and deep with color. During the fermentation we used the rack and return process to increase mouthfeel and tannin balance followed by aging in French and Hungarian Oak for 8 months. A small amount of Zinfandel, Syrah, and Merlot were blended in to increase complexity.

Food Pairing

The intense flavor of Petite Sirah usually calls for intense foods to match the flavors. However, since this wine is slightly lighter than typical Petite Sirahs, it will pair well with anything from fennel sausage pasta to Osso Buco. Enjoy!



Essay Shiraz Cinsault Mourvèdre Viognier 2010

Wine of Origin Western Cape

Blend: Shiraz 87%, Cinsault 6%, Mourvèdre 6%, Viognier 1%
Grape source: Several premium vineyards in the Western Cape region of South Africa
Wine analysis: Alc 14.0% • RS 3.38g/l • TA 5.6 g/l • pH 3.49

Winemaking techniques:

Grapes from several premium vineyards. The grapes were fermented over 7 days in stainless steel tanks. The shiraz portion was lightly wooded for softer mouth-feel. The wine was made in a fruit-forward, soft style. Cinsault was added for additional red berry fruit flavours, and Mourvèdre brings texture and spice. A touch of Viognier was added to soften the tannins and for its floral aromas. The wine was fined and filtered before bottling.

Wine description & food pairing:

This is a medium-bodied red wine with an expressive nose and a soft, lush mouth-feel. The shiraz and cinsault combine to give ripe plum cherry fruit on the palate with a touch of pepper spice. Mourvèdre adds complexity with savoury and dark fruit aromas. The Viognier adds softness and intriguing floral notes.

This is a modern-styled Cape wine that will complement a wide range of foods. Excellent as a sipping red wine, it will also go well with Asian foods, modern fusion cuisine and Italian dishes. 

Robert Parker on Essay Wines:

"awesome wine value....Essay(95% chenin blanc/5% viognier)...dead-ringer for a dry tasty Loire Valley Chenin....what blows my mind....eight($8) measly dollars...full retail....incomprehensible how any wine this good could be so and melons...all tank fermented and aged...I was knocked out by this wine's quality...would have thought $20 was an attractive price for it...but $8!

Article from The Asheville Citizen Times, March 28, 2014:

ASHEVILLE – There’s that stereotype of a child abuser as the rage-filled man in a stained undershirt with a sixth beer in one hand and the other clenched into a fist ready to smack his kid against the wall and teach him a lesson.

He’s part of the picture, for sure. But not the only picture. There also are the hard-working dads who lose their jobs and are frantic and angry that they can’t pay the mortgage. The moms whose nerves are shattered by the incessant crying of colicky babies. The teen father who has no understanding of what’s reasonable behavior to expect of his willful toddler.

There are many reasons adults abuse children — not one of them acceptable. The only thing certain is that abuse crosses all lines — gender, race, culture and socioeconomic — and that the young victims often suffer lifelong effects.

Even though children are being hurt behind the doors of mobile homes and mansions alike, nationally renowned Asheville pediatrician Dr. Olson Huff said he believes the causes of physical abuse are often tied directly to poverty, which in turn is tied to public policy and funding, and to changing societal norms.

“We have at least 3 percent more children living in poverty now than we did 20 years ago, and that’s a tragedy in a country like ours, where more and more families and children are sinking to the poverty level, adding to the stress, anxiety, frustration, anger and all those things that are taken out on our most vulnerable, our children,” Huff said.

“If the family is suffering, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out all the things that go along with that can erupt in hopelessness, depression, drug abuse and marital discord, all of which are factors in child abuse,” he said.

Huff, for whom the Olson Huff Child Development Center at Mission Children’s Hospital is named, said in addition to the trickle-down effects of poverty, modern times have led to “different ways of working and playing and living, and some of that may have a backlash on us in relationships, as far as how we get along with each other.”

“We have fewer people living in smaller communities and more living in more urban environments, in bigger cities with more traffic, more hassles that produce frustrations and challenges to basic, ordinary living,” Huff said. “And we have such a fear mentality — people carry guns all the time, and we have the instant news profiles of people blowing themselves up around the world.

“People are fearful, and they react and draw themselves in rather than engaging with each other, being positive, talking more actively with each other, being outside with their kids and walking in neighborhoods with their families,” he said. “We spend too much time simply watching TV all the time, and absorbing things we can’t really interpret well.”

Bill McGuire, executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services, said there is no single explanation for child abuse. “But physical abuse often occurs with folks under great stress, with poor impulse control, anger, frustration, lack of support systems, alcohol or substance abuse and individuals who themselves experienced abuse as children,” he said. “And often there is little knowledge of normal age-appropriate child development and parenting and unrealistic expectations of the child.”

Adults who abuse children sexually are in another league, with triggers based in more pathological and deviant behaviors, but they, too, span the spectrum of societal lines, McGuire said.

Sobering numbers

While Huff and other child advocates work to stop the root causes of abuse, nonprofits like Child Abuse Prevention Services are arming children with the tools they need to protect themselves and offering healing to those who have succumbed to abuse. And their numbers are “staggering,” McGuire said.

One in five children in America will experience abuse, half will be younger than 6 and four will die every day from abuse and neglect, he said. In 2013 in Buncombe County, 4,716 children were reported as abused or neglected, following 3,985 in 2012; nearly 4,000 in 2010; and 3,933 in 2008, McGuire said. Most cases involved neglect, followed by physical abuse, then sexual abuse.

CAPS reached 8,200 Buncombe County children in grades K-5 last year to teach them to protect themselves and recognize, resist and report abuse. Adult training was provided to 350 child care providers, including all Head Start staff, who learned to recognize and respond to abuse and how to handle disclosure.

More than 250 families received parenting education, and 500 individuals — children, siblings and families who experienced abuse — received crisis intervention and counseling, including help for nonoffending parents, McGuire said.

Mary Trigg, community educator with CAPS, said a key piece in empowering children is “opening up an honest conversation about abuse and letting kids know that they can speak up.”

“Certainly, a huge piece of the program is providing kids with information, tools, a three-step personal safety plan and strategies for keeping themselves safe and getting out of unsafe situations,” she said. “But perhaps the biggest goal of the program is to get kids comfortable even talking and thinking about safe and unsafe touches and to de-stigmatize the conversation.”

Trigg said child abuse is almost a taboo subject on community, state and national levels because “it makes people uncomfortable to talk and think about, and because it’s a heavy topic.”

“We’ve all heard plenty about ‘stranger danger’ because it’s easier to think of a big, scary, unknown bad guy; it’s a lot harder to think that abusers are actually people we know, people who we see every day,” she said.

“If we were able to have more open conversations about what abuse really looks like, where it comes from, who it comes from, it would do a lot to start making the situation better,” Trigg said. “Of course, more funding and buy-in from policy-makers and funders would be fantastic, too.”

Staggering costs, financial and emotional

McGuire said the cost of child abuse in the U.S. is $250 million a day, or $95 billion a year. “This translates to the equivalent of $1,500 a year per family, yet we only spend $1 a year per family on prevention.”

For example, he said, there are only 30 programs like CAPS covering 100 counties in North Carolina and only about 1,000 in the country.

“It’s not only the cost in dollars, but the emotional cost,” he said, referring to an Adverse Childhood Experiences study that showed a correlation between childhood trauma and adult health problems, including alcohol or drug abuse, depression, heart disease, relationship issues and suicide.

Ilene Procida, a therapist with CAPS who has worked with hundreds of families involved with abuse, said the impact on children can be lifelong, with increased incidences of depression, anxiety, early sexual behavior and higher rates of substance use and abuse. Recent studies have linked increased digestive disorders in adulthood to early abuse.

“And, perhaps most significantly, those who were abused are far more likely to become offenders, thus perpetuating generations of dysfunction and denial,” Procida said. “Even if no one else ever knows about the abuse, the child certainly does, and the effects are long term and damaging.”

Huff believes the costs incurred after abuse could be vastly altered by putting money into front-end programs that make systemic changes and are truly preventive, beginning with lawmakers charged with policy and funding.

“Many of us are fortunate that we don’t need government help to put our lives and living situations together, but many do — subsidies for day care, for example,” Huff said.

“Good day care programs enrich the lives of children and integrate them better socially, and they provide a safe place for parents to have their children while they’re working,” eliminating one huge stressor.

To cut preschool education programs is “counterproductive — it just doesn’t make sense that we would take away the kinds of things that build a better environment for everybody and a better future for children educationally, socially and emotionally,” he said.

Huff said there is “regressive thinking” on the part of many elected officials who should be “strengthening the programs that aid people rather than shrinking programs to give others tax breaks.”

“Education and health care are pivotal. I think the failure of the state to take the Medicaid expansion is totally and completely insane,” he said. “We ought to be looking at what are the most pressing problems and put the maximum amount of attention to those, and I would argue that prevention of mental, physical and sexual abuse of children is a major place to put our focus.”

Huff said he believes most parents want the best for their children, and that even those who inflict abuse “aren’t necessarily just bad people; they are sometimes overstressed and under-resourced people.”

“The more we can do to help each other, to look at the families in our communities and see what we can do to offer more care, compassion and understanding — and certainly how we can guide our policymakers to do the same thing — I think we could make some dents in this problem.”

CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH• Child Abuse Prevention Month kicks off at noon Tuesday at the United Way building at 50 S. French Broad Ave., with the tying of blue ribbons and planting of a “pinwheel garden.”• The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners will proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month at its meeting Tuesday; Asheville City Council will do the same April 8.• April 18 will be Blue Ribbon Night at the Asheville Tourists game at McCormick Field, where CAPS staff and volunteers will hand out blue ribbons at the gate and will pin a ribbon on mascot “Ted. E.” on the field.• The documentary film “Searching for Angela Shelton” will be shown at 6 p.m. April 22 at the United Way building, chronicling the Asheville native’s nationwide search for other Angela Sheltons who experienced and triumphed over child sexual abuse. Free and open to the public.• Build-A-Bear events will happen throughout the month, with volunteers and staff building teddy bears for children who have experienced abuse.• A raffle for a vintage Volkswagen — The Blue Ribbon Bug — will be held during April. Tickets are $10.• Blue ribbons and literature will be available during April at libraries, businesses, pediatrician offices and churches.LEARN MORETo take part in the month’s activities or to learn more about the programs and services offered by Child Abuse Prevention Services, call 254-2000 or visit
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Wine Club: Local, Convenient, Best Value

When you join the Metro Wines Case Club, you not  only receive amazing wines for prices that are almost sinful, you also pick up wine notes on every wine in your box and you have access to our staff for questions about the wines or pairing potential. We are local, we are convenient, responsible and we are here for you! Take a look at some of our notes:



Carmine Granata Malbec Oak Cask 2007

Intense aromas of raspberry, red cherry, plum and red currant.  The oak adds hints of vanilla, coffee and tobacco. In the palate, different layers of flavors; at the front, it starts with bright red fruit and spices; in the mid palate, the fruit and meaty flavors open up; at last, it has a long lasting finish with balanced tannins and leather notes.  Recommended foods: grilled meats, lamb chops, steaks and hearty foods.

Wine Enthusiast Definitely a food wine.  Serve with red meats and mushroom dishes, or along with aged cheeses.

Coteaux Bourguignons Pinot Noir-Gamay 2011

This is a medium-bodied blend of two of France’s lighter reds.  To get the best from this wine, chill this as you would a Beaujolais.  This unlikely mix offers fresh, red fruit which pairs well with chicken, turkey, sausages, or grilled fish.  Consider dishes such as grilled salmon, black bean quesadillas, chicken in red wine vinegar, or green chile burgers with a fried egg.

Delas Ventoux 2011

 The color is a deep ruby red, showing garnet reflections. With its predominately berry-fruit bouquet, this wine shows the full aromatic power of these two fine grape varieties whilst retaining the freshness imparted by well-controlled winemaking.  This wine pairs well with Provencale stews, cold cuts, mixed grills and small game.  Consider dishes such as beef Daube, pepper steak, or cabbage soup.

Dolmo Tempranillo Ribera del Duero 2012

This wine presents a deep color containing red and purplish tones. Its aromas display a perfect combination of red fruits, revealing perfect ripening at the time of harvesting.  Its aging in barrels gives it vanilla and toasted nuances that balance the weight of the fruit perfectly.  Pairs well Spanish and Mexican dishes.  Consider dishes made with Chorizo or duck.

Domaine Filliatreau Chateau Fouquet Saumur 2012

This is a clean fruit-forward cabernet franc, with vinification entirely temperature controlled and in stainless steel. Lively black raspberries struck with fresh acidity and a tinge of burnt leaf smoke. This is wine open for consumption now.   Pair with American or French dishes made with white meats or  vegetables.  Consider roast chicken or steak frites.

Marc Roman Malbec 2011

Rich, medium bodied and easy drinking red.  The warm climate of southern France helps produce a velvety malbec packed with black spice notes and dark berry fruit.  Pair with medium weight dishes from France and USA.  Easy to drink on its own.  Consider roast poultry, a mixed salad, or a fish casserole.

Masciarelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2011

This wine displays a deep, ruby red color in the glass, with intense aromas of red cherries and flowers. A complex wine, with flavors of red berries, cherries, red currants, violets, and a hint of tobacco. A well-made, soft red perfect for all occasions.  Pair with pizza or anything Italian.  Consider lamb or goat meat marinated or flavored with herbs like sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, marjoram.

Montes Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

 The Wine Advocate scored this super-value Cab 90 points saying "The 2011 Montes Classic Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with 15% Merlot and offers a simple black currant, vanilla and violet bouquet that is joyful and well defined. The palate is medium-bodied with succulent tannin, crisp raspberry and dark cherry fruit, zesty acidity and lovely focus on the finish. At this price, it would be hard to find a better Cabernet. Drink now-2016.”  Pair with aged cheeses, red meats, and hearty foods.

Odfjell Armador Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

A smooth, elegant Cabernet produced by an international team of winemakers: Californian vintner Paul Hobbs, resident winemaker Arnaud Hereu from Bordeaux and Marcela Garate from Chile.   Odfjell wines are considered to be one of the most innovative and excitingly different to come from Chile.

An intense ruby color with hints of violets.   Distinctive aromas displaying ripe red fruit such as cherries and plums, as well as aroma of liquorice, anis and a touch of vanilla.  Perfectly balanced with ripe, soft tannins and a long refreshing finish."  Pair with aged cheeses, red meats, and hearty foods.

Poggio Della Torre Chianti 2011

the grapes are born and raised in Vinci (Yes, the same as Leonardo) and Cerreto Guidi (the Medicis have a place there). Temperature control encourages good color and supple tannins in this 100% Sangiovese. The nose is full and fruity with notes of spice and the palate is wild strawberry and cherry. The feel and flavor are smooth and the lingering finish holds onto the fruit.  Well structured and made the traditional way gives this wine, with proper storage, aging potential of 7 to 9 years.   Pair with pizza, poultry dishes, spiced lamb, or lean beef.

Routas Wild Boar Red Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Named for the wild boars that roam the estate, Chateau Routas is a limited production, eco driven estate in the heart of Provence about midway between the French Riviera and The Alps.  Dried Plum and cherry flavors are firm and accented by plenty of herbal notes. Hints of hot spice mark the finish." Wine Spectator - 87 points  Definitely a food wine that should be paired with cheese, humus, and red meat dishes.

Santa Julia Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

"This Cabernet Sauvignon (aged for ten months in French oak) has an attractive bouquet of blackberry, boysenberry and tobacco that is crisp, light and focused.  The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannins as well as buoyant red currant and raspberry fruit with deftly integrated oak on the finish.  This is very fine for the price."  88 Points The Wine Advocate

"Pretty aromas of cassis, cherry and sweet cream are inviting. Feels good, with zesty acidity and nice overall balance. Flavors of black currant, Bing cherry and plum cover the bases, while the finish is easygoing.  The epitome of everyday Cabernet. Best Buy"  88 Points Wine Enthusiast Pair with root vegetables, barbeque, and red meat dishes.

Santa Julia Reserva Malbec 2012

This Malbec has a silky entrance  with notes of smoke, and a well balanced  acidity and long finish.  Malbec is best served with rich or creamy vegetable dishes and red meats.   Consider a dish made from fusilli, mushrooms and sausage.

Tormaresca Neprica 2010

Medium-bodied, displaying a round mix of black plum, dark cherry and light fig notes, with layers of spice and hints of mountain herb and tobacco.  Negroamaro, Primitivo and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Wine Spectator One of the 10 Best Bargain Wines in the World from Food & Wine Magazine, Dec. 2012: "Tuscany's Antiori family has made wine since the 1300's. Those seven centuries of experience may account for why this spicy southern Italian red blend is such an absurd value"  Serve with a burger, cheese and sausage pizza or lasagna with a meat sauce.

Vidal-Fleury Cotes du Rhone 2011

Vidal-Fleury is the Rhône Valley's oldest continuously-operating winery, established in 1781.   The wine is comprised of Grenache, mourvedre, Syrah, and Carignan.  Brilliant garnet in color, with a classic Rhône nose of bramble fruits and heady spice. The medium-bodied palate has fresh and snappy red fruit surrounded by firm and persistent tannins.  Consider informal food from the oven or grill such as grilled fish, or pasta with an olive oil and fresh herb toss, Lyonnaise sausage or an herbed cassoulet.

Vina Gormaz Ribera del Duero 2011

"Give this time in the glass for tinto fino’s red fruit to overtake the oak.  Then it’s lively and delicious, with a crystal clarity to its fruit. It may be simple, but it’s delicious to drink." 

89 Points Wine & Spirits, Jun 1, 2013  Serve with dishes made with smoked paprika and other Spanish spices.  Pairs well Spanish and Mexican dishes.  Consider dishes made with Chorizo or duck.

Vinamas 70% Garnacha 30% Tempranillo 2010

a well balanced wine bursting with ripe raspberry and blackberry flavors leading smoothly into an earthy finish of smoky oak. A great deal!  Frugal MacDoogal.  Serve with American snacks and Latin dishes.  Consider a mushroom risotto.

Yalumba Shiraz organic 2010

"Not the darkest, biggest or richest Shiraz to ever come out of Australia, this is nevertheless a delightful wine. A green peppercorn note accents red raspberry and cherry fruit, with just a hint of vanilla in the background."  89 Points Wine Enthusiast

This Shiraz is great for grilled meats or veggies, wild game, richly flavored red meats, beef stew and meat lover's pizza.


Cotes Catalanes Cote EST

Made from an eccentric blend of 50% Grenache Blanc (from 100+-year-old vines), 30% Chardonnay and 20% Marsanne aged on its lees in stainless steel, the 2011 Cote d’Est exhibits a stunning perfume of dried apricots, honeyed citrus and white flowers. The lovely aromatics are followed by a crisp, elegant, slightly more textured, medium-bodied white with wonderful purity, freshness and length. 

88 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate Pair with dishes such as herb-rubbed roast chicken, pork chops served with fennel or apples.

Jus Sauvignon Blanc 2011

These organically grown grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning fog at the San Mateo Ranch in the Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley. The cooler climate there allows them to reach full maturity and flavor intensity. Grapefruit and orange blossom aromas are readily apparent, while citrus and melon flavors dance on the palate with a distinctive mineral character. Sauvignon Blanc with its herbaceous notes pairs well with similar green herbs. If it has parsley, rosemary, basil, cilantro or mint, chances are Sauvignon Blanc will make a great pairing.

Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2012

Steely aromas of lime, lemon and mint. Supple and spicy, with bright acids giving shape to the flavors of stone fruits and lime.   Wine Spectator voted this wine Best Value for the 6th consecutive year. Consider pairing with braised carrots and shallots, spinach strata with Gruyere and garlic, sirloin steak with garlic Swiss Chard, or lemon poached shrimp.

Lagar de la Santina Albarino 2011

Exotic,precise aromas,lush fruit flavors paired with vibrant acidity.  An extra layer of density fills the mouth with a texture and complexity normally found in more expensive Albarino.  Pair with anything from the ocean, Asian fare, or salsa and chips.

Le Lapin Ingenuity NV

Ingenuity is a blend of Chenin blanc, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, and is crisp and light without being too citrusy.   Serve with light, creamy vegetable dishes.

Maison Louis Latour Macon-Lugny Les Genievres 2011

“Good, verging on excellent.” Green-gold [with] attractive aromas midway between flowers and fruit. Fresh, fine fruit/mineral mouthfeel, fixed with a paperclip of acidity.”  World of Fine Wine Pair with roasted chicken or seafood.

Masciarelli Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2012

Straw yellow with greenish glints. Fairly intense, with hints of apple, apricot and iris.  Pair with dishes like sautéed spinach with white beans and pine nuts, roasted vegetable salad with sherry dressing, or garlic infused mashed potatoes and celery root.

Shadow Chaser Chardonnay 2012

Pale yellow.  Vibrant lemon and lime zest on the nose, with deeper pear and chamomile qualities in the background.  Juicy citrus fruit flavors show good depth and tangy cut, with a gingery nuance kicking in on the back half.  Bright, focused and tangy on the finish, which shows a hint of tarragon. 

International Wine Cellar - 89pts  Pair with not overly spiced chicken, turkey, or fish and pasta with light cream-based sauces.  Consider a lightly smoked trout.  Monterey Jack cheese should pair well.  Also try a seafood risotto. 

Zolo Torrontes 2011

This wine is round and full with aromas of delicate and elegant floral and citrus.  It is fresh, sweet and balanced with a lingering finish. Pair with Asian fare, zesty Mexican dishes including guacamole, fresh seafood and shellfish or grilled chicken with a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Notes for January: 6 for $60 Club

Wines for January 2014 – Happy New Year!


Ca’ Momi Rosso di Napa 2011

The wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Petit Sirah from vineyards in Napa Valley.  It's considered a great, drinkable red with bright strawberry and raspberry flavors, a velvety texture and full mouth feel. It finishes softly with a medium-bodied and complex palate that is loaded with fruit.

This is considered a great "food" wine, meaning that it is not overpowering and easily paired with many different dishes.  Pair with medium to heavy weight American and European dishes, including barbeque, burgers, and more elegant dishes made with mushrooms or red meats.

Chateau de Lancyre Coste d’Aleyrac pic saint loup 2010

An outstanding effort, the 2010 La Coste d'Aleyrac, a blend of 50% Syrah, 40% Grenache and 10% Carignan, is a luscious, seductive red with a deep plum/ruby color as well as copious aromas of ripe raspberries, kirsch, blacker fruits, spring flowers, forest floor and garrigue. Ripe and medium to full-bodied with a wonderful texture, impressive purity and a long finish, this 2010 should drink well for 4-5 years." - 90 Pts Robert Parker - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

"There are touches of elegance to the red berry and dried cherry flavors, which are flanked by notes of sandalwood and mineral. The juicy finish is well-structured and fresh-tasting. Drink now through 2017. 90 Pts Wine Spectator

Flavors of currant, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, black currant, dust, leather, cherry, raspberry, licorice, and anise.  Pair with medium weight French and American dishes.  Consider serving with pumpkin and sausage soup, roast chicken with artichokes and mushrooms, onion quiche, French onion soup, and stews and other one pot dishes.

Corrientes 348 Malbec 2011

Clear deep ruby.  Pour a glass or two and let air for ½ hour to experience a nose with very pleasant aromatics of dark plum, espresso and a little bit of forest floor.  The wine shows some tannin and a decent acidity and flavors of black coffee, black currant, dark plum and black raspberry.  Slight bitterness and lingering tannins in the finish.  Smooth out the tannins by serving with cheeses and red meats.    

Cambridge & Sunset Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

An everyday Cabernet – dry and full-boded.   Possess a dark crimson color, with ripe berry and plum aromas, accented by toasty oak and vanilla.  On the palate, dark fruit flavors are balanced by silky tannins and a lingering finish.

Pair with aged cheeses, burgers with the works, and other rustic fare.

Hannah Nicole Cabernet Franc 2010

This wine displays a garnet clarity in appearance. The aromas are typically Cabernet Franc with touches of wild blackberries, earth, fig, mushroom, and a touch of caramelized sugar. The palate carries a medium-full body and flavors that remind us of wild currants, Szechuan spices and French vanilla bean.  Normally sells for about $27 a bottle, but we were able to swing a deal for the club.

We encourage you to air this wine one hour before serving by decanting or pouring a glass or two and letting it sit.  Pairs well with olive appetizers.  Serve with heavier dishes made from beef, pork, ham, mushrooms, and dishes using the following herbs which bridge beautifully to similar qualities in the wine:  pepper, rosemary, thyme and mint.

Hannah Nicole Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

The appearance is a beautiful, rich and velvety ruby color. The aromas are regal with true varietal intensity that speaks of red Currants and berries, deep notes of white and black peppercorn laced with our signature cocoa dust and dried herb nuance. Judiciously oaked with a broad spectrum of vanilla and woodsy spice scents and flavors that support a rich and broad flavor profile. This wine has substantial tannins for the long haul yet, with some airing, is imminently drinkable now.   This wine normally sells for $30, but we were able to swing a deal for our wine club.

To get the best from this wine, we encourage you to open the bottle at breakfast to serve a dinner.  Open, push the cork back in about ¼ of the way, and serve with any heavy cheeses, mushroom, and red meat dishes you would normally serve with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Les Cranilles Cotes du Rhone 2010

 Its cuvée Les Cranilles, composed largely of Grenache with some Syrah and Mourvèdre, presents an appealing nose of violet and brandied cherry. The tannins are utterly silky and the mouth fruity and spicy. 

Pair with pork or beef dishes.  Consider hot dogs with tapenade, and herb encrusted pork tenderloin with prosciutto.

Les Terrasses d’Eole Ventoux 2012  (not in small boxes)

Floral and exotically spiced, this juicy blend of Mourvedre, Marsellan, and Grenache hails from the Ventoux region of the Rhone Valley in southeast France. Redolent of violets, fresh blackberries, and star anise, this is soft, earthy, beautiful wine that has just the right dose of silky tannins.

Pair with mid-weight European and American dishes such as:

  • Duck confit with cherry ginger compote
  • Pan roasted chops with herbes de Provence and stewed borlotti beans
  • Grilled pork tenderloin with sage and grainy mustard rub

Macedon Pinot Noir 2011

Aged in 100% stainless steel.  Named after Alexander the Great.  This Pinot Noir is bright, refreshing and just fun to drink. A fantastic everyday Pinot Noir.

Easy to enjoy by itself, it will also pair with just about anything except Italian food.

Nicodemi Montepulciano 2011

The blueberry-soul and sensual heart of Montepulciano from the foggy hills of Abruzzo couldn't be more captivating and pleasing than in this easy-drinking and spicy bottle from Nicodemi. Pure juice, lots of character. Suggestions of licorice and warm blackberry jam on the nose; the mouth is silky and pure, full-bodied, a gorgeous mouthful of blueberries and blackberries and baking spices.

Pair with medium weight and Italian dishes such as meatloaf, red beans and rice, and eggplant Ragout with chickpeas, tomatoes, and peppers.

Oasis del Cuyo Malbec 2012

Deep ruby color. Appealing red fruit nose with hints of tobacco. Medium bodied with a smooth and lush mouth-feel. Finishes dry with lasting flavors. Excellent choice for a young and fruity everyday wine.

Enjoy as an aperitif or pair with meats and pasta dishes.

Shadow Chaser Grenache 2012

The grapes used in crafting the 2012 Shadow Chaser Grenache came from two 40-year-old vineyards in South Australia’s McLaren Vale area.  The grapes have exceptional concentration that winemakers covet. No wonder the finished wine is so sublime, a tasty intermingling of fruit and earth notes that speak not only of a special growing region, but of very special venerable vineyards. 

This is a fragrant wine with aromas that are redolent of violets and red berries with an underlying earthiness.  A medium-bodied, well-balanced wine full of varietal flavors like raspberries and cherries with a savory finish.

Pair with turkey, quail, and mild cheeses.


Altes Herencia Garnatxa Blanc 2012

This 100% Garnacha Blanc comes from a combination of both old and young vines grown in sandy soils. It's vinified in a crisp, unoaked style with a naturally fresh acidity highlighting aromatic notes of melon and white fruit. 

Spain’s answer to white Rhone wine.  A very aromatic, tropical wine with notes of melon and white fruits on the nose. On the palate, the wine is balanced, medium-bodied with nice crisp freshness on the finish.

Perfect pairing for grilled octopus, and other fish and shellfish dishes.  Consider serving with bouillabaisse.

Basa Blanco Rueda 2011

The Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc blend has year after year been named one of Spain’s and the world’s great white wine values. The intense floral aromatics, freshness and wonderful texture are the result of the high elevation plantings in lime and gravel soils, with good drainage, that give rise to some of the best quality white wine grapes in Spain.

Basa is a blend 90% Verdejo, 8% Viura and 2% Sauvignon Blanc.  It is a refreshing yet serious bottle of wine, with a range of aromas and flavors from stony mineral notes to citrus to tropical fruit.

Pair with fresh cheeses, appetizers, salads with creamy dressing, and creamy soups and vegetable dishes.

Con Class Rueda 2012

This wine shows youthful green apple, nettle and grass notes on the nose.  When tasted, slightly more tropical fruit notes (pineapple) are in evidence, along a slightly stewed apples and a touch of melon.  The finish is of moderate length, and fades into a crisp finale.

Pair with roasted potatoes and turnips; risotto made from parsnips, pancetta and sage; teriyaki spareribs, and roasted vegetables with ginger and cumin.

Kono Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Lemon curd, ginger and ripe apricot flavors are in wonderful harmony, with a refreshing acidity and a light but smooth body.  89 pts Wine Spectator

Serve with creamy dishes.  Pairs best with salmon, but also pairs with roasted onions stuffed with prosciutto and parmesan cheese, or pea and parsley risotto.

Lagar de la Santina Albarino 2011

Exotic yet precise aromas, with lush fruit flavors and a delicious vibrant acidity that pairs well with anything from the ocean.  This version has an extra layer of density that fills the mouth with texture and complexity typically found in much more expensive Albarinos.

Pair with grilled shrimp, or creamy chicken and vegetable dishes.

Lagar de la Santina Albarino 2011

Exotic yet precise aromas, with lush fruit flavors and a delicious vibrant acidity that pairs well with anything from the ocean.  This version has an extra layer of density that fills the mouth with texture and complexity typically found in much more expensive Albarinos.

Pair with grilled shrimp, or creamy chicken and vegetable dishes.

Saint Bris Sauvignon 2012

Lemon oil and freshly mowed grass dominates the nose of this wine, while the palate is treated to a spring-water fresh infusion of citrus and gooseberry.  There is some tartness, with the weight light and easy. Delicious picnic or party fare.

Pair with lobster mac and cheese, clam chowder, and creamy chicken and vegetable dishes.

Notes for Februay: 6 FOR $60 CLUB


Cambridge & Sunset Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 

Dark, crimson in color with savory notes of blackberry bramble and powdered cocoa. Its solid mouth presence shows hints of blackberry and violet. Well-balanced and structured with silky tannins that lead to a floral finish with fragments of vanilla and cinnamon stick. Pair with roasted and grilled meats such as leg of lamb, prime rib. 

Cetamura Chianti 2012

Intense bright ruby red, cherry and blackberry nose with cinnamon and clove nuances. Full and well-balanced but soft but tasty, with good structure. Pleasant acidity, clean and persistent aftertaste.  This bright and sweet Chianti pairs well with tomato-based food dishes or salty meat like pepperoni.  Also consider pairing with Italian squash dishes. 

Cooper Hill Pinot Noir 2012

This Pinot Noir is definitely a food wine, and is highly versatile in pairing due to its higher acidity (similar to an Italian red). The palate offers concentrated dark red fruit, and a crisp yet supple, velvety mouth feel. This wine pairs exceptionally well with salmon dishes.  Our favorite is grilled salmon with truffle butter and shaved hazelnuts.  Also consider winter soups such as celery root soup with chanterelles and black walnuts.

Garofoli Colle Ambro Rosso Piceno 2010 

The wine, made from the grapes in the Colle Ambro region, is a blend of 70% Montepulciano and 30% Sangiovese. The wine is aged in oak barrels for a year. The wine is medium-bodied, juicy, with silky tannins. The Sangiovese gives it the flavor of ripe cherry and black plum, with notes of forest and liquorice. Montepulciano adds the mild tannins. We love it with fresh (non aged) salami, or gnocchi in a spicy tomato basil sauce.

La Fiera Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2012

 A deep, ruby-red color with violet highlights and a pleasant and fruity bouquet. On the palate the finish is full-bodied with soft tannins and good acidity. This is a full-bodied red wine with soft tannins and good acidity.  Expect dark berry fruit and spice.This wine is best paired with tomato-based pastas, pizza and roasted poultry. 

Hedges CMS 2011       Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot – Syrah

This Cabernet Sauvignon blend has aromas of black cherry, blackberry, sweet plum fruit and sweet toasted oak with undertones of ripe melon, dried herbs and vanilla with hints of cocoa powder, tobacco and graham cracker. You’ll taste toasted oak and graham cracker with lively acidity, darker berry fruits, cocoa powder.  This wine has ripe fruit and a good body with well-integrated tannins that linger on the long finish. It’s a well-balanced wine with enough acid and tannins to make this a more serious, longer-lived wine that will go well with food. Pair it with meats, such as a juicy steak, gamey lamb, or braised pork. 

Nicodemi Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo DOC 2011 

You’ll taste ripe and vivid blackberry and stoned fruits, with exuberant toasted spice and high notes of violet and kirsch. The fruit is ripe, intense and fresh, with velvety tannins and an expansive finish.  A great companion to pizza, and pairs well with rustic food, such as the classic hamburger, braised short ribs, and beef stew.

Rickshaw Pinot Noir 2011

The winemakers make the effort to locate quality fruit, and then age the wine for 13 months in 25% new French oak. The wine has a smooth texture with notes of plum, wild strawberries and a savory note.  Pairs well with sear roasted salmon, and beef Carpaccio. 

Santa Julia Reserva Malbec 2012 

The wine shows lots of blackberry and plum flavors in this silky, fruity wine. The wine ends with a bit of spice along with lingering blackberry and chocolate notes. The wine improves with some air as the spice becomes a bit more prominent. This Malbec pairs with the simple grilled steak and potatoes meal, as well as lobster tail. 

Sant’ Evasio Barbara d’ Asti 2012 

This Barbera, from the town of Asti, is a deeply colored, bright red wine showing classic black cherry fruit with light ash, juniper berry, and classic flavors. Serve with grilled meats like chicken thighs with rosemary and garlic; pizza with caramelized onions, four cheeses and truffle oil. 

Simple Life Pinot Noir California 2011 

This wine opens with rich, earthy aromas of cherry, wild strawberry, and forest. The flavors—an appealing blend of strawberry rhubarb and red raspberries—are bright and fruit-forward, and finish with lingering notes of clove and cranberry. Moderately structured, the wine's tannins and acidity are finely balanced to create a vibrant, juicy mouth feel. Highly versatile, this wine may be served with anything from barbeque chicken wings and baked beans to stuffed mushrooms.

Tormaresca Neprica 2010 

A red blend of two local grape varieties, negroamaro ( 40%) and primitivo (30%), and one international grape, cabernet sauvignon (30%).  Red fruits and black cherry dominate the nose, complimented by light floral notes. Soft and flavorful on the palate with balanced acidity and subtle tannins. Serve with chicken and pinto bean chili, pasta in a meat sauce, classic burger, pizza with cheese and sausage. 

Sur de los Andes Malbec Reserva 

This Malbec has an aromatically complex nose of blueberry, mint, berry fruits and mineral/wood/earth tones. Focused and intense, it shows fine depth and a sunny disposition. Has an excellent palate of smoke, lavender, and black cherry. Pairs well with roasted vegetable salad, avocado, and roasted potatoes. 

Vina Gormaz Tempranillo Ribera del Duero 

Expect deep wild berry aromas and mouth-filling flavor such as red cherry, sweet earth, leather, spice, and a hint of licorice. The long finish is provided by the old Tempranillo vines. Tannins are ample but balanced by the textural richness and juicy fruit. This wine pairs well with chicken chili, traditional paella made with chicken, shrimp, and scallops. Also, duck, pork, or beef sliders. 


Beau-Rivage White Bordeaux 2011

This wine is light bodied, fresh and fruity with a balanced acidity, and is made in a modern style. This wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and a little Muscadelle; it is zingy, light and citrusy with crisp acidity. Serve chilled as an aperitif, or to accompany shellfish, fish, and vegetable, vegetable dishes.

Bidoli Friulano 2012

A mineral style wine with subtle flavors of citrus and flowers. Fresh and lightly yeasty, it's clean, subtle and perfect with fresh water fish. We suggest serving this wine with fresh water fish or pork, along with roasted vegetables.

Santa Cristina Campogrande Orvieto 2012 

The wine’s aromas are fresh with floral and fruity notes, which recall pears and orange flowers. On the palate the wine is supple and crisp with a savory finish and an aftertaste which brings back the fruity notes of the nose. This wine will pair well with seared tuna, Parmesan risotto, calamari, and zucchini.

Cochon Grenache Blanc 2011

90% Grenache Blanc, 5% Marsanne, 5% Roussanne. A vibrant, pale gold color with enticing aromas of acacia flowers, honeysuckle, ripe orchard fruits, and hazelnuts. It displays a lively acidity that balances the rich, spicy pear and savory fruits which lead to a lengthy, steely complex finish. This wine works well with most types of seafood. It’s a perfect match for shellfish and the famous dish of southern France, bouillabaisse. 

Cotes Du Rhone Ferraton Pere & Fils 2012 Samorens blanc 

White Grenache (60%) and Clairette (40%). This is a nicely balanced wine, with flowers and tropical fruit notes followed by a medium body.  You’ll taste apples and pineapple wrapped up by a crisp acidity. Pairs well with feta and lemon caper pesto pasta, roasted potato and vegetables, garlic infused mashed potatoes, hummus, and vegetable lasagna.


The wine has a full, delicate, elegant bouquet with floral aromas such as Lily of the Valley and fresh fruit such as lemons and green apples. On the palate it is young, dry, fresh and well balanced.  This wine sells for $22.  It is marvelous with fresh, delicate summery salads, seafood and light fish dishes, or simply chilled as an aperitif.

La Fiera Soave 2011 

This wine has bright, fresh fruit aromas and palate of pears and apples with floral aromas and mineral complexities on a bright, clean palate. This wine pairs well with rigatoni with a spicy tomato sauce, spaghetti with fresh breadcrumbs, and Indian vegetable curry. 

Los Molles Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Valle del Limran

Green and focused on the nose, with a hint of fresh bell pepper. The palate is light and chiseled, with crisp flavors of white grapefruit, lime and passion fruit which finishes elegant and fresh. This is an ideal wine to go with salads and shellfish. 

Santa Ema Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Chile 

Remarkably clear and bright straw in color, the aroma is fresh citrus including ripe pears and green apples. Notes of fine herbs add complexity to the nose and palate. Fresh, voluminous and lively on the plate, this 100% Sauvignon Blanc offers well balanced acidity and a deliciously fruity finish.  Pairs well with roasted vegetables and potatoes, fish, and roasted teriyaki short ribs.

Wines for March 2014 – 6 for $100 Club

Customers request a new club

In our 6 or $60 club, we’re excited that we’ve been able to offer you many wines that normally cost far more than the average $10 a bottle.  The large size of your club helps us to achieve a lower price.  In the last two months, we’ve been able to offer you two red wines that normally cost $30 a bottle, and a white normally at $22.

Two of our customers requested that we offer a 6 for $100 club.  At this level, we can offer you truly world class wines of remarkable quality.  And we will continue to drive deals for this new club as well. 

If you are interested in switching, or simply trying the 6 for $100 for a month, please email or give us a call at 828-575-9525. 


Bila-Haut Cotes du Roussillon Villages 2011

Famous Rhone wine producer Michel Chapoutier created this blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan, in the sunniest region of France, the Roussillon.  Enjoy flavors of black cherry, plums, black currant, cassis, kirsch and spice.  92-94 points from Robert Parker and Wine Spectator picked it for the top 100 in 2012.

Enjoy this with steak, lamb chops, truffle omelet, and rich cheeses.

Briccotondo Fontana Fredda Barbera 2010

Raspberry and blueberry aromas lead to a medium body, with delicious fruit and hints of vanilla and cream.

Try with BBQ, pasta dishes, risotto, roast beef, pizza and sausages. 

Briccotondo Langhe Dolcetto 2010

Dolcetto means “little sweet one”, but this wine is very dry, with a spicy nose, green tannins, and just enough fruit to balance.

A fine match for hot hors-d'oeuvres, pasta, vegetables and not overly-elaborate meat dishes.

Cambridge & Sunset Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark, crimson color with savory notes of blackberry bramble and powdered cocoa.  Its solid mouth feel shows hints of blackberry and violet.

Pair with heavier, rustic foods, such as burgers or java encrusted New York Strip steak with a stout glaze. 

Ca’Momi Rosso di Napa 2011

Ca’Momi Rosso di Napa is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel that has rich strawberry, raspberry and mocha flavors with a velvety texture and full mouth feel.  It is round and soft with a complex palate that is loaded with fruit.

Pair with Spaghetti Bolognese, Pizza Margherita, or grilled red meats.

Carmine Granata Tradicional Oak Cask 2007

Intense aromas of raspberry, red cherry, plum and red currant.  The oak adds hints of vanilla, coffee and tobacco.  You’ll taste layers of flavor - at the front, it starts with bright red fruit and spices; in the mid palate, the fruit and meaty flavors open up; at last, it has a long lasting finish with balanced tannins and leather notes.

We recommend hearty foods and grilled meats. 

Cono Sur Bicicleta Merlot Chile 2012

A soft Merlot with full fruit expression.  This wine’s plum-red coloring is dark and intense.  In nose, concentrated notes of black fruit and soft hints of sweet toasted oak.  The wine has a good structure, balanced acidity, fruity intensity and pleasantly ripe tannins.

This Merlot can be served with steaks, burgers, duck, lamb and pork. It also goes quite well with rare tuna and foods flavored with balsamic vinegar.  And it´s smooth enough to accompany a salad toppled with cheese or cold cuts. 

Domaine Rouge-Bleu 2009

Named after a local mountain chain, Dentelle.  This well aged wine is rustic with good minerality along with spice and gamy flavors.  Pair with roasted meats served with sauces, or mature cheeses.

Ercavio Tempranillo Roble 2010

Saturated color with aromas of dark fruits, black pepper, and licorice.  On the palate, blackberry and black currant dominate with wild herb undertones and lively acidity.

Try with roast game, lamb chops, well-seasoned stews, or hard cheeses.

Grayson Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This Cabernet Sauvignon shows a dark ruby color with a rich nose of blackberry, raspberries and hints of black pepper. The Cabernet is fruit forward, and provides a round mouth feel and a soft lingering finish with hints of toasted French oak.  

Pair with red meat dishes such as duck, stews, or Bleu cheeses.

Honoro Vera Garnacha 2012

This Garnacha is a ripe cherry color.  The nose has dominating red ripe fruits, such as raspberry and red currant, balsamic sensations and mineral aromas. It is a fruity wine, very fresh and easy to drink.

Pair with paella, pasta, white and blue fish, goat cheese, cold meats, vegetables, lentil soup, peas, mushroom, beef, chicken, roast meat, red and white grilled meat.

Leila Garnacha 2012

This is dark in color, with plushy aromas of wild field, prune and vinegar.  Wide, chunky and heavy, it has flavors of black fruit, mint and green herb.  It’s full but soft on the finish, with prune accents.  

Consider pairing with mushroom risotto, barbecue and Asian fare. 

Les Terrasses d’Eole Ventoux 2012

Floral and exotically spiced, this juicy blend of Mourvedre, Marsellan, and Grenache hails from the Ventoux region of the Rhone Valley.  Redolent of violets, fresh blackberries, and star anise, this is soft, earthy, beautiful wine that has just the right dose of silky tannins.  

Pair with duck confit, herb encrusted pork chops, veal, and white cheeses. 

Les Trois Couronnes Cotes du Rhone 2011

This Grenache and Syrah blend is an elegant and round wine in the pure tradition with aromas of black berry, vanilla and pepper.  It offers a generous and fleshy mouth with rounded elegant tannins.  The finish is persistent with notes of fruits and spices.

Pair with roast chicken, game, lamb, and beef.

Pillar Box Red 2010

The wine shows blackberry fruit and dried mint aromas intermingled with dark chocolate, licorice spice, hints of pepper and cedar and oak on the nose.  The palate exhibits flavors of fresh black and blueberry fruit, toasted dark spice and hints of spearmint.  A seamless wine displaying balance and a fine, long tannin structure in the finish.

Pair with ribs, burgers, brisket, steaks and chops.

Sant’ Evasio Dolcetto d’Asti 2009

This wine is ruby in color accented with violet.  On the nose, this Dolcetto presents red fruit with notes of cherry and licorice leading into a harmonious finish with a hint of almonds.

This versatile wine pairs well with all Italian dishes but particularly with appetizers or first courses such as risotto, cold cuts, sautéed brussel sprouts, or fresh or medium matured cheeses.

Quara Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The wine is a deep red color with a ruby hue.  On the nose, you’ll detect aromas of ripe red fruits with notes of pepper and spice.  The palate shows sweet, soft tannins and a round, long and harmonious finish.

Try with red meat, aged cheeses, game and smoked meats. 


Weinbiet Rivaner Trocken 2012

Germany’s answer to Prosecco - a well balanced, dry wine with a slight effervescence.  Dry and fruity with ripe aromas of pear, apricot, citrus peach and nutmeg.

Enjoy as an apéritif or with salads, fish, poultry or Asian dishes. 


Altes Herencia Garnatxa Blanca 2012

An aromatic, tropical wine with notes of melon and white fruit on the nose.  On the palate, the wine is balanced, medium-bodied with nice crisp freshness on the finish.

Pair with Spanish or Mexican dishes such as guacamole, tapas, grilled squid and other seafood, poultry, charcouterie, and roasted vegetables. 

Domaine de La Fruitiere Vignes Blanches 2012

This wine presents a pale yellow color, and reveals an intense nose of dried fruits, date, and almond, surrounded with a touch of lime.  The mouth feel is supple and strong, mixing mineral and aromatic fruit.

Enjoy as an aperitif or with salads, fresh vegetables, pasta salad, fish and poultry. 

Domaine de Montrabech Pays d’Oc 2012

This wine is a blend of 55% Grenache Blanc and 45% Muscat Petits grains.  Gorgeous floral aromatics and tropical nuances from a hint of Muscat, this is a dry white wine with harmony and a fresh vibrant nature.

Serve as an aperitif with cured meats, soft cheeses and fresh fruit.  Fans of Viognier and Argentina's Torrontés will enjoy this wine.  Pair with shellfish, roasted vegetables, herb encrusted chicken, and pork dishes. 

Drei Riesling Mosel

This dry Riesling is sourced from steep vineyards in the Mosel Valley.  The wine has crisp refreshing flavors and a beautiful acidity.  So good, that it’s the Riesling-hater’s Riesling.

Pair with Asian food, shellfish, Kimchi, fried pork chops and seafood. 

Etienne Boileau Petit Chablis Grand Vin de Bourgogne 2009

This Petit Chablis is crisp, fresh and lean with yellow plum and pear on the nose and palate.  This is a great example of an aged French Chardonnay.   

Pair with sushi, crab, salads, and roast chicken. 

Ferraton Pere & Fils Cotes du Rhone Samorens 2012

Plump and friendly, with melon, star fruit and almond flavors, followed by a rounded finish.  The Grenache Blanc (60%) gives this wine its delicate aromas of white flowers, while the Clairette (40%) provides backbone and pineapple fruit.

Pair with roast chicken, salmon, sautéed squash, roasted vegetables, and sausage.

La Cala Vermentino di Sardegna 2012

You’ll see pale straw with tints of lemon- green color.  The wine is crisp and dry with youthful vitality and freshness, with intense citrus and floral notes. 

Vermentino wines are a versatile match for a wide array of appetizers and entrees, especially shellfish and seafood dishes. 

La Meriggia Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2011

This white wine is pale yellow in color with a pleasant delicately perfumed nose. You’ll find the wine to be delicate yet velvety with pronounced but pleasant acidity.

Serve with light appetizers, white meat, fish, and delicate cheeses.  Consider pairing with turkey and vegetables, pan fried fish, or a light meal of grilled eggplant and a creamy tomato soup. 

Le Fils des Gras Moutons Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2012

Harvested by hand, and bottled without fining or filtration.  This entry-level Muscadet is dry and fresh, with tangy lemony citrus aromas and flavors and a mineral, saline finish

The perfect pairing is fresh oysters and other shellfish.  Also consider foods with some fat such as country ham, chicken in a creamy sauce, catfish with grits, or Buffalo wings. 

Montevina Winery Chardonnay 2011

This wine is rich, golden-hued with aromas of tart apples and figs.  Crisp flavors of tropical fruit and ripe pear are layered with hints of vanilla bean and toasted almonds.

Pair with hearty soups made with such ingredients as lentil; red pepper; or kale, white beans and sausage.  Consider foods with texture such as crispy chicken wings; or warm potatoes with basil vinaigrette.

Saint Bris Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Lemon oil and freshly mowed grass dominate the nose of this wine, while the palate is treated to a spring-water fresh infusion of citrus and gooseberry.  You’ll find some tartness, but the mouth-feel is light and easy.

Perfect for picnics or parties.  Serve with lighter party or comfort food such as mac and cheese.

Santa Christina Campogrande Orvieto Classico 2012

Particularly fruity and elegant on the nose, and on the palate it’s rich and smooth.  You’ll find full and fruity aromas which are reminiscent of pineapple and bananas, and a bit of a floral note.  On the palate the wine is full-bodied, luscious, and soft.

Serve with seafood, fresh cheeses and light chicken dishes.  Consider dishes that have a bit of spice to them, such as enchiladas or chicken tikka masala.

Santa Ema Sauvignon Blanc Chile 2012

Santa Ema is produced in the area of Chile some call the "Bordeaux of South America."  Expect fresh citrus including ripe pears and green apples.  Notes of fine herbs add complexity to the nose and palate.  Fresh, voluminous and lively on the plate, this 100% Sauvignon Blanc offers well balanced acidity and a deliciously fruity finish.  Santa Ema is a sustainable winery following environmentally friendly practices and socially responsible policies.

Pair with such dishes as minestrone soup, asparagus quiche, miso-glazed cod, or pea and parsley risotto.

Fontan Avecchia Taburno 2012

Medium-bodied and dry.  Floral on the nose with tropical fruit, Fontanavecchia shines on the palate with citrus, almond, quince, pineapple, and touches of honey and peach pit.  The perfumed finish is dry and long with plenty of acidity and volcanic minerality.  If you like dry French Viognier, you’ll love this too. 

Serve with mussels, antipasto, fish, shellfish, roasted vegetables, pork, or chicken.  Consider lemon roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and turnips, guacamole, Italian bread and olive tapenade, or stir fry with noodles.

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Online Wine Clubs

Better deal? Maybe, but more often than not, maybe not. If you are interested in the truly hard to find wines, you might consider an online retailer such as The company directly imports wines and also relies on some selective importers, wines from some of which we offer in our shop and Case Club.  And we offer personal service and opportunities that you just cannot access online. A few months back, Josh DeLoach was here @MetroWines to discuss the DeLoach Family's Hook and Ladder wines.  Just a month ago, Eric Dunham of Dunham Cellars joined us @MetroWines via skype to discuss his Bordeaux Blend.

We also sell and ship wines  that are directly imported by North Carolina importers that truly are hard to find. Want the convenience of someone picking the case for you? We do that too with our Metro Wines Case Club. Tell us what varietals and flavor profile you like in wines and that is what you will find in the box. YOU control the box. No shipping. No sitting a warehouse. No concern about temperature or damage. 

Now with our Case Club, either online or on location, we enclose a description of every bottle and sometimes pairing sugestions but only if we have tried the pairing ourselves! If the weather is not good for shipping at HQ or we have word that the weather is bad in your area, we will contact you to discuss options. We never ship over a weekend when your box might sit unattended in a warehouse for two or three days.

So do your research and, literally, do the math. We did. Since The Wall Street Journal Wine Club has been called the best by several critics, we started there. We tracked a highly regarded but not necessarily hard to find, in fact, not necessarily hard to find at all wine offered by WSJ, DeLoach (That would be DeLoach as in the Josh DeLoach who was at our shop a few months ago!) Private Collection Central Coast 2012 Chardonnay. With regard to the math, shows this wine sells between $10 and $19 across the country with the average price being $13. The Wall Street Journal Wine Club, with all their collective clout and buying power, sells this wine online at the top of that range for $18 plus shipping.  You might say, sure there is a shipping charge, but you did not pay sales tax. In most cases, shipping exceeds the amount of tax you would pay.

Oh, yes, and try calling The Wall Street Journal to ask what to pair with kale tonight.

Price from Wine

Deloach Central Coast Chardonnay 2012 750ML        
Sku: 39194


"Beautifully crafted with lovely flavors of lemon, pearand pineapple supported with pleasant minerality and nice, balanced acidity."Beverage Dynamics, 90 Points
Country:United States
Sub-Region:Central Coast
Grape Varietal:Chardonnay
Type: Still wine
Our Price $14.99
On Sale: $9.99
Buy Deloach Central Coast Chardonnay
Case Price $119.88 Buy a case of Deloach Central Coast Chardonnay

Price from Wall Street Journal Wine Club:

Winery of the Year' Chardonnay

De Loach Private Collection Central Coast Chardonnay 2012

3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
Open Ratings Snapshot
14 out of 21(67%)reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.
  • Type Dry White
  • Style/Body White - Dry
  • Country USA
  • Region California
  • Alcohol 13.5 %
  • Grape Chardonnay
  • Vintage 2012
  • Appellation Central Coast

We're proud of our long-standing relationship with DeLoach, and even more proud to offer you insider access to this premium Chardonnay at a fantastic price.

Very limited cases – secure your share today.

Item no. 1498212
  • $214.99
    12 bottles($17.92 a bottle)
  • $107.94
    6 bottles($17.99 a bottle)
  • $17.99
    1 bottle
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Bar Wars


Charlie Hodge of Bull&Beggar and Spirit Savvy have partnered for a competition challenging Asheville establishment to create a cocktail, their individual version of "The Daisy" for charity. Rules require the cocktail contain certain ingredients and be sold from April 15th to 30th for $10, $4.50 going to the chosen charity of each establishment! Our charity:  Child Abuse Prevention Services. 

Participants visit each establsihments, indulge in the cocktail and then vote on their favorite cocktail. The 4 winning establishments go to "Mix Off." Since we @MetroWines cannot sell hard liquor or cordials, we are swimming upstream from the get-go. We try harder!! Andy Hale is working his sommelier magic to create a stunning and orginal "Daisy." We are confident that you will LOVE our cocktail and hope you vote for us!  


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Bocelli Procecco and Aretha Franklin


Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin! What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of Bocelli Prosecco. I know. I know. You are probably thinking that this is like the son or daughter of a TV news personality who suddenly is a White House Correspondent as if there was no more qualified journalist, puleeeeease, but clearly I have strayed......What I am trying to say is that Bocelli Wines do not live off the family name or just the fame of Andrea. As the winery says, long before you knew Bocelli for music, Bocelli was known for wines. This is a dry Prosecco, sophisticated and well structured. But yes, the name still means "music," and hence, celebrate the birthday of one of our greatest voices EVER with Bocelli Prosecco!  R-E-S-P-E-C-T. More reason why here:

From the winery website: Estate: Bocelli

Location: Tuscany, Italy. (Town of Lajatico).

Environmental Standard: Hand-harvested. No irrigation.

Wines: Prosecco doc - Extra dry, Sangiovese igt,
Terre di Sandro IGT, Alcide IGT, in canto IGT, Poggioncino IGT*.

Heritage: The Bocelli family has been making wine since 1881.

Story: Long before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music, the Bocelli family has been known for wine. For over 130 years, spanning 3 generations, they have made classic italian wines on their small estate intuscany. To this day,“mamma Bocelli” still enjoys working in the fields, carefully hand-tying vines. Sister-in-law cinzia and brother Alberto manage the azienda, and receive guests that stop by to say hello – it is a true family affair.

And if there is one thing that Andrea, Alberto, and their family love to do, it is to share their special brand of italian culture with friends around the world.Whether it is the music of “la Boheme,” or the wine of la dolce vita, they understand the art of living well.that is why, for the very first time, they have partnered with other exceptional growers to produce Bocelli Family Wines – wines that express the unique pleasures, and character, of italy; wines that they enjoy at their own table.


For the Bocelli family, these wines are not a “product”, or an endorsement (they don’t do endorsements). instead, all of the wines are personally produced and selected by Alberto and Andrea Bocelli and their partners, and are of exceptional quality and provenance. From estate-grown, single cru wines with just a few hundred cases made, to their immensely pleasing partner-grown selections, Bocelli Family Wines combines three of Andrea and Alberto’s favorite things in life: music, wine, and la famiglia.

From the winery website: about Bocelli Prosecco:

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Prosecco

WINE TYPE:Delightful, everyday sparkling wine.

VINEYARD LOCATION: Valdobbiadene, Veneto.

TASTING NOTES: Made from the Prosecco grape that is indigenous to the Veneto region, this sparkling wine has subtle flower and fruit aromas that make the palate deliciously light and playful. Unlike many Champagnes, it is not harsh–rather, it tickles the throat with a peachy softness, and is flecked with minerality that remains simple in the best of ways. Perfect perlage make it the ideal choice for any occasion.

ANECDOTE:Long Before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music, the Bocelli family has been known for wine. For over 130 years, they have made classic wines on their Tuscan farm. Now in collaboration with Trevisiol, the ‘first family of Prosecco’, they share this delightful sparkling wine that is a staple of everyday Italian celebration.

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Crozes-Hermitage La Matiniere 2011

Ferraton Pere&Fils, White Rhone Valley Wine Crozes-Hermitage       La Matiniere Blanc, 2011

Yada Yada Chardonnay. Yada Yada Viognier. Not that these varietals are not great either straight up or in blends, but.... Looking for something different? This bottle is 100% Marsanne. You know this grape. A few months back, we tasted a Chardonnay, Marsanne and Picpoul blend. We also offer a very, very, very popular White Grenache and Marsanne blend. You know this grape. You just might not know you know this grape! Based in Tain l'Hermitage since 1946, Ferraton Pere&Fils produces top quality wines from Rhone Valley. In partnership with M.Chapoutier since 1998, the vines are cultivated with environmentally friendly practices to enhance the quality of the wines and offer a better expression of terroir.

Let's break here and talk about M.Chapoutier. As we often say in the store when a winemaker has gone off the grid or down a road less traveled, highly regarded winemakers such as Maison Chapoutier do NOT put their name on just any bottle. Generations of winemaking expertise and reputation are at stake. The Chapoutier family can trace their history in the Rhône region back to 1808, but it was in 1879 that Polydor Chapoutier bought his first vineyards and started the actual business. In the mid-20th century Max Chapoutier led the business, until his retirement in 1977, after which his sons Michel Chapoutier and Marc Chapoutier took over.  

Returning to the bottle at hand. Marsanne always brings a velvety texture to blends and here, in a solo act, presents a smooth and creamy textured wine with the varietally characteristic honey and quince aromas and flavors laced together with an underlying nuttyiness.  So this is a spot on Gina's Pick. If you trusted me on the Arneis grape, the Arneis blend "Asinel," the grape Grillo, the Grillo blend "Zagra," the White Rhone from Dauvergne Ranvier, the Stillman Chardonnay, the Con Class Verdejo, trust me here. Consistently highly rated, 2011 not yet reviewed, but 2010 awarded 90 points by Wine Spectator.13% alcohol. $19.99

Hermitage Les Miaux white Ferraton Hermitage Les Miaux white FerratonLES MIAUXHERMITAGE
Hermitage Les Miaux white Ferraton

100 % Marsanne.

- clay and limestone subsoil with alluvial soil and pebbles at the surface. 
- terraces of round pebbles. 
- granite.

After pressing, the must is cold settled for 24 hours. 
Only the indigenous yeasts are used for the fermentation which occurs at temperatures ranging from 17 to 21°C.

After fermentation, the wine is aged on fine lees (partly in oak barrels, partly in vats). The ageing lasts about 10 to 12 months depending on the vintage.

Colour : bright, green gold colour with golden tints.
Nose: complex, aromas of quince, pear and honey. 
rich wine, aromas of honey, very ripe fruit (peaches, apricots), very long lasting wine.

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Picpoul De Pinet, Domaine DelSol 2012

b2ap3_thumbnail_Domaine-Delsol-Picpoul-de-Pinet_20140322-164326_1.jpg       b2ap3_thumbnail_Picpoul.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_hannibl-elephants.jpg


Domaine DelSol Picpoul de Pinet has received 87 points or higher from Wine Spectator for 4 consecutive years and this 2012 bottle was awarded the Silver from Decanter World Wine Awards in Europe. Since a month after we opened our doors, Domaine DelSol Picpoul has been a staff favorite @MetroWines and hugely popular with our customers. For several months, our distributor could not access Domaine DelSol due to import problems making the only bottles of this magic avalible in Europe where it is wildly popular. But another distributor has come to the rescue and Domaine DelSol is back and back BIG. 

Some who have not experienced the magic ask: "Gina what is this Picpoul of which you speak?" Picpoul (pique-poul) translates literally as "stings the lips." Naturally high in acidity, the physical translation of the varietal is somewhat the same. Picpoul is one of the oldest indigenous grapes to Languedoc. Domaine DelSol Picpoul is golden in color with green hints. On the nose, this wine is fruity and floral with hints of rose petals and lime. The wine is dry, light, lively on the palate with well balanced acidity. 

Everything about Domaine DelSol Picpoul de Pinet, including the bottle and label, is spectacular. The label on the front  presents a pair of blanketed elephants and the back of the bottle tells the story. "Domaine Delsol is located on the Etang de Thau and benefits from the cool offshore breezes that temper the summer heat and create refreshing wines. Hannibal passed through what was to become our Domaine during the second Punic war with 37 elephants on his way to sack Rome. Only one made it across the sea from Africa to Spain, across the Alps, and through the ensuing battles alive. We pay homage to these great animals with their image on our label and gate to the domain." 

We're being followed:

Official U.S. account for CIVL & AOC wines of Languedoc, South of France. Must be 21 to follow.
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Almost FREE Friday 3/21: Rouge Bleu & Ca'Momi Red


Truth be told, Rose is good all year but it does have a special place at the table or a deck chair or a float or a hammock or book club or a wedding or a "girl's night out," or a hike or dot, dot, dot in the warmer weather. So, today is the kick off! Pale salmon in color, a chilled bottle of Domaine Rouge-Bleu Dentelle 2011 made in the Provencal style will walk us in to fresh spring days. Rouge Bleu is a blend of hand harvested grapes: 75% Grenache and 25% Carignan. Winemaking took place in steel tanks to insure, according to the winemaker, "respect for the terroir." This method also permits micro oxidation during fermentation which, ocmbined with temperature control has "highlighted expression of aromas." 

With a light nose of early flowers subtle pink color and flavors of small wild strawberries, peaches and just a hint of grpefruit, share this bottle with friends on a late afternoon. Bread and cheese or a little summer tart of crab or late berries would be the perfect way to enjoy this wine while watching a golden setting sun. But for those of you who think Rose is for lightweights, this one packs a punch. The additon of Carignan demands attention! $10.99 



Field blend from California? Really? Usually good field blends for a good price, at least in my experience, come from Italy. So, here you have the best of all possible varietal blend wine worlds, Ca' Momi made by Italian winemakers in California with California grown grapes. Let them tell you the story.  We will be back after this message from our winemakers:

Our Story

Founded in 2006, Ca’ Momi Napa Valley is the heart’s offering of three Italians: Dario De Conti, Valentina Guolo-Migotto and Stefano Migotto. Ca’ Momi is a tribute to the land of their birth and the wines that they love. From the winery and vineyards in Carneros, and featuring hand-selected fruit from across the region, Ca’ Momi wines represent the best of both worlds: Napa Valley fruit carefully crafted by the heritage and obsessive care of Old World winemaking into some of the finest wines available. From award-winning House blends to an opulent Reserve line, Ca’ Momi makes wine that elevates the best grapes Napa Valley has to offer.

Our Winemakers

In the early 1990s, Stefano Migotto and Dario De Conti were two of Italy’s brightest young winemakers. A decade later, each came to California to share his expertise with American winemakers. In the process, both fell in love with the Napa Valley and started a partnership in the Ca’ Momi Napa Valley brand. Combined, Stefano and Dario have over 30 years’ experience in wine consulting and the finer points of Old World winemaking. From their years consulting for wineries throughout the region, both men hold long-established relationships with some of the best grape growers in Napa Valley, guaranteeing top-quality fruit for years to come.

The winemakers describe Rosso di Napa 2011 as a "table wine" with bright strawberry, raspberry and mocha flavors, a velvety texture and medium body with, due to the blend, a complex, full flavor fruit palate. A different blend every year, this bottle is big, partnering California Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Merlot. 13.5% alcohol. Selling at the winery for $18, set to be a $15 @MetroWines, selling today on Almost FREE Friday for $10!! 

The winery is proud to announce that their wines were served at the 2014 Academy Awards "Shorts" event. From Oscar's table to your table! Even the big spenders don't spend more for a great bottle of wine when a better bottle sells for less.  They may not be right about the awards, but they nailed this one!

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Ardeche Wine Tasting


This Sunday, from 2pm-4pm we will be hosting an educational wine tasting with wines from Ardeche of the Rhone Valley in France. Gina has previously provided us with information about Ardeche and their wine, and now you get to taste them! We will be pouring two whites; Crozes-Hermitage La Matiniere 2011 and Louis Latour The Grand Ardeche, and two reds; Domaine de Couron Cotes-du-Rhone 2011 and La Tarasque Cotes-du-Rhone 2010. AND John will be bringing a secret bottle for you to taste from his special collection!!


This will be a fun, educational, and exciting wine tasting where you will learn about the Ardeche region of Rhone, and we will even have a special guest from Ardeche to answer any questions you may have about the region and wine! 

Cost is $15 and you can buy your tickets online at Be sure to press our "Chow Now" button and select the "Ardeche Wine Class" under Event Tickets!



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Wines of the Ardèche

by Melyvn Crann, 10/05

Before you read any further try this test. Run your eye down a mental map of the wine regions of France and pick out the wine regions below Beaujolais. What do you see? Probably it's the corridor of vineyards that make up the northern Rhône and then a leap to the appellations of the southern Rhône. The chances are that you envisage a gap in between - oblivious of the wine producing region of the southern Ardèche, an area of 27,000 acres of vineyards south-west of Montelimar. As far as availability in the UK is concerned, this is virtually terra incognita. A recent visit to the region raised my awareness of the wines; an imminent PR campaign might soon affect yours. 

The area is best known as a holiday destination, renowned for its stunning landscape: steep hills and valleys, often luxuriantly clad in sweet chestnuts, beautiful old villages, some of them appearing to grow organically out of the dramatic gorges cut by the Ardèche river and its tributaries. But it also possesses three major appellations: Côtes du Vivarais, Coteaux de l'Ardèche, and at the south-eastern tip, around Bourg St.-Andeol, the vineyards that just nudge into the Côtes du Rhône. 


There is a long history of wine production here. Two thousand years ago, the Helvi, romanised Gauls, had a sophisticated capital at Alba la Romaine and at this time Pliny the Younger described the Ardèche as the "valley of wine". Wine production remained a major activity until the vines were devastated by phylloxera in the second half of the 19th century. In the recovery period the region tended to go along the blind alley of replacement by hybrid vines - resistant to phylloxera but not permissible under wine laws for the production of quality wines. The modern wine industry in the area really dates from the late 60s and 70s, with widespread replanting with noble grape varieties. 

In many parts of France the problems arising from declining consumption at home and exports eroded by upstart New World producers have created conflict and upheavals as traditionalists clash with modernisers. In the Ardèche tradition doesn't seem to have such a strong hold. 

The winemakers of the Ardèche pride themselves in having taken quality improvement seriously before the producers further south (although this seems to have had little influence on perceptions outside the area). A great stimulus was the decision by the major Burgundy house of Louis Latour to start producing Chardonnay in the Ardèche in the late 70s. Previously Chardonnay was unknown here, but Latour, searching for a location which could provide good quality grapes at reasonable cost, decided that the Ardèche could deliver the goods.

Now there is a modern winery, near the archaeological site of the original Alba la Romaine, with a tasting room presenting a large range of burgundies, but only the three wines produced locally: a blend of Chardonnay and Viognier called Duet, a light, citrussy Chardonnay de l'Ardèche, and the richer, buttery Grande Ardèche, the last two being the wines most widely available in the UK.

The grapes are grown by members of the co-operatives under contract to Latour, who exercise strict control over quality in the vineyard - an important factor in the encouragement of improved vineyard practice in the area. 

Rather oddly the name Chardonnay de l'Ardèche can be used only by Latour under the terms of the agreement between the company and the co-operatives.

Topography and Appellations 

The hills of the region tend to run diagonally from north-east to south-west (with the River Ardèche cutting across on the opposite diagonal, hence the gorge), creating a number of valleys, with the vineyards occupying the lower slopes and valley bottoms. 

There is a variety of aspects and soil types in the region. To the west the terraced slopes at the edge of the granite highlands of the Cevenne provide suitable conditions for growing Gamay. Further east there is a mix of limestone and sandstone. The variety of soils and the Vin de Pay status of the larger part of the region, Coteaux de l'Ardèche allows the planting of a wide range of grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Further east, entering the appellation of Côtes du Vivarais (AOC status granted in 1999 - dark green on the map), the grape varieties we associate with the southern Rhône dominate, with Grenache Noir and Blanc, Syrah, Cinsault, Marsanne and Clairette. The communes in the south-east that fall within the Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages appellations (grey on the map) are home to just 21 producers. 

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From the Western Cape of South Africa, this wine is an engaging blend of 65% Chenin Blanc, 24% Viognier and 11% Sauvignon Blanc. The Winemaker says: The South African Winelands lie at the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest, most biodiverse of the world's six floral kingdoms. Bloem, which is derived from the Dutch word for "flower," captures the essence of this unique and dynamic ecosystem with crisp, refreshing fruit aromas and clean, creamy flavors.

If you recall from last week's epidisode, we discussed how it is often that 10% of a varietal blended in  that makes all the difference. And so it is here. The 11% Sauvigonon Blanc blended into Bloem offers just the right herbal touch. I know. I know. Even at just 11%, Sauvignon Blanc must be approached with skepticism. It can take over! But not here. Here, it served up just a hint of chamomile that made this blend sing. The Chenin Blanc is the backbone here providing the body and structure and the Viognier gives us the floral quality of which the name speaks. Crisp and clean, this dry white wine presents apple, spice, and chamomile on the palate.  Nice. Just nothing to dislike here including the price at $11.99. Served at Asheville's hottest new restaurant, LEX18!!

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Macon-Solutre-Pouilly 2011

b2ap3_thumbnail_macon-solutre-pouilly.jpg       b2ap3_thumbnail_carte.JPG


From Domaine Romanin, this 100% Chardonnay is fragrant and fruity. The vines are between 30 and 70 years old and the Domaine follows organic practices. I could go on and on about the aromas and flavors but the bottom line is that this is the way Chardonnay should taste. That's it. The Domaine says:

Mâcon-Solutré-Pouilly Domaine Romanin :

Mâcon Solutré-Pouilly wine comes from Solutré-Pouilly villageVines are young: 7 to 8 years old and protected by fabulous Rock of Solutré-Pouilly village. Clay soil and young vines gives us a pleasant, fresh and fragrant wine.

Clear yellow with grean tintsVery fragrant nose : fruity, floral with notes of almond. The palate displays abundant citrus flavours with hints of grapefruit. Very mineral wine. Good lengh.

Do not tuck it away for too long in your cellar, with it will lose its fresh aromas.

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Sensacion Blanco

b2ap3_thumbnail_sensacion_blanco_tn_20140316-172123_1.jpg        b2ap3_thumbnail_sensacion-winner.jpg

Sensacion, Ribeiro, Terra do Castelo 2012                                                                                                                                                  Winner of the Silver Medal in the Catavinum world Competition and the Bronze Medal from the International Wine Guide

Caliente!!! Sexy. This wine is just flat out sexy. From the tall, slender bottle to the smooth and seductive aroma and palate to the bragging rights of international awards, sexy, just plain sexy. A blend of Treixadura, Torrontes, Godello and Palamino, this dry white wine offers and, distinctively so, all the flavors from each of the four varietals. So, let's talk about them.

First, the one with which we are probably most familiar, Godello. This grape typically offers aromas and flavors of apricot and other stone fruits. A heavier hitter in the wine world than you might have thought, highly regarded international wine critic Jancis Robinson, MW, says that Godello," combines the structure of white burgundy with the finesse of a juicily mineral grape." Torrontes is familiar to us standing all on its own. And here in Sensacion, Torrontes brings the flavors we know from bottles served and sold in the shop, spring flowers, tropical fruit, a touch of honey all in the smooth yet unrestrained way for which Torrontes is known. Next up, Treixadura. This Portuguese grape is used to blend flavors, adds body to the wine and brings light lemony and white flower aromatics and flavors. And then, Palomino. Indigenous to Spain, Palomino is predominantly used to make sherry. Here, in Sensacion, Palomino bring the same fruit and nut flavors that you find in Spanish Sherry.  All THAT is in Sensacion and that is why it received so many awards!

Sensacion goes great with pork, salmon and everything in between. So go wild on it! $12.99 for an international award winner. Warning: Spanish wines are headed up in respect, popularity and price. Buy this one now. Sensacion is offered on the menu at Asheville's hottest new restaurant, Lex18.

The winery describes Sensacion this way: Balanced, fresh and tasty, this wine results from a magnificent combination of different varieties selected from the best vineyards situated in the Terra do Avia zone. With an intense aroma, delicate and elegant, it has notes of tropical fruit such as pineapple, with hints of apple. It has a balanced, fresh and just a touch of sweet finish.

About the winery:

Our quality begins in the vineyard


Terra do Castelo

Covering an area of 3500 m2 this winery is located in the Denomination of Origin Ribeiro, ensuring a high quality wine that combines the tradition of a historical wine region with the most modern production methods. 

Treixadura predominant grape in this wine are also present other typical local varieties like Mencia, Torrontés and Godello. Terra do Castelo has capacity to produce two million liters of wine, made ​​with care and professionalism.


The latest technology for the best grapes


Terra do Castelo

Terra facilities do Castelo harbor edge technology for winemaking with modern machinery for the work of stripping and cold storage. The guarantee of fermentation and the most rigorous asepsis are some ideas from this winery. 

The building that houses the winery combines wood with stone and steel, another example of the fusion between the modern and the indigenous inTerra do Castelo.



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