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Cuvee Saint Vincent

2017 Cuvee Saint Vincent 13.5ALC.

Vincent Girardin Bourgogne Cuvée Saint-Vincent Rouge 2016 | Wine Info
Fruity and floral aromas. A fresh and mineral wine.
Sexy and shameless in its call.

$30.99 at Vivino
*** $24 @MetroWines ***

Rather do Bourgogne on a trip to France. Travel with the latest style. Roland Mouret,
known for his feminine silhouettes, has created a knotted handbag out of simple
square denim and an inexpensive metal chain. He calls it "Nimes." Roland says: 
"I used denim off-cuts (direct quote) I had at home and bought a chain from a local market
to create this bag, called the Nimes because that dark indigo blue reminds me
of the town in the south of France where many believe denim originated." 

Anyway, regardless of origin, here's how you DIY:

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Claude Val is $7.99 and Going Fast

This Continuing BIG DEAL
is About to Come to BIG END

Got word the distributor price is going up.
That means our price of $7.99 @MetroWines
would need to go up around $11. End around. 

So we bought up big (again) at the current price for you! 

Claude Val Red - WestSide | Beer Wine Spirits
Claude Val Red Rhone Blend
50%Grenache, 20%Merlot, 20%Syrah and 10%Carignane

$11.99 at and $9.99 at Vivino
BUT $7.99. Less than 2 cases left from our score! 

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Lapis Luna Zinfandel

Lapis Luna 2018 Zinfandel

(Could also be The Big Red but I already picked one!)


Lapis Luna Zinfandel 2018 |


Winemaker Notes: Rich, dry, and enticing. Flavors of lush blueberry, plums,
and blackberry cobbler. The finish is smooth, long, and juicy.
23% Sangiovese blends in top provide a lift of lively acid.


$16.99 at and $14.99 at Total Wine

*** But $13.99 @MetroWines ***

Brett says: "Balanced California fruit. This wine is banging for the price!"

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Big Red Raymond, Dinosaurs and Fake Furniture

From The ALL NEW
"Topics to Discuss Over Wine Besides Politics Department" @MetroWines

1. Wall Street Journal asks Why Don't Men Wear Ballet Flats More Often?

2. Are airplanes really cleaned between flights? Recently, an airline checked the flight log
and found the cabin was "cleaned" but no one saw it. Consumer confidence is eroding.

3. Should you feel guilty for buying high end furniture fakes?

4. Stan, the 67 million year old T-Rex, is estimated to fetch $8million at auction.
"Sue" the T-Rex was purchased by Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago in 1997.
So, this gorgeous beast of history going to the Field Museum is one thing but what if
the crowned prince of some country you never heard of scores Stan?

Massive T-rex skeleton 'Stan' could fetch $8million at NY auction  - Big World Tale

Discuss Among Yourselves
with The Big Red of the Week

Family Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2017 North Coast Cabernet pays homage to the Raymond family’s five-generation tradition
of sharing their love of winemaking. This wine opens with enticing blackberry aromas with notes
of black tea and tobacco. Rich flavors of black cherry and plum are balanced with earthy characteristics. This is a soft and approachable wine with a plush mid-palate and a lingering finish.
Blend: 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petit Verdot, 3% Petite Sirah


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Bibi's Kitchen and Ruttenstock

From The MetroWines CookBook Department


Somali Chef Hawa Hassan and food writer Julia Turshen presents 75 recipes
and stories gathered from bibis, grandmothers, from 8 African nations:
South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Comoros, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, and Eritrea.
Through Hawa’s writing, her personal story, the women and the stories behind the recipes,
all come to life. With evocative photography shot on location by Khadija Farah,
and food photography by Jennifer May, In Bibi's Kitchen uses food to teach us
about families, war, loss, migration, refuge, and sanctuary.
Book is here:

Traditional spice blend, xawaash, is here:


And the pairing is @MetroWines:

Ruttenstock - Gruner Veltliner 2019 - Wardman Wines

A Washington Post #3 Wine Value of the year, this crisp, clean, and fresh Grüner presents
white orchard and stone fruits with plenty of zesty lime and Granny Smith apple
served up with a dash of varietally characteristic white pepper. Versatile. In a Iiter bottle!

Great Value at $13.99 

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Food and Wine in the Time of Michelangelo

Michelangelo chalk drawing
Nourishing Genius: Food and Wine in the Time of Michelangelo


Grocery list by Michelangleo
EnlargeThree Grocery Lists with Sketches(detail), 1518, Michelangelo Buonarroti, pen and brown ink. Archivio Buonarroti, X, 578, Casa Buonarroti, Florence, Italy
Date: Sunday, October 4, 2020
Time: 2:00 p.m. PT; 5:00 p.m. ET
Location: Getty's YouTube channel
Admission: Free; no registration necessary
(cost of optional wine and food pairings noted below are approximate) 

Michelangelo was wined and dined at the tables of popes and patrons. He also owned a vineyard, a cheese cave, and an orchard. Join Fred Plotkin, specialist in Italian gastronomy, opera, and history, and Getty drawings curator Julian Brooks as they travel back in time to explore the fascinating connections between art, food, drink, and this incomparable Italian Renaissance artist. 

Then, raise a glass to Michelangelo and discover select wines from Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria in the virtual tasting. Audiences can live chat with presenters during the premiere. This program is part of the Drinking in the Past series and complements the exhibition Michelangelo: Mind of the Master

The Wine
Discover three wines that would have been familiar to Michelangelo. Get all three in advance, select one, or just grab a glass of whatever you have at home – preferably Italian! 

• Principe Pallavicini Frascati Superiore 2018 - $13.99 
70% Malvasia del Lazio, 15% Trebbiano della Toscana, 15% Greco – Lazio, Italy 

• Villa di Capezzana Carmignano 2015 - $31.99 
80% Sangiovese and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon – Toscana, Italy 

• Bellafonte Collenottolo Montefalco Sagrantino 2013 - $53.99 
100% Sagrantino – Umbria, Italy

• Non-alcoholic beverage: Acqua di Fiuggi bottled water 

Other Frascati, Carmignano, and Sagrantino options are welcomed. Order wines through your local wine shops or national online retailers (prices are approximate). 

The Food
Enjoy some tasty Italian cheese and bread with your wine (Michelangelo did). We suggest: 

• Cheese: Pecorino di Pienza, Pecorino di Siena, Pecorino Romano, and/or Marzolino 

• Bread: Pane Casareccio (Roman rustic), Pane Sciocco (Tuscan unsalted) and/or other Italian bread 

• Fruit: Pears (Forelle or San Martino), peaches, plums, and/or grapes 

The Fun
Explore this downloadable pdf for wine notes, tasting cards, and a few Renaissance etiquette tips to get the festivities started. 

Create Your Own Zoom Viewing Party
Zoom with your friends. The host can screen share the video for the whole group to enjoy together. Salute!"); height: 1px; position: relative; padding: 0px; clear: both; caret-color: rgb(51, 51, 51); color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat;">

Back to Top

Banner: Left: Studies of the Upper Body of a Man, and Separate Studies of an Arm, a Hand, and an Ear; Sketch of a tree (detail), 1511–1512, Michelangelo Buonarroti, red and black chalk. Right: Seated Male Nude, and a Study of His Right Arm (detail), 1511, Michelangelo Buonarroti, red chalk, heightened with white. Both images: Teylers Museum, Haarlem. Purchased in 1790. © Teylers Museum, Haarlem 
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Przewalski Horse and Wild Thing Zinfandel

Got Time?



From The New York Times, Science Section
"How Conservationists Kept These horses Standing Strong"


The Przewalski Horse is the only horse species that has never been domesticated, and also managed to narrowly escape a brush with extinction.

By 1969, agriculture, hunting and a sting of sever winters had caused the species to disappear from its last range in Mongolia. some horses survived in captivity but in the 1960s, they were being inbred to the point of no return. The horse was saved, however, by a captive breeding program in zoos and by conservationists who reintroduced it back to Mongolia in the 1990s. Today, more that 760 Przewalski Horses roam Mongolia.

As the horse's story exemplifies, extinctions are not inevitable. Since 1993, conservation efforts have saved up to 48 mammal and birds species from extinction, a new study says. Without such efforts, extinction rates for mammals and birds over the past 27 years would be there to four times as high.

Your Ponder Species Conservation With Wine:
2016 Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel by Carol Shelton, $21

Again, trying the new is good but don't forget the classics. 
This is Carol Shelton, the widely recognized Master of Zin!


2016 Carol Shelton


92 points Wine Spectator

Spirited and zesty, with lively cherry and smoky cracked pepper flavors
that frolic on the long finish toward well-groomed tannins.  

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Chemins de Bassac

** Big Deal of The Week **

Just to clarify, @MetroWines a deal is not just a low priced bottle.
A deal is a bottle that is extraordinary for the price!

From Chemins de Bassac
Bottles from our featured winery are offered by an old estate, created in the 19th century,
which has been a part of the shadows and light of the long saga of winemaking in the Languedoc region.
It has achieved recognition through years of effort nourished by enthusiasm for wine 
and the conviction that this soil harbors a noble character. The estate now covers twenty hectares
and is one of the most beautiful estate in Languedoc.
Bassac is a hamlet where the roads around are an an invitation to stroll over sunny hillsides 
with olive trees, vines, oaks and cypress trees…

RAIZ« Blanc, IGP Côtes de Thongue - Weinhalle

Les Chemins de Bassac RAIZ Blanc, $16.99
Roussanne/Viognier blend is overflowing with juicy tropical fruits - starfruit, passionfruit 
with hints of floral aromatics. A crisp bite of acidity brightens up the finish. $16.99

Les Chemins de Bassac RAIZ Rouge $16.99

Organic: Certified Organic, Certified Vegan
Soil type:  Limestone-clay originating from ancient Quaternary alluvial terraces
Grapes: Grenache 16%, Syrah 30%, Mourvèdre 22%, Cabernet Sauvignon 12% and Pinot Noir 20%
Wild yeast fermentation lasting 20 - 30 days. Fermented in enameled lined cement tanks.

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Big Red of Week: Decero Cabernet

*** BIG RED of the WEEK ***
Decero Remolinos Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

The signature wines of Decero are three varietal wines: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.
As with each of the wines of Finca Decero, they bear the distinct hallmark of our unique Remolinos Vineyard. The tapestry of soils enabled us to plant the vines on the soil most suited to each variety, helping each wine show their classic varietal expression. Located at the highest part of the Agrelo (3500ft), Remolinos Vineyard experiences distinctly cool nights which are felt in the fresh acidity and overall elegance of the wines.
The subtle nuances of these wines reflect the year-round, attention to detail across the Finca Decero estate.
In contrast to traditionally heavier styles of wine from Argentina, Decero has carved out a distinct profile
as elegant, balanced wines which are extremely well suited to food pairing.  2017 Decero Cabernet Sauvignon has classic notes of cassis and some cherry and red fruit flavors with fresh acidity. The wine has supple integrated tannins, from 14 months in french oak barrels. An elegant style of Cabernet Sauvignon.

$17.99 @MetroWines

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MetroNorth in Reynolds Village


MetroNorth is OPEN at 105 Reynolds Village

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4 to 6pm

*** 828-424-7411 ***

Welcome Banner With Colorful Serpentine Stock Illustration - Download Image  Now - iStock

Wine, Beer, Sparkling Water, Riedel Glasses and Fine Foods!


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Blind Tasting League on Facebook LIVE

News Release: September 21st, 2020
About: Blind Tasting League on Facebook Live
The Blind Tasting League with Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines, goes LIVE online Wednesday, October 21st at 5:30 via Facebook LIVE. Join in the process of deductive reasoning used by wine experts to determine what's in the glass. Andy will present two wines and work with you through the process because he doesn't know what's in the glass either!
"The past two months have been very well attended," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Please tell friends wherever they live as you can logon from anywhere!"
Participants do not need to register, sign up or pay for the event. All you do is logon to our Facebook page at 5:30 on October 21st. Go here:
"This is a great way to learn the deductive process of blind tasting with no pressure," says Gina Trippi. "You don't need any previous experience and Andy has prepared videos and educational materials to get you started down the road of wine knowledge." Get a head start here:
If you are interested in purchasing the wines to be tasted, you can purchase the two wines by calling (828) 575-9525 @MetroWines. The wines will be concealed in brown paper bags so no looking! And don't tell Andy anything!
Contact for Blind Tasting League: Andy Hale 
 at 828-575-9525 or

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Do the Different with Céline Red Blend

From The MetroWines
"Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Department"
Savio Soares Selections 18.99 11.5ALC


No photo description available.
2019 40% Chardonnay, 40% Gamay, 20% Mondeuse.
Gradually, over four generations, the estate has been built up in this rugged terrain.
There are three main soil types, each matched with its best corresponding varietal:
 the soils of the Montagnieu area are white marl clay, perfect for Altess (Roussette)
and Mondeuse; the silica and limestone soils of moraine hillside slopes perfect for Chardonnay;
and finally the clay and limestone mountain scree soils where Pinot Noir excels.

Teaching Moment: What's scree? Scree is a collection of broken rock fragments at the base of crags,
mountain cliffs, volcanoes or valley shoulders that has accumulated through periodic rockfall
from adjacent cliff faces. Landforms associated with these materials are often called talus deposits.

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New Guinea Singing Dog and Tyrrells Semillon

Almost In Memoriam!


Ancient breed of singing dog re-emerges in Indonesia after being believed  to be extinct for 50 years | Daily Mail Online


A New Guinea Singing Dog, a dingo like animal with a unique howling style,
was considered extinct in the wild. But scientists reported recently, based on DNA,
that the dogs live on! The New Guinea dog is closely related to the Australian Dingo.

Let's Celebrate with an Australian Wine!
(Seasonal Drinkers Heads UP)

Not the first time we have recommended Tyrell's Semillon. As days grow cooler,
because of the heavier palate feel (see below), this is the perfect transitional white wine. 

*** And this versatile, crowd pleaser only has 10% ALC! ***

Sourced from a small selection of Semillon blocks, the grapes were both hand
and machine picked before gentle pressing and fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
Wine then spent a few months on yeast lees to gain extra complexity and palate feel.
The Hunter Valley Semillon has a lifted nose showing citrus freshness,
the palate continues with fresh citrus and concentrated grapefruit flavors.
The palate is light to medium bodied with a perfect balance of fruit and soft acid.
Distinctive and refreshing, featuring bright, crisp lemony flavors, some saline. 

Tyrrell's Hunter Valley Semillon 2019  Front Label

Out of Stock at Gary's. Just as well. It was $20.50
*** $18.99 @MetroWines ***

Need another reason to support Australia? After Australia requested China
give more information about COVID, a trade war erupted
between the two countries with Australian Wine becoming a bargaining chip.

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Grüner, Austria, and Scheu

From The MetroWines Gift Idea Department
and The Embassy of Austria in Washington DC 

Born in Vienna, Elizabeth “Lisl” Scheu Close (1912–2011) left an indelible mark
on Minnesota’s built landscape during her six decades as an architect. In 1938, with her husband,
Winston Close, she founded the state’s first architecture firm dedicated to modernism.
In addition to designing the first International Style house in Minneapolis,
the firm also created more than 250 handsome and efficiently planned modern residences.
One of the few women who were practicing architects in the mid-twentieth century,
she blazed a trail for future generations of women in the profession.

Your Gift it With Austrian Wine
Well structured, built to last.  This Grüner presents the characteristics of the best Grüner Veltliners.
Lightly perfumed, bone dry and full bodied, high acidity and notes of spice and white pepper.
Hints of citrus fruit flavors of lemon, lime and grapefruit. The real thing!

Weingut Roland Minkowitsch – RM WEINGUT
2018 Grüner Veltliner

*** $13.99 ***

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Palmira for the Weekend

*** The Big DEAL of The Week ***
2018 Palmira Rosso, Venezia Giulia, from Visintini


Image may contain: text that says 'PALMIRA ROSSO'


Importer says: Palmira, Oliviero and Cinzia Visintini are wine geeks of the best kind.
You can see Slovenia from their farm, it’s the next line of low hills on the horizon, 6km away.
Their grandfather Domenico Visintini bought the estate and its ruined medieval tower in 1884.
A portion of the original 13th century cellar is full with Palmira Visintini’s personal wine stash! 

Certified Organic. Practicing Biodynamic. Beautiful ruby ​​red color in glass.
Good red fruit on nose and plate.
 Accessible taste with soft, pleasant tannins.

13% ALC. $12.99

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Emma Peel and Chateau la Grolet

In Memoriam
Emma Peel


OK. I know Diana Rigg is much more than The Avengers but, come on,
she WAS and IS Emma Peel. A pioneer!

Before there was a Wonder Woman, a Bionic Woman, a Tomb Raider, a Mulan!!
there was Emma Peel, there was Diana Rigg.

Diana Rigg, Emma Peel of 'The Avengers,' Dies at 82 - The New York Times

Celebrate the Life and Work of One of the Greats
With a bottle that is tall, lean, dark, powerful and a persuasive class act.

Côtes de Bourg
Chateau la Grolet 2017 Bordeaux, $25
70%Merlot, 15%Cabernet Sauvignon, 10%Cabernet Franc and 5%Malbec

The 2017 Château La Grolet is another outstanding success. It's a deep, meaty Bordeaux 
with dark cherry, blackberry, sweet rose aromatics and flavors, a juicy,
classically structured palate, and long, driven close.

Soldier ON Diana

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Sandy Cove Sauvignon Blanc

Brett's New Find of the Week!


Winery Tasting Notes for 2019
This wine is elegant and restrained while still undeniably Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. 
It has that grassy element we love from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, 
but it's a little less aggressive and perhaps rounder and richer in flavor than most.
All good: Certified Sustainable Farming, Minimal Intervention, Recyled Glass! 12.55 ALC.


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France Online

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Nina Simone and Double Canyon Red

North Carolina Home of Nina Simone Gets Permanent Protection
The music of Nina Simone, which spanned several genres including jazz and R&B,
helped define the civil rights movement. She died in 2003 at the age of 70.

Celebrate Nina with a wine that is smooth,
velvety, sultry and a contender!

*** The Big Red of The Week ***
Double Canyon Horse Heaven Hills 
2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington State, $22

Review: 2016 Double Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon Horse Heaven Hills -  Drinkhacker


The 2016 Double Canyon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon expresses great depth and concentration of flavors,
with a long, generous palate that opens up on the entry. Deep, dark garnet in the glass, aromas of red currant
and coffee beans are joined alongside hints of polished leather, caramel cassis and pine.
The palate has a bright entry, moderate tannins with pleasing length and complexity, and an elegant finish.
The flavor profile is characteristic of our estate vineyard, displaying notes of cherries, red fruit, and rose hips.

 JEB DUNNUCK, 94 Points
Our 90-acre parcel is planted to 1,850 vines per acre, exceeding typical Washington standards;
this high density of vines produces less fruit on each individual vine, thus increasing overall quality.
The vineyard is planted to a range of different Cabernet Sauvignon clones that have been selected
for the characteristics they have displayed from our site over the past decade of winegrowing.
The fruit is hand-harvested and we perform daily pump overs for extraction.
Once fermentation is accomplished, the wine is aged in French oak barrels for 18 months.

To Nina! May her voice, piano and legacy live on forever!

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Open Wine Bottle?

Didn't Finish the Bottle? No Problem.
John Kerr of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines
** for Capital at Play **

Is your Greyhound a Snob? | Carol's Canine Training

"After the Bottle is Opened"

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