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Wine Consumer Study


Thought you might be interested in seeing this just released study of the wine and liquor markets across the US.
It was included in the WIne Growers News from Iowa State University.

Some of the key findings from this survey include:
        1       66% of U.S. adult consumers (21+) purchase alcohol beverages with 45% regulary purchasing wine and 35% regularly purchasing liquor. 
        2       Consumers in the Northeast purchase more alcohol than on the West coast. 
        3       A similar percentage of both men & women purchase wine. 
        4       The of wine purchasers continues to grow steadily from 55% of those with an annual income of $125-$149K - $149,000 to 68% of those with an income of $250K+. 
        5       Non-Hispanic whites tend to purchase more wine than other ethnicities, while non- Hispanic blacks and Asians indicate they purchase liquor at greater levels. 
        6       Only 5% of regular wine purchasers and 9% of regular liquor purchasers strongly agreed that they would cut back on those purchases when cannabis was legal. 
        7       Only 19% of regular wine purchasers say they know wine brands, and fewer – 16% say they look for deals. 
        8       Walmart (29%) is the leading retail outlet for wine and number two for liquor (20%) in the U.S. 
        9       Point of purchase is very important as consumer behaviors can shift dramatically. 

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