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When the lunch we ordered for wine and food pairing class @MetroWines was not delivered,
on very short notice, Waterbird bailed us out with an extraordinary lunch for 30 students!

And, oh yeah, eat, drink and be very merry!


** Treasure Hunter Alert **

Scandalous 2016 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - The Authentic 3 Finger Wine Company

The Treasure Hunter says (more or less): Washington is bringing it with
their Cabernets and SCANDALOUS is the top quality we have come to expect from WA. 

Scandalous is polished and focused presenting concentrated black cherry, vanilla espresso,
warm fig and cascading flavors of dark berries, cassis, and velvety chocolate. Mature vines offer
the best wine experience, here sprinkled with a chorus of toasty accents of coconut and spice.

$27 @MetroWines and, of most importance, actually IN stock!


The Great Rose Tasting
Commences for the Season on Saturday, May 4th
All Day from 10am to 7pm

Taste 6 different Bottles of Rose from Around the World
"on the house" @MetroWines
There IS a Rose for YOU!

And Speaking of Rose....
We Are Sooooooo Excited to Present This Wine to You!
Imported by Philippe Borgeois, the wine is just NOT everywhere.

White Flowers on the nose and strawberries on the palate!
Clean, Fresh. Flavorful. So Good.
Inside Info: RAW will be on the Taste on Saturday!

The Winemakers
RAW stands for pure, organic and vegan. 
Natural wines for people that love life as much as we do
in the small town of Villanueva de Alcardete – Spain.


Exotic New White. Perfect for Spring.

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Krasno, White Blend from Slovenia, 2017, $14.99
Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School fo Wine, says:
"The winery is just across the Italian border . It's spicy!"
Grapes variety: 40% rebula, 30% chardonnay, 30% sauvignonasse 
Harvesting: exclusively handpicked grapes
Fermentation: Chardonnay: 70 % in stainless steel tanks, 30% in large oak barrels.



Giovanni Battista Moroni Exhibit at Frick in NYC

Born between 1520 and 1525 in Albino (Republic of Venice),
Moroni spent his working life painting the aristocracy in Brescia (Lombardy) and Trento (Alto Adige).
He died in Bergamo (also Lombardy) in 1578-79.

What wine might have been on the Moroni Table?

Lagrein is from up north but documents mentioning Lagrein date from 17th century.
Verdicchio dates back
to the 14th century but only in the Marche. Ahhhh, but Barbera from
the neighboring region is a strong possibility!
   Barbera is believed to have originated in the Monferato Hills in central Piedmonte where it has been known since the thirteenth century. Documents dating to the period between 1246 and 1277 record vineyard lands planted with "de bonis vitibus barbexinis" or Barbera. However, one ampelographer (an expert in the study and classification of grapes) Pierre Viala, speculates that Barbera originated in Oltrepo Pavese, Lombardy.

  So, even if Barbera is not indigenous to Lombardy where Moroni spent so much time,                        it was being made

into wine at least two centuries before Moroni, and, hence, was almost certainly available to him.

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The Casaret by Marziano Abbona is a 100% Barbera aged exclusively in steel with an excellent
quality to price ratio and great versatility, perfect as a wine for every day.

It shows a brilliant ruby red color
and offers notes of red fruits and vanilla; smooth on palate,

beautiful freshness and persistence.
Sold all over Europe. Limited Distribution in this country. $16.99 @MetroWines!


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Night at The Museum
** For Real **

NYT reported that 2 scientists, Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle, meet for an anthropological happy hour every Friday night at the American Museum of Natural History FOR REAL. Happy Hour includes beer and well, you guessed it, wine. "that sharing a bottle of wine helped the flow of their discussions."

Besides having a good time, the 2 have written 2 books on, well, drinking. 

"A Natural History of Wine" is a captivating survey of the science of wine and winemaking for those wondering about the magic of the fermented grape. 
And, hence, proving their theory that an excellent bottle of wine can be the spark that inspires a brainstorming session! 
Ian Tattersall is curator emeritus in the Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York City. Rob DeSalle is curator of entomology in the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, AMNH.

Despite the collective brain power of the pair, the book is conversational and accessible. This colorfully illustrated book calls upon every area of science, from microbiology and ecology to physiology and neurobiology. The authors also draw on physics, chemistry, biochemistry, evolution, and climatology, as well as anthropology, primatology, entomology, Neolithic archaeology, and even classical history.

Wow, this is so not your everyday wine book yapping about the nose, the palate, the berry flavors, the mineralogy, blah, blah blah.  This is real  thing. So, I decided, for you of course, to write to Ian Tattersall and ask him what wines the two share to release the genius!


Ian (I feel like I can use his first name, right?) very graciously responded: "We drink wines from all over the world, often with an eye to making connections to the places we write about.  Right now, our favorite Ice Age art cave – Chauvet, in Vallons-Pont-d’Arc in the Ardeche -- is adjacent to the southern Rhone Valley, which gives us an excellent excuse to drink reds from places like Lirac, Gigondas and Vacqueyras.  We’d love to be drinking Chateauneufs, but they are a bit above our budget!"

WOW! That is what we do in this email, try to put wine in its place in the world and history. For your investigation, Ian, into Chauvet in the Ardeche, we recommend Domaine Couron Cotes du Rhone. $11.99

(Ian, if you are reading this post, we would ship this bottle to you but the evolution of wine shipping out of state  has not treated the small merchant very well: 

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About the Wine; 60% Grenache, 60% Syrah, farmed organically and sustainably from vines 46 years on average. This family-run estate is crafted with loving hands on land once cultivated by the Romans. Ripe, well-defined with blueberry, plum and blackberry fruit along with hints of cocoa, warm stone and anis. A hint of lavender chimes in on the finish.


About the winery: This family-run estate lies in the tiny hamlet of Saint Marcel d’Ardeche.  Vestiges of a Roman outpost have been found throughout  the vineyards, as wine has been grown here since antiquity.  Parcels are terraced at Couron, with one higher in elevation than the next.  Balance and great finesse are the hallmarks at Domain de Couron. Jean-Luc carries the mantle, a descendant of nine generations of wine growers. Using sustainable farming techniques, Jean-Luc and Marie-Lise Dorthe craft, with loving hands, wines on land once cultivated by the Romans.


The Asheville Wine Focus Group
Wednesday, May 8th, 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines

With everybody talking about "natural wines,"
we arranged for four to be presented for your consideration.
Katarina Dordelman of Sour Grapes Hosts

Call (828) 575-9525
online: https://metrowinesasheville.com/wine-blogs/

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Riesling Class
Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine,
Introduces you to this "Noble Grape"

** Not Always Sweet. But Always Cool! **

Tuesday, May 21st from 5:30 to 6:30
$25. Call (828) 575-9525


*** This Just IN ***

Klinker Brick Wine Dinner
at Bone and Broth
with Chef Chris Benson

Wednesday, May 29th, 6pm
$75 including wine, dinner tax and gratuity.
Details and Tickets here: 

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As Americans fall further, Younger and more frequently into DEBT,
NYT says there is a big push for Financial Literacy starting in High School.
A few years past past High School? Let's Start HERE!

** Join The Case Club @MetroWines **
Convenience, Adventure and VALUE
Call (828) 575-9525

online: https://metrowinesasheville.com/club

Money, Mayhem, Murder: The Darkest Side of Wine
Klinker Brick Dinner at Bone and Broth

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