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Vegan Restaurant Gets Michelin Star: France

First Vegan Restaurant in France
to Receive Michelin Star

"ONA" (Origin Non Animal)
in Ares, 25 miles west of Bordeaux

Le Menu

Given the proximity to Bordeaux,
Let's go White Bordeaux

Thirst Wine Merchants

This lovely 2018 from Domaine des Justices is made from Sauvignon Blanc
and Sémillon, and its aromas and flavors speak to both grapes. The texture
is crisp and lively though with a pleasing roundness that integrates the flavors
and pushes them into a long, resonant finish.

 "This White Bordeaux is classically made but with a playful and affordable palate," Brett says, "and the semillon really shines through."


Rooster Maurice and Greffiere Macon
Lupin and Kermit Lynch and Corbieres

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