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Agriverde Piane di Maggio
2017 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 

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100% Trebbiano grown in clay, sand and iron.
Straw-yellow  with greenish highlights in the glass.
The nose is delicately scented with flower and fruit aromas
And the palate is dry, crisp and well balanced
it recalls fresh fruit and flowers with citrus hints.​

Camillo di Carlo founded Agriverde winery in 1830. Two centuries have passed
and the property has expanded to become an organic farming business.
AGRIVERDE mission is to produce superior wines preserving what we inherited from Nature,
in order to hand it down to future generations.
AGRIVERDE philosophy is centered on the respect of Nature and Man himself. 
That is why the property is all organic farming and biodynamic.
The tree in the center is the symbol of our commitment
and it is transparent like us because there is nothing to hide at Agriverde!!!

Zoe Rose' from Greece