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This is the wine you had in Italy

Paint Your Front Door
Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Facelift


This wine is the door to a new wine experience. Sure, like a dingy old brown door, because you don't know the name of the winery or the varietal, in this case, GRIGNOLINO, you walk by it. You are missing out.

Try it. Be the one who knows!

Grignolino d'Asti DOC

*** Washington Post Says ***
"Grignolino is the type of cheap wine you find in a roadside trattoria during your Italian vacation that makes you wonder, “Why can’t we get this at home?” Grignolino may not be considered a serious wine, but the folks at Da Capo take it seriously and bring us this delightful bottling that just might transport you back to that Italian sojourn, at least in memory. Bright red fruit flavors and a laser beam of stony minerality give this wine energy and clarity of flavor. Like a tuning fork on a perfect high C."

Vivino Says $21.99 
** MetroWines Says: $21 **

Need Another Reason to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone?
BBC says research establishes that embracing change betters your life!


Grignolino is a good place to start!

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