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Thierry Triolet Brut Rose

This bottle is like the woman who walks into a crowded room with a a daring hat and everyone LOOKS. Thierry Triolet Brut Rose is a base of Chardonnay with 15% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier. This champagne stands up to bottles that cost $100 or more and, at $42 on the shelf, all facts considered, beats them. This bottle is that woman.  Thierry Triolet, with its tiny bubbles!, pairs with everything including popcorn. See our article this month in North Asheville Life Magazine. 


From the importer, Wine Traditions in Falls Church Virginia

About Thierry Triolet:  The Champagne house of Thierry Triolet is located in the village of Bethon. The vineyards in Bethon are part of the Côtes de Sezanne region of Champagne which begins about 20 miles southwest of Epernay and extends southward from the town of Sezanne. Geologically, this narrow band of hills is a continuation of the more massive Côtes des Blancs. Traditionally,the Sezanne vineyards have been a source of excellent Chardonnay grapes for the large negociant Champagne houses to the north. 

About the Brut Rose: The Rosé Champagne combines a base of Chardonnay with 15% red wine. The red wine is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. In very ripe vintages, M. Triolet will keep a vat of “Pinot” and allows it to mature in the cellar. The red wine is blended with Chardonnay and the “assemblage” undergoes the second fermentation followed by an extended period “sur lattes”. It is bottled with the “liqueur de triage” , a blend of sugar and yeasts (12 grams sugar), to produce a charming Rosé Champagne.


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