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The Dreaded 2 Wine Bottle Dilemma

** The Dreaded Two Bottle Dilemma **

While some businesses are opening, restaurants are not yet back on radar.
One of the great pleasures of a restaurant is pairing each dish to just the right wine.
If you have a crab salad for an appetizer and a steak for an entree,
you probably don't want, nor should you, a bottle of Red Bordeaux for the entire meal.
At a restaurant, you could select just a glass of wine for each course.

But now we are playing DIY restaurant at home
and without a party of four or more, we are facing:

The Dreaded Two Bottle Dilemma!

MetroWines To The Rescue! 

** Solution: Half Bottles!**

Half Bottle Wine Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

Tiefenbruner Pinot Grigio Alto-Adige, Italy $6.79
Catena Malbec Mendoza, Argentina $10.99
Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano Abruzzo, Italy $8.99

** Word is Out. Limited Supply **
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