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The Bunker's Dozen

*** Bunker's Dozen ***

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Financial Publications are busy suggesting stocks you can "take to the bunker."
Consider shares of survival stuff like Campbell Soup, companies who make
crackers, canned beans, batteries, dog biscuits and baby wipes.

But let's get real. What you REALLY need is wine!

I asked Brett Watson to put together
"The MetroWines Bunker's Dozen"

and he said.....

1.   Ventriccie Rosé ( Corsica 2018) $12.99
2.   Quinta de Chucapalha Arinto, (Portugal, 2018) $14.99
3.   Giocato Pinot Grigio (Slovenia 2018) $12.99
4.   Visintini Bianco (Italy 2018) $13.99
5.   Capitelles Chardonnay (France 2016) $8.99
6.   Chemins De Bassac Isa Blanc (France 2081) $13.99
7.   Luzon Blanco (Spain 2018) $8.99
8.   Estemas Bobal (Spain 2017) $13.99
9.   Fuso Barbera (Italy 2016) $14.99
10. Cantine Pourrro Barbera D'Asti (Italy 2017) $9.99 
11.  Bodan Roan Pinot Noir (California 2018) $13.99
12.  El Libre Cabernet (Argentina 2018) $8.99
13.  Casabianca Chianti (Italy 2018) $10.99

First things first as they say!
But here is some other stuff you might need in the Bunker.


Now, you got your stuff BUT
what are you going to do in that Bunker?
 Add a hard cheese and a soft chees to your shopping list.
In the dull days of the Bunker,
test Lettie Teague's theory that red wines
may not be the go-to choice for most cheeses!


And in Other Bunker Related news:
Virus concerns and precautions have resulted in congested crowds in front
of The Mona Lisa at Louvre.
Better idea: Add a bottle of Casa Emma to your Bunker Bag List
and enjoy it over this article about Mona Lisa in Laurel of Asheville: 


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