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Shame on You NPR


NPR has a wine club. For an organization that raises the alarm on global warming, this effort which will necessarily involve a lot of fossil fuel to ship, rather than encourage shopping at a local wine shop, seems inconsistent. In addition, any shipping presents the risk of damage, return, and leaves you with no advice from an on staff sommelier. Local shops, like us, deliver to your door! Lot less fuel from Charlotte Street to your door than from Laith Wines (wherever they are) to your home. Stike a blow for the environment, convenience, community and quality. Shop locally.

This is the NPR fine print (which reads the same as the fine print for a LOT of other national so called wine clubs): "Offer subject to approval and availability and limited to one case per household. In the unlikely event of a wine becoming unavailable, a substitute of similar style and of equal or greater value will be supplied. Licensed retailers reserve the right to refuse any order. State and local policy governs all transactions. Licensed retailers only fulfill orders from adults at least 21 years old and all applicable taxes are paid."

This is our fine print: Big Shop Selection and Small Shop Service!

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