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Shame on You National Geographic


I love National Geographic. In my experience, although it is sometimes opposite to what one would like to believe, the publication speaks the truth. And that is why I was so very disappointed to see National Geographic had started a wine club.

National Geographic has set forth the facts on climate change, what has happened, what is happening, the contributing factors and what we can expect in the future. One of the factors is fossil fuel. Wine Clubs involve nationwide shipping in fossil fueled, smoking and belching, powered trucks. 

The impact is heavy on the environment. And Wine Clubs are a big negative for the local economy.  67 cents of every dollar spent in a local shop stays in the community. That's jobs, that's roads, that's structural upgrades.

Wine Clubs try to interest you by saying the wines are exclusive. Think about it. If the wines were so exclusive, so special, how could they be distributed nationwide? Look at the fine print. National Geographic is in "Partnership with LaithWaites Wines." So are a number of other environmentally destructive wine clubs. Not exclusive.

Add no personal service to this environmental disaster. Let's say a bottle breaks or is corked. You will be asked to send it back. More trucking. Let's say you want a recipe for this particular mass made wine. Who you gonna call?

You want to support the causes to which National Geographic is devoted. Me too. The better solution is to shop your wines locally and become a member or make a tax deductible donation to National Geographic. Wine purchases are, obviously, not tax deductable, but taxes paid when you shop in your community stay in your community providing benefits to you and your family.

To be part of the solution, Simply Shop LocalLY. Lessen the negative impact on the environment, keep your dollars in your community to support jobs and public works, and make your life more convenient and increase your access to services. Everybody wins when you shop locally.

Donate to National Geographic HERE! and shop your wine @MetroWines.


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