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Sablet is Steady in a Storm

In Memoriam

Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy.

Sur La Table, Bankrupt.

You can keep track of 2020 retail bankruptcies here:

Segway says it will stop production of its signature Personal Transporter,
the 2 wheeled self balancing scooter once hailed as the future of transport.

We need something structured, balanced, not too trendy but in good taste,
something we can count on, something French! to say GoodBye to these icons.

Cotes du Rhone 2018
A blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah

Today most of the vines that Jean-Marc works with are 20-40 years old.
The Sablet is fermented for four weeks and aged for two years in large barrels
and wooden vats. It is bottled without filtration. The resultant wine 
is rich in body and flavor with lots of dark fruit and spice. 

Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines,
says "Sablet is like a baby Chateauneuf du Pape!"

*** $19.99 ***

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Summer in Tuscany

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