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Red Blend Class: This is NOT DYI

Thursday, November 21st
Red Blend Class and Tasting
Hosted by Juniper Cooper of Mutual Distribution

Red Blends are NOT a DYI Project. To prove the point that blending
takes knowledge and experience, one of our distributors brought us carafes
of various varietal wines and said "blend it!"
It really did not go very well.
Let me say it another way, leave this to the professionals!

To make a blend that is pleasing to the palate, the winemaker must know
why and why not every varietal can or cannot work with every other varietal.
How you get there involves chemistry and climate and probably Punnett Squares!
Holy Catfish. This could get seriously exponential.

Find out What it's All About the FUN WAY with Juniper!

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$20 for Tasting with Small Bites and Presentation

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