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Przewalski Horse and Wild Thing Zinfandel

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From The New York Times, Science Section
"How Conservationists Kept These horses Standing Strong"


The Przewalski Horse is the only horse species that has never been domesticated, and also managed to narrowly escape a brush with extinction.

By 1969, agriculture, hunting and a sting of sever winters had caused the species to disappear from its last range in Mongolia. some horses survived in captivity but in the 1960s, they were being inbred to the point of no return. The horse was saved, however, by a captive breeding program in zoos and by conservationists who reintroduced it back to Mongolia in the 1990s. Today, more that 760 Przewalski Horses roam Mongolia.

As the horse's story exemplifies, extinctions are not inevitable. Since 1993, conservation efforts have saved up to 48 mammal and birds species from extinction, a new study says. Without such efforts, extinction rates for mammals and birds over the past 27 years would be there to four times as high.

Your Ponder Species Conservation With Wine:
2016 Wild Thing Old Vine Zinfandel by Carol Shelton, $21

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2016 Carol Shelton


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Food and Wine in the Time of Michelangelo
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