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Potato People and Wine

Peru, Potatoes and Potato People

Peruvian Potatoes | Eat Drink and Travel (com imagens) | Batata ...

National Geographic writes: Since at least 5,000 BC, Peru has been dining on spuds.
More than 4,000 varieties grow in country. But diversity and the cultural value
of the crop are being threatened by industrialized agriculture. Inventive chefs,
including Virgilio Martinez, are working to boost the status of the potato
and other traditional Andean mood often called "Novoandina."
At his restaurant, "Mil," in the Sacred Valley, you will find varieties of potatoes
in an 8 course Andean focused meal.

Gordon Ramsey on The Potato King in Peru

All About Traditional High Andean Food

"Mil" Restaurant in Peru
"Tintos" on the menu include Chianti, Monastrell and Cannonau.

Let's Potato Pair with Cannonau

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