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Port is Forever (almost)

 In Memoriam

New York Times Called it a FINAL on TV Listings

And Coupon clipping is Fading into the Past

Let's  mourn this paper passing with a wine that has been with us for centuries
and will be around for centuries more! Lasting. Dependable. Dessert. Indulgent!

Quinta Do Infantado Porto Ruby rouge | 1jour1vin.com
This is an organic Ruby Port made in the traditional way. The house style is “meio-seco” (medium-dry)
so while this is definitely a sweet wine, its not syrupy or jammy. The Quinta has been owned
by the same family for over 100 years.The vineyards are steep and terraced. The port is estate bottled.
They usually blend 2 or 3 vintages to achieve the signature house style. Lots of plum and berry fruit
is balanced with nice structured acidity and tannins.  Pair with goat cheese or dark chocolate! $22.

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