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Poderi Elia Langhe Nebbiolo 2012

Another great wine from Small Vineyards Imports in Seattle. The wine has all the elegance of a great Nebbiolo with an intense, concentrated red fruit on the nose rolling onto the palate with vanilla from oak barrel aging. Founded in Nieve in 1890 by the owner's great grandfather, this family run winery concentrates on the local red varieties: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato d'Asti. The vineyards are 30 to 45 years old. Low yields and traditional methods result in complex, structured wines that are truly symbolic of the terroir.

Estate: Poderi Elia
Location: Piedmont, Italy
Winemaker: Federico Stella

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Poderi Elia, Federico Stella

Location Piemonte, Italia.
9 hectares.
Estate Poderi Elia.
(poh-DAY-ree ay-LEE-ah)
Winemaker Federico Stella.
(fay-day-REE-ko STAY-lah)
Enologist Federico Stella.
(fay-day-REE-ko STAY-lah)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested. 
No irrigation.
Sulpher and copper.
Locally sourced yeast.
Estate Production 6,000 cases.
Partnership Podere Elia has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2004.

At Small Vineyards, we like to find winemakers who listen to their inner drum. Immediately upon meeting Federico Stella, we were aware that he is just such a man. Meticulous, beyond belief in the cellar, this young and talented producer possesses an uncanny instinct for making world-class wine. Respectful of traditional varietals, but unrelenting in his desire to improve, Stella experimented with over 30 combinations of French oak before settling on his cooperage formula! (Imagine that expense for a small estate!) Consistently he takes all of his wines right up to the edge of modernity, but then masterfully hovers there, never once crossing the line or going too far. Sitting down to taste wine at the family’s dinner table, we also get to see the patience and love he shows his family. Although extremely affable, Federico remains serious while discussing his vision. Indeed, even when the subject of conversation turns away from Poderi Elia, one always has the distinct impression that, privately, Federico is still thinking about his wine…

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Our Family of Winemakers

Wine itself is wonderful, but the stories of the families and artisans who make it are equally important. Who does not want to know more about the composer, painter, singer, or writer? This is why you will find a photo of the winemaker and the story of the estate on every bottle-connecting those who make the wine with those who enjoy it.

Worthy, Sophia's Cuvee, 2010 Napa Valley
George Rodrigue Last Blue Dog

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