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Paradou stars on Almost FREE Friday

That's Le Paradou. The philosophy at Paradou Wines perfectly mirrors the Metro Wines philosophy, that is, wine is about friends, family and community. In addition, both the Grenache and Viognier have been described, and we agree as "tremendous values." Two brothers make high altitude grapes into spectacular wines for the shelf price. And while the brothers don't like to brag, as you know, we are shameless! The upwards of 40 year old vines are grown in accordance with the standards of "terra vitis," an organization that promotes environmentally positive practices and stresses the benefits of integrated farming. The winery is one of the most respected in the southern Rhone for their farming protocol and, of course, their wines.  Both the Grenache and the Viognier fall into our "unobjectionable" category, that is to say, most people enjoy them. Much of the Paradou website is posted below. See what you think.

Le Paradou Grenache 2011, $10.99


Grenache, from Spain, would have arrived in France from the Middle Ages (by pilgrims returning from Saint-Jacques de Compostela) and is widespread throughout the Mediterranean. It is the basis of wines to keep as Chateauneuf-du-Pape where it is the majority and is now one of the most cultivated in France and worldwide wines. This warm climate grape is widely planted in the Southern Rhone Valley and Languedoc Roussillon where it has an intense aromatic and quality potential. Grenache is expressed in plots late position, with cool nights and draining shallow stony soils.

The Metro Wines Tasting Panel tastes blackberry, black cherry, currant and spice.  this Grenache, like most, can go with just about anything on the table from pork to portobello. 

Le Paradou Viognier 2012, $10.99


It is unclear the precise origin of the Viognier grape but it is the mythical Condrieu from the Rhone Valley Holland. Then he had almost disappeared in the middle of the twentieth century, it now enjoys an international reputation. It develops favorably on poor soil, limestone, and requires a certain freshness to climate level to keep its elegance. In too warm climate, its aromas become heavy and distorted. Fragile as the wine level as during vinification, Viognier is characterized by a low yield and flavor of great elegance: apricot, pear, violet, white flowers. 

From the Importer: "This white is exotic and lush, with a beautiful acidity keeping it fresh and clean. 100% Viognier, this aromatic bottling is aged only in tank with a light filtration. Harvested by hand from high altitude vineyards. A tremendous value." 

From MetroWines Tasting Panel: This 100% tank aged  Viognier opens with a most aromatic nose that presents orange blossom and a bit of mint leading into orange and honey on the palate. This is a delightful wine and veeeeeeeeeeery versatile.


Wines of pleasure and conviviality

The wines are wines Paradou discovery and sharing, which invite you to reconsider moments too often overlooked as meals or snacks improvised picnics to enjoy with family or friends. Frederick & Alexander wanted to mingle the values ​​that are at the heart of etiquette South of France. You are in the pure and simple pleasures, in a friendly and growing small pleasures of life.

The winemakers have sought to give expression to their greater purity of great varieties of southern France and the Rhone Valley. The wines are very accessible Paradou wines that open a door to the more complex world of assemblies PDO wines of the Rhone and Languedoc while recalling that France is able to offer excellent value for money.

The freshness and fruit

In the case of two wines, fermentation and aging are very short and exclusively in stainless steel tanks and concrete tanks. There is no aging in barrels or use of any wood for wines Paradou. For Viognier, special attention is paid to the date of harvest in order to pick the grapes when he still has a good natural acidity. In the same vein conservation maximum freshness,

the malolactic fermentation is blocked for Viognier. For Grenache, maceration are relatively short (10 to 15 days), regular but gentle pumping. It's really not too extract and pick the fruit and crunchy grapes. The wines of Paradou really speak their purest device characteristics of these two major varieties: the sense of the Latin proverb "in naturalibus" appearing on the label.


Two brothers winemakers.

Winemakers from father to son in Castle Pesquié in Ventoux south of the Rhône Valley, Alexander & Frédéric Chaudière decided to set a new challenge in creating Paradou range in 2005. These thirty two brothers have always been driven by the common passion for wine. Alexander from a young age the certainty of his vocation as winemaker and studied viticulture and oenology in Macon and worked in many parts of the world (Burgundy, Rheingau, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Australia, Cote Rotie, etc ...) in order to build a strong experience winemaker.

Frederick, after a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and a Masters in history at the Sorbonne and a Master in Sciences Po Paris, brings a different outlook and expertise in marketing. The project began in the Luberon, but gradually the boiler brothers decided to escape the constraints of the PDO, in order to have all the freedom they wanted to create wines of freshness and pleasure.

An old mill in the south of France.

In Provence, in other words in the langue d'oc, Paradou means "treading mill." The word comes from the Latin verb "parare" which means "prepare".Paradou belongs to the boiler and Family is the guest room Castle Pesquié.This is an old mill that was built between the XII and XIII century on the banks of the river Auzon. He belonged to Guilhem de Pascalis, Knight of the Order of St. Croix and is part of a group of four mills located between the village and the village of Mormoiron Mazan.

The mill was gradually incorporated into a vast Provencal Farmhouse itself located along a Roman road. Originally Paradou was for the preparation of wool and tissues using fuller's earth that surrounds the property. It was a very prosperous industry for the community by the local presence of the raw material. Later, he devoted himself to the production of olive oil and is still surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.


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