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Orange Wine

Not Ready for Pink. Let's Do Orange.
From Haloze Belo 2016

Eric Asimov talked Orange Wines on Wednesday in NYT.
"They have been hailed as innovative expressions, 
and damned as flawed, oxidized, repetitive and dull. 
Both the praise and criticism have been well earned. Some orange wines are in fact insipid. People tire of them quickly when the novelty disappears. But why would it be surprising to find bad examples of any type of wine."

Bottom Line: You need a good one!

Kobal - Bajta Haloze Belo 2016 - vinodobro.at
This wine from Slovenia is made from Sauvignon Blanc.
The additional skin contact adds fruit, complexity and texture.
Expect flavors of Passion Fruit, gooseberry and Grapefrui
The winery recommends serving baked fish and a grapefruit pesto. 

Recipe: https://hungerthirstplay.com/grapefruit-and-pecan-pesto/

Vivino is still looking for it online!
$23 @MetroWines

*** This is a good one! ***

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