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New York Times: Calling You Out Again


Calling out The New York Times again. We are guessing posts questioning their statements concerning the operation of their Wine Club is starting to sting because NYT has a 4 page advertisement for their Wine Club today. Call us crazy, but as NYT subscribers, we would rather see NYT devote 4 pages to unemployment or health care or ebola or corporate pay structures or sexual assault in the military or education in America, that is to say, the NEWS, than their wine sales business.

We have questioned who selects the wines for the NYT Wine Club. According to NYT very small print at the bottom of the page, Global Wine Company does the picking. Today, NYT features the staff at Global Wine Company and their respective wine credentials. Great, the "wine team" looks eminently qualified to select wines. And we have proof of that because they have picked some of the wines we have in our shop and, we are certain, in independent wine merchant shops in local communities around the country. 

But here's the question now. In the ad, NYT asks "what differentiates" their wine club "from the others." NYT answers that it is their "wine team." But their "wine team" works for Global Wine Company who works for Washington Post, Williams Sonoma, etc.

Sounds like a distinction without a difference.

What exactly does Global Wine Company do? According to their website, they do this: 

Global Wine Company, Inc. is the leading provider of e-commerce solutions for luxury and artisan wine club sourcing, sales and support. We enable our corporate partners to expand their brands into wine by offering a best-in-class wine club experience to affiliated consumers. Our team of experts curates top-quality wines from boutique estates around the world, selected for complexity, quality and value.  Additionally, we handle all state compliance, website management, customer fulfillment and marketing support.

Sounds like good business if you are an international newspaper whose primary obligation to the public is to give voice to our freedom of speech and to investigate and report the news, to outsource your wine club to to this e-commerce problem solver. But what does Global Wine Company do for you and your local community?  

Your independent wine merchant introduces you in real life in real time to the winemaker, offers the opportunity to taste the wines before you buy the wines, knows YOU and your taste to pick just the right wines for YOU, lets you know the trends, what's up in the wine world! But more than that, your independent wine merchant donates to your charities, works you through a complicated dinner pairing wines and making you look like a champ, selects just the right bottle for your Dad, your boss, your mother, significant other, your wedding, your graduation, celebrates your good fortune and shares your sad days. 

Does The New York Times or Global Wine Company do that? Wine is about food, family and friends. 

El Coto 2013, Viura
Laboro Disubbidiente

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