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Mustaches and MetroWines

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Wall Street Journal talks "stache " Research shows that interest in the stache took a header

sometime after Magnum PI but it looks like the look is muscling back into fashion. 

Martin Luther King's mustache was born at Nelson Malden's Barbershop.
Malden says King wanted his mustache to sit up off his lip "like a butterfly."
This calls for a purpose driven wine. 

Paging Tintero Langhe Nebbiolo. No oak
so fruit shines. Perfect for fall, bolder foods without overpowering the dish. Purpose. Imported by Kermit Lynch (another very precise guy) $13.99.

Tom Selleck as the short-short clad Magnum PI sports what has been described as "macho" and the "manliest and most popular" of stache looks. According to experts, this baby takes dense hair. Selleck style is straight across with an ever so slight

Hercule Poirot uptick at either end. Wine? Serious but up for the occasional offbeat. 

Read: a very masculine wine, heavy but with a playful twist.
Gran Appasso 100% Negroamaro from Puglia done in a rich but saucy style.
Sturdy bottle: $14.99. Short-shorts your call!

Nick Offerman grew his now trademarked look for his character, Ron Swanson,
on the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation. Offerman describes Ron as a man
who lived by a simple set of rules and few words and calls his mustache "sincere."
This stache is screaming "I am the walrus!" Blunt force. Only one way to go.
BIG! Zinfandel!! Ancient Peaks 2016 Zinfandel, $16.99 (see winery story below)

Seen in the photo, Benedict Cumberbatch shows the mustache he grew for his
new movie about a 1960s secret agent. His look is like all spies, understated yet structured and well manicured.

But for me, the space in the center sets this one a bit apart. Intention. Precision. Perhaps a little rigidity.

Chablis is the pairing. Very precise and, more importantly, clear. Can't hide anything in it!
2017 Vincent Mothe Chablis, $27.00

More about spies: https://www.wsj.com/articles/at-the-international-spy-museum-espionage-decoded-11567630134

Vogue says Luka Sabbat's mustache is just "naturally cool" and "adds spice to his signature smirk." Let's think in terms of an established and popular grape with a little swagger like Malbec laced with a spicy upstart like Carmenere.

Our big red from last week would be perfect here: Elqui Carmenere, Syrah, Malbec Blend. $16.99

Mark Wystrach of the band Midland is of the opinion that every man who chooses the stache life has a picture that inspires him. For Mark, it was his father and, well, of course, Magnum PI. Solid American.
Sean Minor 2016 (high end) Cabernet Sauvignon $24.00

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