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Moulin de Gassac Pinot Noir


French Pinot Noir for $13.99? For REAL!

Languedoc & Gassac History
As a wine growing district Languedoc-Roussillon has had to struggle somewhat. However, the area’s reputation as a mass producer of simple bulk wines is beginning to wash off and the district seems to be producing one brilliant wine after the next. Wine enthusiasts have a real interest to explore among the thousands of vineyards in this area, the largest wine-growing district in France.

The history of Mas de Daumas Gassac is quite extraordinary: In Millau, a little way up in the Cevennes, there is a more than 300 year old family company producing gloves and other leather goods. In 1970, the boss, Aimé Guibert and his wife Veronique, acquired what was then a very run down vineyard – a mas – between the town of Gignac and Aniane, just west of Montpelier. They had a dream of growing good quality wine and knew that the soil at the foot of the Gassac hills would be suitable for this purpose. What started off as a dream in 1970, the “country wine” of Mas de Daumas Gassac has now grown into one of the finest wines in the world. 

Moulin de Gassac Pinot Noir 2015

Medium bodied with a healthy cherry color, jaunty nose and sleek, sweet-fruited palate of raspberry jam, plum pie, strawberry and baking spices. 
Chill lightly.Fruity enough to stand up to the flavors of the dish, and just enough acid to cut through the dish's creaminess.  
Made from 100% Languedoc Pinot Noir fermented at cool temperatures to retain all the succulent berry fruit flavors. Aged for 6 months in stainless steel before bottling. 
Occasioinally described as “Lafite in the Languedoc,” “the only Grand Cru of the Midi,” and “exceptional,” Gassac hasconsistently been theLanguedoc gold standard for the past four decades. The 80-hectare,organically-farmed estate is located deep in the sultry Midi, but enjoys a temperate microclimate as a result of altitude, which gives the wines a lovely deftness of touch.
Terre Rouge Viognier, CA
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