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Milton Glaser and Elbling


In Memoriam

Milton Glaser: I Love New York Enamel Pin in color
Milton Glaser, the Graphic Designer behind this design is gone at 91

Let's Celebrate Perfection in Simplicity!

2017 Weingut Matthias Hild Elbling Trocken Mosel | tasting notes ...

Along the Obermosel (Upper Mosel), which acts as the border between Germany
and Luxembourg, the cold winds off the North Sea make it nearly impossible
for even cold hardy Riesling to grow. This inhospitable environment is where Elbling shines.
It's more or less an unknown grape, planted in this corner of Germany for the sole reason
that no other grapes will ripen in time for harvest. Predominantly used to make Sekt
(a German sparkling wine), it's rare to see a still offering like this one. COOL.
The wine is light and easy with striking acidity and effervescence upon opening.

Beating Online at $16.99

BTW: The pin is available at MOMA

And this might be a good time to remind you of "Mobituaries"
by Mo Rocca. The book reflects his NPR podcasts by the same name 
telling the stories of people, things and causes and concerns that just
did not get enough attention during their lives. This design did but......


Cellaring with Andy Hale: Part 2
Maurice the Rooster and Maison Chanzy

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