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Mencia Madness

*** Mencia Madness ***

First, Mencia is pronounced as if spelled Menthia.
Mencia and other Varietal Pronunciations here:

Lettie Teague Features Mencia in WSJ here: 
Andy Meyers, beverage Director for Think Food Group
headed up by Chef Jose Andres was quoted:

He has also become particularly enamored of wines made from Mencía, the red grape of northwest Spain. He likened the grape to Pinot Noir for its lightness, “lithe nature” and low alcohol. All of those qualities make the grape “incredibly food-friendly,” he explained. Yet unlike most Pinot Noirs, Mencía wines are typically quite reasonably priced. “It’s hard to find an expensive one. It’s like Burgundy you can afford to drink,” he said. “No one can afford to drink Burgundy anymore.”

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Back to Mencia. Yeah, We got that. Three, to be exact.
But let's start here:

Raúl Pérez Castro Ventosa El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven 2017 ...

El Castro de Valtuille is a red wine from Bierzo, considered the best terroir
for Mencia and made wine by Castro Ventosa Winery one of the top vineyards
in Bierzo. Grapes from old vines. Manually harvested. 
Made the traditional way,                                           
aged 14 months in oak and bottled unfiltered.

This 100% Mencia is dark ruby in glass. Expect baking spices,
eucalyptus and pine notes, black cherry, and black raspberry on the nose.
The palate is smooth with no rough edges.
Think of Mencia as a cross between Chinon Cab Franc and a spicier,
meatier Pinot Noir from the Cote de Beaune. This bottle shows more
of the rich black fruit of Cabernet Franc with sage and garrigue aromas

Not widely available stateside
Vivino says: "We did find it available on other online shops
at an average purchase price of $40.83." YIKES
In the spirit of full disclosure, you can shave off $2 if you buy this bottle
in Spain or the UK but the shipping will be, shall we say, disproportional!

This is Zach's Pick: $17.99 @MetroWines

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