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Mas Del Perie by Herbie Gill

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Remember when we first saw Steve Martin and he was doing that King Tut thing and calling himself a wild and crazy guy. And we thought he was funny but he grew into being REALLY funny. And then we found out that Steve Martin was also an actor, a playwright, an artist, and as we know personally here in the Asheville area, Steve Martin is also a musician. Well, this is like that. This review is our first discussion by a "guest." We cannot thank Herbie Gill enough for taking time out of his busy schedule to send us this work of wine art. Some of you may know Herbie from Metro Wines where he has headlined for our Disclaimer Comedy Friday Night Show on two occasions. So, you know Herbie to be a top notch, nationally known funny guy. But what you don't know is that Herbie has wine shop experience and he KNOWS wine. But don't listen to me, listen to Herbie:
Mas Del Perie (2011): Today we'll take a little time to learn about Mas Del Perie, a dark red that hails from Cahors. This wine, which is a French malbec, is a different take on a familiar name.  It' s a perfect change of pace from Argentinian malbecs without sacrificing the universal appeal of the wine. There is also something to be said about a well traveled story to add to the complexity and mystique of this new acquaintance being made. 

According to legend, the malbec grapes originated from Cahors, France. One year, due to the cold, the season was unfavorable for harvest, threatening to render the grapes (and thus the profits) useless. In a bold move, Argentine wineries offered to take them and grow them for their wines. This is how Argentinian malbec came to be known to the wine world. Nowadays, malbec is a frequent favorite to the party with its rustic and spicy nature bringing a touch of depth and panache to the evening. 

While many of us are still quite fond of malbecs and its contribution to our wine palette, every now and again you need some variety. What do you do when you need to switch things up and are eager to try something new? Enter the Argentine malbec's long lost French cousin, Mas Del Perie. Upon the initial greeting, you can tell you've come to the right place to test your sense of adventurousness. A wine that's tall dark and handsome, you can already tell you're in for a surprise. The tannin in the wine leaves it nearly completely opaque, which is why they've nicknamed this newcomer "The Legendary Black Wine of Cahors," a name alone that grabs your attention and holds it in its firm but gentle grasp. On the nose you find the presence of lush fruit, which is a departure from the leather and herbaciousness of its Argentine counterpart. A single kiss from this rich and smooth malbec lends a flash of excitement. The round taste of ripe fruit leads you to wonder if its a malbec at all, and the silky tannin adds a smoothing element instead of a dry one. It also is not as thin as the Argentine, which is sure to please anyone excited about bringing something a little bit thicker to dinner. 

This versatile wine is wonderful company for any occasion. Whether you plan to bring a savory dinner to the mix, pairing it with a rich dessert, or spending an intimate evening at home, Mas Del Perie lets you know that there is still a bit of sultry fire left in the malbec family. Should you need recommendations, I've known this wine to play well with Beef Bourguignon, make a wonderful after dinner experience with some chocolate cheesecake, or soothe the senses in front of a nice fire with some light music. Take a chance and go on a date with The Legendary Black Wine of Cahors. Make sure not to tell its Argentine cousin. We all know once you've gone Black, you'll always go back.

Meet Herbie:



About Herbie:

Herbie Gill is a comedian who learned from the best and seeks to blaze his own path in comedy. As a true student of the craft of comedy, audiences and fellow comedians alike notice Herbie's passion and dedication to stand up. Changing expectations and skewing stereotypes, this young comic can finesse any crowd with professionalism, style and wit.

Herbie's hard work and knack for presenting fresh new material earned him appearances on many stages and programs, including XM Radio, Comcast Cable, PBS, Gilda's Club, and Local Point TV for ABC. 

Appearing at clubs, showcases and festivals across the country, his show proves he's ready to take his brand of comedy anywhere. With a shining personality, excellent stage presence and hilarious material, it's easy to see that Herbie's comedy stock is rising.

Follow Herbie's Schedule on his website at herbiegil.com and link to facebook and twitter.

And who knows what Herbie might do next? 

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