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Mas Carlot 2012 Les Enfants Terribles


Mas Carlot Les Enfants Terribles

Poured at Bouchon. You requested it.       It's on the shelf. Here you go!

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Mas Carlot


60% Mourvèdre 
40% Syrah

AOC Costières de Nîmes 

Costières de Nîmes


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    Since 1988, Nathalie Blanc-Marès has made Mas Carlot one of the most respected domaines of the appellation. Alongside husband Cyril, she farms 75 hectares in the red clay and limestone soils of the Southern Rhône. Rich in galets roulés, the rounded stones offer natural protection against temperature extremes. The presence of the Mistral creates an excellent microclimate for the vines in which they may retain their acidity and be free of pests and mildew.

    The Robert Kacher Selections label has become synonymous with quality imported wines, primarily French along with wines from Portugal and Argentina. Bobby Kacher forged long-term relationships and partnerships with growers, allowing him to build one of the finest wine import portfolios in the United States. Our principles and ethics have not changed much since then; small, family-run estates, high quality and uncompromising standards have been the essential foundations of the company since its inception.

    Great wines from small estates

    EstatesCited by Matt Kramer as having “a single-minded passion, a profoundly personal belief in the glory and worthiness of a particular category of wine”, Robert Kacher Selections is among a small list of forward-looking fine-wine importers.

    Here is what we look for in the wines we represent:

    • Small estates and domaines offering high quality, high value and uncompromising standards at every step of the growing and vinification process
    • Growers and winemakers who are interested in a close, long-term relationships who want to be a part of a carefully compiled collection of like-minded producers
    • Elegant, expressive, balanced wines that reflect their place of origin and are ripe for discovery in the United States

    Only by walking side by side with impassioned, committed growers and producers can we ensure the quality and authenticity of every wine, at every price point.


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