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March Winner: Ser Passo 2017 Toscana Rosso

 Winery Said:

Ser Passo was conceived as an attempt to surprise and delight the wine consumer with new flavors, tastes and aromas. The unique flavors are of intense, strong and ripe fruits, such as cherries and black cherries. A velvety structure on the palate leaves a graceful softness in the mouth which make it suitable for tasty pasta, red meats and game in general.

Focus Group Said:

"velvety palate"

"strong black cherry flavor


"touch of chocolate"

"could enjoy alone or with food"

"can handle meat"

Among Group last night was a sommelier from Italy, Roberto, who said "This wine is a good example of the great values coming out of Italy. You could definitely take this wine to a dinner or party with confidence."

We say: $11.99 !!

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