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Lonely Grape Day: Pizy & Vina Pomal


Coteau De Pizy Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Seriously, what grape is lonlier on a cold, snowy day than Sauvignon Blanc? On ocassion, our fair French sister is almost greeted with disdain! Yes, disdain. You can almost hear the plaintive wailing: "I am not just a summer wine!" And isn't there something to be said for being in sync with your environment? Cold outside, cold inside. Sauvignon Blanc says, "be one at peace with your surroundings."  So Pizy steps forth as the standard bearer for this dilemma. Lonely not just because of the weather, Pizy is double lonely as it is from Touraine, not as highly regarded as other Sauvignon Blanc producing regions.  Pizy is stomping: "Just not fair."  Pizy believes knowledge is power. Witness: A husband and wife team do ALL the work that makes the grapes from their small vineyard wine. This Sauvignon Blanc is made from indigenous Loire Valley grapes fermented and kept in stainless steel to insure pure fruit, clairty and sharpness. And, anyway, no matter what you think of this wine feng shui idea of cold outside cold inside, Bordeaux just does not go with crab, fresh or frozen.  So there, says Pizy!


 Vina Pomal Crianza 2010, Rioja

Oddly enough, this Rioja is mumbling some of the same stuff as Pizy. Rioja believes, whether it is a fact or not, that it is being beaten as the winter red of choice by Shiraz and California Cabernet Sauvignon. Always a stately gentleman, Rioja needs no defense. But just FYI about this bottle: word has it that Winston Churchill was partial to Vina Pomal back in the day. Apparently there was a bottling plant near Charing Cross in London. Yeah! So who's the winter red now?  From the oldest producer in Rioja, Bodegas Bilbainas, read over 100 years, this Vina Pomal is 100% Tempranillo. Aged in oak "barriques" for 12 months, the wine is a sensuous deep red with violet hints. On the palate, expect dark fruit, characteristic cherry, licorice and roasted flavors. Still a London favorite, this is a a mighty big bad boy for $11.99 and whatever it is in Pounds Sterling!

And about Crianza, this means the wine has been aged at least 2 years. Who's your winter red, baby!


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