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Last Minute Holiday Wine Shopping

Escaping Criticism Framed Print by Pere Borrell Del Caso | Classic paintings,  Art, Trompe l'oeil

"Escaping Criticism" by Pere Burrell del Caso, 1874
And this is your goal in gifting a bottle of wine!

Professional Recommendations from MetroWines:


Recently, Wine Spectator asked a number of sommeliers what bottle they would pick
to give as a gift at the holidays. As individual knowledge levels, palates and preferences,
and availability vary wildly, this is a tough choice. So, I asked John  and he said:

"I would choose a California Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the best selling category in the shop, while this may not be your first choice, it is rare to find someone who totally opposes
California Cabernet and you have many prices ranges from which to select a great bottle."

Under $10:  Black's Station Cabernet 2018, $9.99
Under $20:  Gundlach Bündchen 2018 , $17.99
Under $30. The Barrel 2017, $28
Under $40: Kith & Kin 2018, $39

 $50-$60: Ascent 2012, $54  .................

John says: "Ascent was intended to be twice the price." 

A well regraded and well known restaurant had ordered many cases of Ascent before COVID. Sadly, COVID closed the restaurant down and the distributor cut the price in half.
So, once again, we have a restaurant bottle that would have been over $100 on the menu.

Over $60, call John at (828-200-6504

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