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La Fleur Bordeaux

Associated Press reports that many people are ditching digital
and steadfastly holding onto their paper planners saying
writing engagements down is comforting, personal and mindful.


The same is true for wine. New grapes, old grapes grown in
new countries, new styles, new parings, drinking Rosé all year!
but there is comfort in the classics, like Bordeaux from Bordeaux!

Image result for la fleur garderose bordeaux 2017
From a Rosenthal Wine Merchants, this wine is made from
the best parcelsof the Chateau Belregard estate. Aged in cement for one year;
no oak is used for ultimate freshness. Dark fruit flavors, plenty of minerality
and fine tannins make this a great wine for the table. $24

All about the winery:

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