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Klinker Brick- All of It - Wins


Renee Roscoe of Klinker Brick hosted The Asheville Wine Focus Group @MetroWines last night. This gathering was a little different because we were asking Group to consider whether Klinker Birck, which has 5 to 6 placements in this small shop, should have one or two of their labels voted off the island! Not only are none of the labels leaving, we might have taken in two more! Renee brought Old Ghost and 1850.


There is no way to pick a winner. Participants snapped of every, and I do mean, every bottle of Rose', Brickmason, Old Vine Zinfandel and Syrah. And customers who came in shop after the eventtasted the wines at the counter and bought four more cases. The price to quality ratio is high. In most cases, Group guessed over the shelf price.

Klinker Brick early on realized that the climate at the winery was similar to The Mediterranean and pulled up Chardonnay to focus on varietals that fared will in Mediterranean temperatures and topography. Some of the new viticultrual residents include Albarino and Dolcetto.

We talked about old vines. It seems that "old vine" means 40 years or older but some of the deep down vines at Klinker Brick are over 100 years old. They struggle, they concentrate, they simmer down into elegance.

And we talked about red blends. Not every varietal plays well together. Blending is not a DYI project and that's a fact.

We talked about the versatility and tolerance of Klinker Brick Wines. Because of the smoothness in texture, most of their wines, even some of the reds! can even work with Indian flavors. So the flavors on your Thanksgiving Table has to be a cakewalk! 

Shop crowd pleasing Klinker Brick all year @MetroWines. Clearly, it's not going anywhere soon!

Red Blend Class: This is NOT DYI
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